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My name is Ahtlanta (pronounced Ought-Lawn-Tuh). I am your reality guide, teacher, revealer, fellow traveler on these life meridians. Just as Einstein said there is a space-time continuum not separate space and time, so is the Realituum which some call might call the multiverse. At least two realities always exist side by side in time space. There are many tools to see these truths, these alternate realities. Your vision focuses through your mind not through your eyes. Lifeforce controls your mind not logic. Logic can help but when presented with two realities you must choose. Only one reality exists for beings like you.

Nadine read this passage aloud to Jeremy. Jeremy knew Nadine since they were three. His best friend always led Jeremy to interesting ‘places’. He did not exactly follow her like a puppy dog. She did not deliberately train him ever. But her voice demanded in pitch and quality without being demanding that he follow. So when Nadine told Jeremy that if he wants to understand her he should join her at this reality gathering, finding, searching as she called it. He did.

“The challenge, my friend. Control your reality”, Matt said.

Matt, an expert with pendulums, swung it in front of the class.

“The pendulum if properly prepared will allow you to spiritually enter those places that you need when most needed”

“Repeat this: The swing energy, gives your life energy…”, he implored to the class-gathering.

“The swing energy, gives your life energy…”

After a short pause, “The swing energy, gives your life energy…”

“The reality moves if you let it, if you allow the multiple realities to be seen.”

The pendulum with an endearing, charming teardrop shape and a deep tourmaline color forced the eyes to follow. The pendulum appeared to move without any visible force. As the pendulum swung, Matt continued with his sonorous voice. The students were encouraged to mouth quietly the pendulum mantra. It spun around and around and around. It seemed to go faster and faster, yet no movement of the hand could be seen of professor Matt.

Jeremy knew Matt spoke directly to him even though an entire large group stared as well. The images of the pendulum began to blur for Jeremy. Jeremy thought, perhaps I am easily influenced, but I do feel energetic, like floating on a cloud. Yet he still wondered, silently, is this a waste of my time? Then suddenly Jeremy began seeing them. He was not sure what they were. Funny little swirls all around the room. They marched near his eyes. He wondered is anyone else could see this.

Suddenly Jeremy, stood high on a mountain completely disoriented. Breezes bringing in an aroma of cinnamon and perhaps sage. A man stood in front of him and offered him a deep purple liquid. He offered Jeremy a pillow to sit on. He sat on the large green yellow paisley patterned pillow.

He asked Jeremy what he most desired. Jeremy did not answer. A large dust devil began swirling near him. Jeremy still did not know what to say. He was afraid that if he said anything he might never leave this place where-when-how-ever this place, this reality existed.

Suddenly Jeremy once again found himself seated at one of the desks next to Nadine. The professor droned on talking about how to cleanse the pendulum so that it will not be contaminated with negative energy. He stated before you prepare to use your pendulum for the first time remember to do the cleansing process. You must give proper respect to your pendulum. After cleansing it, you must find a proper storage vehicle. Then finally, create a sacred space. By respecting your pendulum in these ways and using it in your sacred space you will create your own reality. The professor said homework for this week:

1. Cleanse your pendulum of negative energy

2. Create a proper storage space for your pendulum

3. Create a sacred space to use your pendulum

As Jeremy rode home with Nadine seated behind him, he felt whatever he experienced in the class it could not be real. He felt he must have dozed off, dreamed it. He thought truth is stranger than fiction because this would be horrible fiction. There are no rules, there are no whys, there is no good beginning or ending to explain what he saw.

He had only gone to this class because Nadine had insisted that if they were to stay friends then he needed to take this class. It being necessary so that they could be on the same wavelength. But now, Jeremy hesitated to speak about this. He could not believe that Nadine could have experienced this without telling him. Wouldn’t she have mentioned her own reality trip or asked him if he experienced anything. But no, she quietly jumped on the back of the seat and entangled herself with him. They sped off together to her abode.

Nadine may have been telling him about alternate realities for a while. But really he felt that the only reality that must be true was her reality. Nadine he knew, knew that Jeremy was conflict adverse. So a lot of times he simply followed whatever she wanted him to. She kind of hated this and kind of loved it. She always with aplomb encouraged him to find his own reality. She told him grab that journey, take that wild ride wherever it takes you!

When they got to Nadine’s purple cottage in the woods, she told Jeremy that she had to get up early tomorrow. She also told him that she was suddenly not feeling well and so she would have to say au revoir. Unlike other times she wished him goodnight without a friendly hug.

After the reality event, Jeremy decided that maybe it was not a good idea to do the homework. He thought that he might be stuck in that other reality. But at 2 a.m. he woke from a strange frightening dream sweating. His pulse it was out of control. Weirdly he could not remember the dream other than that Nadine and professor Matt and him stood in a totally colorless classroom.

