Massacre at the Rectory

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Horror Thriller Suspense

Some say that Cavendish Rectory is the most haunted building in Britain. Some say it isn't haunted at all, (not by ghosts anyway) and that it is a hotspot for demonic activity, which is even worse. Most agree though that this is a place to be avoided at all costs. Not many have entered and returned unscathed. Some haven't even returned at all. The best thing for all concerned parties would be to keep the mansion empty, just let it sit there and rot, and that's just what it did for a very long time that is until it was acquired by Jacob Enning, the CEO of Enning Broadcasting. 

Jacob Enning had an idea, a foolish idea that the creation of a reality show which would be filmed in the mansion would be fantastic for ratings. Dangerous of course but business is business. Long gone were the days of health and safety being of concern in a reality television setting. Morbid though it may be, viewers wanted to see people getting hurt and Jacob had heard the stories of the rectory. He knew it would be an instant hit. The idea was a contest in which there would be eight contestants, they would put their lives on the line (and sign the paperwork to confirm that Enning Broadcasting would accept no responsibility for injuries sustained on set which of course included fatalities) they would be tasked with staying in the mansion for fourteen nights, the last man or woman standing would walk away with a very large cash sum. They were all free to leave at any point and Enning secretly expected a large amount of them to leave due to fright or injury quite early on in the proceedings. 

What Jacob Enning had failed to understand was that he had disrespected the property and the entities which were residing within it, and by doing so he had also disrespected the safety of the contestants. Little did he know that their blood would soon be on his hands and his professional career would be at an end. 

'Living Hell' was supposed to air every night for a fortnight, or until only one contestant remained. That was not how it played out and the transmission was cut half way through episode one. 

The only way to see that episode was to watch it live on one of the many streaming services worldwide that had access to it. It was promptly removed that very night and those who witnessed it, wished they hadn't. 

For those who wish to know more about that night, not only is there no longer any video available,but there is no audio available anywhere, but I have managed to dig deep into the dark corners of the internet and find a segment of the script for episode one of 'Living Hell' which would have been read by the host Bryce Wethers. Please read on to see how the episode would have played out which I can only assume is word for word what Bryce would have actually said on that distressing night. 

Good Evening, Good Afternoon and perhaps even Good Morning because right now we are streaming live worldwide! I am your host Bryce Wethers and this is Living Hell. A reality television event unlike anything else you will have seen and before we begin I really do have to warn you that viewer discretion is advised. 

For the next fourteen nights, eight contestants will be spending the night in an old mansion, not just any old mansion though. Cavendish Rectory Mansion in Chichester. Arguably the most haunted site in Britain. It was built in 1865 and throughout it’s two-hundred year history, has been plagued by tales of sightings of ghosts and even demonic activity ever since! Not only will our contestants be staying in this mansion where ghosts and demons may indeed roam but they will be starting off on the very first night with a seance! 

This is where it gets serious! It is believed that the entities in this house have caused the deaths of many of the people who set foot on this property and with that being said, all eight of our contestants may find themselves in danger! All contestants may of course leave at any time but if they can last the full two weeks they could be walking away with One Million Pounds! That is the prize that the last man or woman standing will claim. Let’s meet our contestants shall we?

Lloyd Foster. Forty-two. A Security guard from London. 

Lloyd doesn’t believe in anything supernatural. He says that he isn’t scared of anything, and he is certain that he will be walking away with One Million Pounds.

Tanya Miller. Fifty-one. A Single mother from Leeds.

Tanya says that she would be terrified if any ghosts make themselves known to her, but she really could do with the money. Good luck Tanya.

Arthur Kane. Seventy-six. A retired engineer from Swansea.

Arthur tells us that he has seen many apparitions in his life and even lived in a haunted house for twenty years. He had two heart attacks when he was sixty-five, but he passed his medical for the show and tells us that he doesn’t intend to be flat on his back any time soon. 

Amaterasu “Amy” Sasaki. Twenty-two. A Barista from Manchester.

Although raised in Manchester, Amy was born in Aichi, Japan. She moved to the UK with her parents at the age of 2. Amy believes that demonic activity would be terrifying and that her parents begged her not to come on the show. 

Andy Griffiths. Thirty-seven. A Motivational Speaker from Newcastle.

Andy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and in his youth made all the wrong choices and spent time in prison as a result. Now he has made up for his mistakes and tries to convince young offenders that it’s never too late to start again. Having already gone through hell in prison he is convinced that nothing in this house could be worse. He is ready to take on anything. 

Chiamaka Okoro. Thirty-one. A Factory Worker from Essex.

Born and raised in Nigeria, he has been living in the UK for most of his adult life. He believes that his soul is that of a warrior and that with god on his side he will triumph. 

