Adventure Fantasy

My name is anamaria. I lived a normal life, that was until the circle of gold was placed upon my head. Then the responsibility that came with this was immeasurable. I walked around feeling important, and ‘up there’ if I may. I was told about many rules that i had to follow and of which these were:

I may not leave the palace walls without consent from the security guard’s wife’s best friend’s sister’s cousin’s - you get the point. I am trying to say that the crown meant a lot to my family and I could never let it go or else I would be dead.

It was just an ordinary day midsummer. Everyone was outside, playing, having the time of their lives. Playing football, basketball, playing cricket, running around; apart from me. Me and my crown were stuck looking outside at what could have been me, if my nose could just stay out of royal matters and their business. Ok now i have to tell you, i wasn’t even born into this family, i just moved into this country in fact. I was just wandering around, and then I saw...princes. And then I remembered how I was always telling everyone how I wanted to be in the royal family. And you can probably guess what happened next. I followed them inside. Now, I don't know what kind of security guards they put there, whether their helmets were on too tight that they couldn’t see anything, but I waltzed inside like a normal human being, and they didn’t say a word, nor a question was asked. I walked in and nobody said a word to me. After a while, it got kind of weird. People walked past me, slowly, as if in a sort of daze. They all sat there in front of me on the massive table, one after the other and when they finished, they all looked at me in unison, as if to ask what to do next and you know what i did? I rubbed my eyes. Because I thought I was in a dream. And guess what? They did it too. Everybody at the table.

I felt a sudden burst of power through my veins.

“Wait what?” I screamed in disbelief. I was sitting there, wondering what had happened for me to get here, even though it was constantly replaying in my head. Nobody screamed with me this time. Everyone just got up from their seats and started to walk towards me. Weird right? And then they picked me up and put me in a very small room. They chanted a few words and they put a…. Crown on my head and they told me I'm their queen. I looked at all of them and I just drew a cross on my chest before taking any further acts. The power surge, however, didn't stop. I got up from where I was.

“Everyone, leave. Now.” I whispered as I slowly sat back down and contemplated my life choices.

30 minutes passed and i picked myself up off of the floor and told myself:

“I have authority. I shouldn’t be scared. I can tell anyone to do -”

My conversation with myself was rudely interrupted by a knock on the door. Me, remembering that I told myself that i could tell anyone anything i want and get them to do anything i wanted to do, told the person at the door to

“Go away. I am doing something.” I did not know what I had gotten myself into. The person burst into the room and said to me

“Who are you talking to?!”

My pupils almost immediately dilated as i stood up in the presence of the princess of the castle, whom i just didn't know.

“I-i-i’m so sorry, i didn't know who i was talking to because they didn't tell me before they put this crown on my head.” I stammered as the princess put a smile on her face and immediately knew what I meant.

“Ohhh so youre the new queen?” she asked, as she calmed down.

“Well i think so.” I nervously replied.

“Well, come with me, there is a ground rules sermon in a few minutes so i'll show you around the castle, while we have time.”

“Ok…” I answered. The princess showed me around the castle as I asked what happened to the last queen.

“Oh.. she suddenly passed a couple of weeks ago so we had to quickly find a new replacement since she doesn’t have any blood descendants. I'm the step daughter.”

“Oh ok…” I replied to her statement. We eventually got to sit down at the table and listen to the sermon. I didn't like this bit because all of the rules were just getting too much for me.

“You may not leave the castle without permission from the direct descendant of the late queen maria, which happens to be princess anne.” sternly stated the man who was reading out the regulations. There were many rules after this which i didn't listen to, i just knew they were way too far fetched for me to handle. All I know is that there was no rule against me going to my room: so I did so. I ran to my room and locked myself in.

“How do i get out of this mess; i'm just a kid, i dont know anything about being royal, i don't know anything about any of this, how do i get out?!” I screamed through tears as my head was buried in my hands.

And then I heard a noise. A whooshing noise. I just thought it was my tears running down my face. Then it tapped me. On my left shoulder. I looked over it and nothing was there. I also felt a tap on my right shoulder. Nothing was there either.

“What do you want from me?” I cried from where I was sitting, looking up at the ceiling. Then a mysterious blue and white ombre figure creeped over my head and said


I ran around the room at 100 miles an hour. I didn't know whether to feel happy or sad. So I kept on running and running, until I stopped. I came to an abrupt halt, and stared at the beautiful creature in front of me. I rubbed my eyes because well… it had no legs and I thought it was a dream. I sat down on instinct and it asked me…

“You have 3 wishes.” it told me as it sat down beside me.

“I dont - i mean i -”

“You what…?” it asked me as it started to lose some patience.

“I don't know what to wish for.”

“Well, i'll give you an idea.” It said to me, and I didn't know that what was about to be said would change my life forever. “Give me your most valuable thing on you right now and i'll let you escape this world that you want to leave.”

My mind immediately went to the unreasonable rules that the family gave me, and i'd love to escape this dungeon - hell - hole. But what would you give up to get out of royalty….. AHA!

“My crown, i'll give you my crown!” I removed my crown and gave it to the figure that sat beside me.

“Are you sure that you want to give up your whole crown? I mean, like really?”

“Yes, I'm sure. Take it!”

And that was how my life turned upside down.

April 07, 2021 10:21

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