Yadidyas Tales

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In a isolated village deep down in the heart of the lushes jungle of Congo along the long river banks surround by trees and birds circling the crisp air the fresh smell of the rivers flowing. There was a young mischievous yet very intelligent young boy Yadidya was a dreamer and always aspired to live across the river. His father Jhon was a farmer he spent most of his labourer-es yet for fulling days on his stretches of land with garlic and ginger. He was a generally a happy man of 8 he always sang and danced, although he was a very religious man and had strong cultural believes. Yadidyas father Jhon always spent time educating his son on strong values and principles,But somehow Jhon knew his son had a curious and restless heart that was always yearning for more.

Yadidya and his 3 elder brothers would go to the markets of Kinshasa it was 20km away from where they lived and farmed their goods, They would head down to town 3 times a week so they could sell the ginger and garlic to the streets vendors and restaurant owners the streets of Kinshasa were always noisy and full of business men and woman doing their best to sell off their goods.

Yadidya was intrigued by how everyone use to barter and he wished he could be apart of the exciting, condensed and changeable environment . The market was vibrant the aroma in the air was filled with different types of food. The boy was inspired and so dreamed to be apart of all the excitement.

Rhoda his mom was a seam mistress she had the most exquisite dress and suit designs for all occasions. Her dream was to be a well know famous designer who made garments for the rich and famous.

‘’Mama Mama’’ yelled Yadidya from the gate Rhoda stood up in absolute shock,’Whats wrong!’’ Rhoda screamed ‘’Please Mama make me a stylish suit’’. Out of frustration Rhoda smacked her son on his back ‘’óuch’’ ’said Yadidya ‘’Why did you do that’’’’ I thought something was wrong.How many times should I tell you about yelling at the gate’’.’’Sorry Mama but I need your help’’. Rhoda asked what is it for son. I’ve got an interview said Yadidya. Rhoda could not help but laugh. Yadidya how many times do you want me to tell you its not good to lie.I am not lying mama, please. Okay ,okay come show me what you have in mind.

Yadidya and Rhoda sat down and looked through several catalogs of different designs he found one he liked. He stated imagining himself walking into the market with his yellow and blue window pane shirt, a big knotted red tie gleaming silk brocade and leather knit suspender and navy slacks. He started speaking to him self ’’Good morning I am Yadidyh Lar the most successful entrepreneur in the whole of Congo How do you do. Rhoda shock her head and wondered what her son was up to, she got to work

After days of work Rhoda was done ‘’Yah, Yah’’ she yelled. ‘’Yes mama I'm coming ‘’he walked into her studio and he was completely frozen with excitement and enthusiasm. ‘’Thank you, Thank you Mama ‘’he gave his mom a hug and kiss with absolute gratitude Ýadidya I am warning you no stories ’I promise Mama ‘’he said. Rhoda knew he was up to something and wasn’t being truthful.

John walked in ‘What is going on here!’Good Morning dad I have an interview ’What?’said John in complete disbelief he looked over at Rhoda.She shrugs her shoulders and smiles. Yadidya actually did not have a solid plan. His mom gave him some francs and of he went to town any way. His suit was well-tailored and striking. As he was in the taxi he was lost in his thoughts of whats to come he started doubting his own ability to get something out of it. The taxi had reached its finale destination lost and confused he just walked around look as prim as could be. In his walk of of confidence and conviction A strong and well-groomed man that looked like he didn’t belong in the hive of activity stopped him,’’Were did you get your suit I beg a pardon Good afternoon I am Mr Kalonji. How do yo do. ‘’ ‘’Very well sir I am Yaddiaha pleased to meet you,’’ ‘’What fine manners you have young man ‘’ ‘’Thank you sir ‘’said Yadidya.’’ Well, the suit sir I made it my self this is what I do for living to support my family’’. The man was taken aback by his skill and bravery. Mr Kalonji immediately invited the boy to his office so they could discuses business .Mr Kalonji was prominent business man he to had his hand in politics he was a very influential man tall dark and handsome, he looked as if he spent a lot of time working out. Mr kalonji had a intention to renew his vowels, it was a surprise for his wife of 20 years, so he was looking for a designer. It so happened they meet and he took liking to his suit. He just knew Yadidya was the right person for the job.

Exhilarated and over the moon Yaddiya had even forgotten he couldn’t sew he had always helped and watched his mom get on with her work, but he no real knowledge of putting the garment together. For a moment Yadidya could hear his mom in his head ‘’Yadidya lies can get you into trouble. He choose to push his thoughts aside.

They finally arrived at Mr Kalonjis majestic Mansion his the architecture of was precise and elegant. Yadidya had never seen some thing like it in his young life Yadidya could not help but ask if he could take a tour around Mr. Kalonji's house. Delighted and proud of hie abode he happily allowed the young man to explore.