Harriet Downes. Fifty-two. A teacher from Bradford.

A high school teacher who is known for her strict approach, Harriet promises she will apply the same technique here and plans to come out on top! 

Naomi Whittaker. Nineteen. A student from Liverpool.

Naomi is studying art and design at university and claims that she is scared of everything but her friends want to see her scream. 

We have met the contestants, now let’s introduce them to their charming holiday home.

I did not bear witness to what is now referred to as “The Enning Massacre”, so I cannot confirm that the following is actually what transpired, but I am confident that it is pretty damn close. I have researched the events of that night profusely, I have interviewed many people who worked behind the scenes on the show, (all of which wish to remain anonymous) I have spoken to people who saw the show when it streamed, and I have been lucky enough to be granted access to the police reports in relation to what he officers documented when they arrived at Cavendish Rectory that evening after the cameras had abruptly stopped rolling. This is what I believe to be what transpired that night which I have reworked into my own words.

There was no ouija board in the traditional sense, but there was a large mahogany table with a ouija board painted onto the surface. The eight contestants gathered around it. The planchette was wooden too, and wasn’t nearly big enough for them all to get a decent hold of it, so they all held on with just two fingers each. The annoying thing about a ouija board session or call it a seance if you like is that there is often debate amongst those taking part about who is moving the planchette. There will always be sceptics you see, and often there is someone moving the piece for dramatic effect, but nobody did such a thing that night and nobody even suggested such a thing, for what really occurred was plain for all to see. 

It had been decided that Arthur would communicate with the spirits as he was the most senior of the group and technically that made him in charge of the group. Plus, he had more knowledge in that field than anyone else. He started by saying hello and introduced himself and the group. He stated that they wished to communicate peacefully. That was when his head was slammed into the table with a considerable force as though someone had come up behind him and slammed his face into it. The table split in half, whoever they had summoned didn’t want to communicate. Andy and Tanya had both instinctively got up to help Arthur up but it was too late. Not only was he bleeding from the head, he had no pulse. He was dead. Andy told the rest of the group of the old man’s disturbing fate but they didn’t believe him. They gathered round and started to check for themselves. They were so busy with Arthur that they didn’t notice that one of them had not joined the group, and has heading towards camera one. It was Naomi. She was so close to the camera that the viewers could now see her and nothing else. Her eyes were glowing silver and there was a sadistic look on her face. She started to laugh. No, not laugh, it was a cackle. Not like a witch though, like something far worse. The group noticed her now. They looked concerned. This wasn’t normal and they knew it. Amy approached Naomi and placed her hand on her shoulder when Naomi placed both hands on her own head and snapped her neck with far more enthusiasm than was natural. This was followed by an uproar of horror from the six surviving members. Nobody had any doubt that there was an entity involved here. Naomi couldn’t possibly have had the strength to snap her own neck. Chiamaka dropped to his knees and began to pray. He was terrified, as were they all but he had faith and was convinced god would save him, he was wrong. Everyone was so distraught that they failed to notice when Andy’s eyes began to glow silver (just as Naomi’s had) and then he approached Chiamaka from behind, he choked him with a combined effort of his own strength and the malevolent being that possessed him. Andy’s eyes returned to normal just as Chiamaka breathed his last breath. Andy dropped to his knees in horror, Staring at his hands. He began to sob. The other four contestants all jumped up as if in sync and headed for the front door. (They were eager to leave, and didn’t feel safe in the mansion. Especially not around Andy) It was locked. It shouldn’t have been though, they had all been told they could leave at any time so why was it locked? If the crew hadn’t locked it then it must have been the entity, but with the ouija table destroyed there was no hope for communication. 

The assumption is that the stream was then cut short by Enning himself because what happened next wasn’t filmed at all. Nobody at Enning Broadcasting was willing to comment, and so nobody knows for sure. Did they cut it or did the entity drain the camera of energies? If anybody knows, they aren’t telling. When the police arrived at Cavendish Rectory Mansion how many bodies do you think they found? I’ll give you a clue, nobody took home the money. 

November 06, 2020 22:31

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Crystal Lewis
04:59 Nov 11, 2020

I liked how this presented as a report/retelling kind of story as I feel like most good scary stories are passed down. I thought the concepts were awesome as well. :) As a side note, you could really build off a story like this and have the same story from the viewpoint of all the different characters going in and really draw it out and make it even more suspenseful and creepy. Just an idea maybe you could run with ? 😬😊 Feel free to read any of my stories if you’d like.


Gordon K
18:26 Nov 12, 2020

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate that. I hadn't considered writing this story from different POV situations, but that is definitely an interesting idea. I will be checking your stories out soon. 🙂


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