He saw the pendulum and thought, why not. Maybe the dream told him that his reality could only be controlled, if he controlled it. Rather than be at the mercy of whatever alternate realities there may be, he decided to take charge.

He first prepared the pendulum by burning incense and silently meditating. He had his sacred place laid out with a fringed oval bright, muted yellow with small green spirals of various sizes. Yellow among other qualities was the color of creativity, green had qualities of healing and balance. He began repeating the energy mantra:

“The swing energy, gives your life energy…”

He cleared his mind and purified the pendulum by breathing in white light. He began to feel his whole body lighter, freer. He had forgotten what this felt like. He was remembering. The time seemed just right, he carefully pulled open the lid of the onyx colored box that contained his precious purple pendulum. Nadine and he both thought purple was the perfect color. It was the color of royalty. It is known to protect and to bring wisdom.

He gently held the golden chain attached to the pendulum between his index and thumb. The pendulum began to move. He tried not to think of anything. He focused only on the movement of the pendulum.

Whenever his mind drifted the pendulum boomeranged his focus back to it. It took longer, but just as suddenly he again found himself on top of the mountain. This time Nadine sat next to the strange man and professor Matt was there also. He noticed his clothing had changed and he wore gloves. Nadine told him, she loved him. This shocked him because he always thought they were just friends. She moved closer and started to hug him like he had never been hugged by her or anyone. Suddenly, he was alone again, the pendulum swinging gently in front of his face.

He looked around for Nadine, and professor Matt and the strange man. None of them were there. The cinnamon incense infused the room. He thought he must have dozed off while sitting up. Maybe these incense had gone bad on him. Maybe he should open the window and get some fresh air. He thought dreams are like a different reality but he had never had such real dreams, ever. He kept on emphasizing to himself that it must be a dream.

When the incense finished burning, he decided to hit the sack. But he could not sleep, he kept thinking about what Nadine had said in his dream. He worried that the dream world of his subconscious expressed secret feelings that he never knew he harbored. His closeness with Nadine could be ruined if he ever told her about the dream. He thought and felt it could be disastrous. He as far as he could remember Nadine had never expressed any romantic feelings towards him. And neither had he towards her.

They had in fact encouraged each other to find that romance. But neither of them found any lasting romances. In fact they decided that since they had no one special to go to their high school prom with, they should go together. He enjoyed dancing with Nadine that night. Afterwards they had snuck a few puffs on a doobee together. Then Jeremy’s mom picked them both up. She dropped Nadine off first. Jeremy walked her to the front door and hugged her goodnight.

His mom mentioned on the way home that Nadine had such a good head on her and was so nice. Jeremy turned several shades of red. He said nothing to his mom. That was five years ago.

They both went to the same college and afterward both found jobs in the same home city. Jeremy had an apartment closer to the city center. Every week they got together and discussed their life plans and life situations with each other. Sometimes they completed each others sentences. And yet Jeremy loved his friendship with Nadine. He never, she never, asked for more.

Jeremy thought about going out on his motorcycle, but he was afraid he might doze off and go into one of these strange realities. Finally he tried taking three very deep breaths, counting up and down to ten three times and as he counted down he felt sleepy laid down and fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning Jeremy woke refreshed. The phone rang right after he showered and still had ten minutes before he needed to go to work. Suddenly a call rang,it was from Nadine. He thought about letting it go to voicemail but he knew that sooner or later he would reveal all to her. So he took the call.

Nadine spoke clearly and deliberately,”You are hard to reach”.

Jeremy responded,” What do you mean I answered your call on the second ring”?

“Think about it Jeremy, Don’t you get it”, Nadine spoke quietly?

“Nade”, he only responded like that when he was clueless.

“Okay, let me spell it out for you. Do you not understand English? I need to know because I have done everything to make it clear”, she said.

Finally she asked him why did he not understand that they were on the same wavelength, literally. “That is why she told him, you could see me in that other reality.”, she said.

“You seem afraid”, she said.

“Will Nade, I am not sure that I am ready for this”, he slurred.

“I know it came as surprise to me too. But I knew when you showed up at the mountain top with me and professor Matt, and Ahtlanta, I knew that we were on the same wavelength. It’s time to admit what are to one another and that we will not find it anywhere else. It’s time to take a chance”, she said.

Jeremy was afraid, but he decided to live with his uncertainty.

“Yes”, he responded.

July 29, 2022 01:56

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Graham Kinross
12:53 Aug 01, 2022

So their minds and their wants are synchronised and that’s why they met up even in the other universe?


Glenn Holt
19:15 Aug 01, 2022

That is an excellent question. Let the mystery live :).


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