Thriller Science Fiction Drama

He could hear hundreds of train wheels gliding over the tracks as he strolled through the busy station. The number of trains and destinations the huge place supplied never failed to amaze him. So many places to go, yet he was headed for only one.

The man’s suitcase clicked against the cement flooring as he headed to Aqua Gate #7. It was not hard for him to tell that he was going in the right direction; the walls were painted in a bright green-blue color, with the words “AQUA GATES” written in a striking black for those who were colorblind. The station was so universal that everything was written in many different languages, including Braille for those without sight. It seemed like many people who passed him were able to see quite well, however, as he received many stares and whispers. No doubt because of the rivulets of thick black blood streaming out of his left eye.

He took a dark cloth from his back pocket and wiped the blood from his cheek, grumbling when more took its place. There wasn’t much he could do. The eye was injured far beyond repair. In fact, no one knew what was wrong with it or why his blood was black instead of red. Nevertheless, it was there and the best he could do was keep his face clean.

Usually people stayed clear of him, hugging their children close and whispering to them to keep quiet. Snarling at the outbursts of young kids wasn’t ideal, but if it kept them away he would gladly scare them. Of course, kids were expected to speak without thinking. Adults were another matter, and the man found himself somewhat shocked when a tall male sat next to him on a bench by the gate.

“Hello, good sir. May I ask what has happened to your eye?”

“I would rather you not,”

He said. The younger man- not more than thirty- chuckled.

“I suppose some things aren’t easily explained. I understand. Where are you heading to?”

So many questions.

“To visit my ailing wife.”

It was a lie, of course. The older was not as experienced in lying as he would have liked to be, but thankfully the rasp in his voice proved to be useful in making him appear older.

“Oh, poor woman. I wish you well.”

The younger man straightened, looking down at his watch and sighing. Everything about him was loud. He wore bright clothing, a blue button-down shirt and tan khaki pants. His suitcase was decorated with stickers and drawings presumably made by children. The way he talked was loud, the way he moved was loud. The older, next to him with his black suit and hat, wished he wouldn’t draw so much attention to them.

“Trains will be here soon. I’m headed to Aqua Gate #3. I love this station, it’s so big and colorful. I would love to show my kids someday… do you have children?”


The bright man checked his watch again, trying his best to ignore the awkwardness of the situation.

“You know, you remind me of someone. Do you know a Benedict Elway?”

The older man stiffened.

“I’m sure I don’t. Where did you hear that name from?”

“Oh, my boss is quite obsessed with him. Says he has an injury and to watch out for him… I thought it could be you because of your-”

“Because of my eye? How absurd. I will assure you, sir, that I have no idea who you are talking about.”

“If I may ask, why were you so intent on learning who I got the name from?”

“Just... curiosity. Plain curiosity. I hope your boss either catches him or returns to her right mind.”

“Wait a second, how did you know she was female?”

The older didn’t answer, saved by the loud arrival of his train. The other man stood, bewildered, next to the bench, watching the older step into the vehicle. 

The man found a private compartment near the back of the train, showing the conductor a special note before settling in. He checked his briefcase one last time and dabbed at his eye again before the train set off on its eight hour drive. He ordered some black tea and opened a book, glancing out the window now and then to avoid sickness. He enjoyed the tranquil view of meadows and flowers outside. The man’s peace only lasted for an hour, however, as a pair of white, gnarled hands pulled open his compartment door.

“Who’s there?”

The man asked, putting his book down. A woman no older than twenty entered; her black hair was wild and wet with blood, staining her white shirt and the sides of her face. Her bulging eyes were dark like a cat’s and her pupils moved away from each other as if they just couldn’t stay in one place.

“Benedict Elway. What a splendid surprise. At least, it would have been if I had not known you would be here.”


She crawled into the seat across from him, flashing a creepy smile. 

“I believe you met Lucas, correct? Of course I am correct. I shifted into a watch which he wore the whole time he was speaking with you.”

The man glared at her, not daring to speak.

“You foolish man, do you realize what you got yourself into by stealing the superweapon?”

“Of course I know what I got into. I now have a deadly weapon, a reason for you to hate me, and a secret weapon of my own.”

The woman’s toothy smile grew larger. Her eyes only left the man to focus on the small puddle of blood dripping from her hair onto the floor.

“I would love to see this secret weapon sometime, but I’m afraid I’m a bit preoccupied today. I need my own weapon back.”

“For what? There’s only one. Did you think that there may be members of your mafia, even some close to you, who would kill you for that weapon? I trust you with it little enough, but I fear what some of your acquaintances would do with it.”

“Nonsense. I am the most dangerous of them all,”

The woman said, her voice growing shrill.

“I will make use of the abilities the universe has given me. I will shift into something small and rest on the trigger of the weapon. Anyone who tries to take it will be surprised when I appear, knife in hand, to punish them for being a traitor.”

The man scoffed.

“They all know of your abilities. They will come with a knife as well and surprise you.”

The woman shrieked, shaking her head and splattering the compartment walls with blood.

“Don’t pretend you know everything, Benedict. Your group of rats is just as traitorous as mine.”

The man didn’t reply. He held his suitcase close, waiting in silence until the woman snapped. She lunged at him, grabbing hold of the case and attempting to yank it out of his hands. Her eyes went wild, crossing over each other as the blood in her hair flung wildly around the compartment.

“Fight- all you- want, but it’s- no use-”

The man gave up on pulling and let go, smirking when she finally got hold of the suitcase.

“You fool. You let go on purpose.”

“I didn’t want to do this but I have no choice. That weapon isn’t safe in your hands.”

The woman attempted to pull the doors of the compartment open and escape, but the man held her back with his arm as he took a watch out of his pocket with his other hand. He tapped it, and it began to spin. The hands spun, the dials spun, and soon the entirety of it was spinning wildly above his hand. He kept hold on the woman as the background began to spin as well, twisting both them and the suitcase up into a rift that grew larger and larger as the world wrung itself. When it finished, nothing remained in the train compartment besides blood- blood from both the woman’s hair and the man’s eye, dripping over the walls and the window.


July 10, 2020 22:36

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Wow, great job! (P. S. I followed you purely because of that joke in your bio. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, did you come up with that? Love it.)


Sprite Akuma
21:46 Aug 07, 2020

thank you :) i didn't come up with it but i kinda wish i did, i laughed when i first saw it too and remembered it while struggling to think of a good bio


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