As they were walking Mr kalonji told Yadidya he had a surprise for his wife. I will need 30 suits and 40 of your most elegant dress Yaddiya just felt his tummy doing somersaults Never in his wildest dreams did he think this would be possible.’’ Will you be able to deliver’’ ‘’ Yes sir definitely without a problem”oh no what have I done’’ he thought I can not even ask Mama to help me. ‘’Is everything ok Yadidah?’’ Mr. Kalonji had noticed the boy had drifted away. Of they went to the dinning room were lunch was served the table was full of all sorts of treats he was overwhelmed and in complete euphoria. So tomorrow I need you to bring me your portfolio of work so I can see your work so I can decide on the style and design.

He gave him some money to make his way home.

Yaddiyas lies were catching up to him. He arrived home and Rhoda was sitting on her patio that’s what she did every late afternoon to let go of her days load, She looked up ad saw her son was worried about something ’’Yaa what seems to be the problem?’’ ‘’Nothing Mama I didn’t ever think working would be so difficult ‘ ’SO what did you do. ‘’ ‘’He took me around his mansion I also indulged in the best lunch ever. Sorry mama your cooking is still the best.’’ Rhoda was very confused but decide not to prop further.

Everybody was winding down and getting ready for bed Yaa went to his room to think about his day his solution.

Yadidya decide to take his mother portfolio and left very early in the morning before anybody spot him. ‘’Were is Yaa?’’ Jhon asked at the breakfast table’’ I don’t know ‘’ answered Rhoda’’ I’ll go and check on him’’. Rhoda got to his room and he wasn’t there “”I think he left for work ‘’ ’’Work”” exclaimed Jhon . Jhon shock hi head in dismay ‘’I don’t have a good feeling about this.’’

Good Morning Mr Kalonji how are you today. Very well and you? I see you have something for me Yes sir let me show you. Mr. Kalonji admired and loved everything his eyes saw. ‘’We shall begin today.’’ ‘’Today!’’ Yadidya said in shock Is their a problem Mr Kalonji asked ‘’ No sir I just cant believe you gave me the job’’. Yadidya took out is handkerchief to wipe his face. Off they went into town to source the best fabrics and materials that Yadidya would need to do his job, after a long day of shopping Mr. Kalonji asked Yadidyh to make him a shirt although he was experienced in measuring he walked toward his new work station confused and worried he sat down then pretend to be looking in his bag for something’’ oh no’’ ‘’Whats wrong ?’’ asked Mr. Kalonji ‘’I left my work glasses.’’ ‘’ Very well then we have had a tier some day anyway I will get my chauffeur to drop you off at home.’’ Yadidya was so happy about the gesture that he had forgotten that Mr kalonji would now know were he lived.

As the sun was setting in the village of Kasi cows begin guided home, the chickens heading to their pens and the air was full of, the smell of traditional food. Rhoda was sitting outside on her patio she enjoyed doing that every evening with her tea and a book. A strong black car caught her attention it was rare seeing a vehicle like that in there neighborhood. To her surprise Her son steeped out of the vehicle and thanked the driver Yadidya’’ What on earth were you doing in that car’’ ‘’Good evening mama that was Mr Kalonjis driver my new boss Rhoda shock her head ’’ I hope you not getting yourself into trouble’’. Yadidya smiled nervously’’ of course not mama’’.

Yadiday ran to his room his reality had dawned on him what was he going to do.The thought of asking his mom to play along crossed his mind again but how would he even convince her. He tossed and turned all night the break between night and day had approached the silence in the air was so comforting yet daunting the morning cold hit him through his blanket something he had never felt before. He just lay in his bed and didn’t move a muscle. He could hear the call to wake from the roosters the cows heading to the fields to go graze. Mama warned me about this what will I do now he felt so parallelized by his thoughts.Rhoda was shocked to find Yaa fast asleep ‘’Yaa, Yaa its noon and you still in bed” ‘’’I am not feeling well’’ ‘’ Mama Whats wrong’’ ‘’ my head and body hurts’’.’’ I will bring you some tea you should feel better.’’

Nightfall had approached, Jhon was surprised to see Yaddiya at the dinner table. While the family enjoyed their meal and each other's company, there was a knock at the door. ‘’I wonder who could that be ‘’said Jhon’’ And to whom do I owe the pleasure’’ ‘’ Mr. Kalonji ‘’’ Yaddiya could hear the man’s voice, he so wished the chair could swallow him.

‘’I am Yaddhas boos he did not arrive at work today We have a very big project to start ‘’ Curious and puzzled Jhon asked him, ‘’ what project ‘’ ‘’I have a wedding coming up and we agreed he would be responsible for making the garments’’ Jhon gasped ‘’Yaddiya garments ‘’ ‘’Yes sir your son told me was a designer’’ furious and amused he welcomed the gentlemen in.

Take a sit Jhon called Rhoda and Yadidya and introduced his wife Jhon narrated the story to Rhoda.She laughed what? ‘’Yaa what have you done’’ ‘’ I am so sorry mama I was not thinking’’ ‘’But what have I told you about lies’’ ‘’Yes mama I am in trouble now’’

Rhoda and Jhon ashamed and embarrassed apologized to Mr kalonji for their misleading behavior. Mr. Kalonji was angry, ‘’I have a wedding it is in a months

me I decided to take Yaddiya because of the suit he was wearing and the portfolio of work he had brought me. It was breathtaking. I must say your son, is very intelligent and his confidence is what took me.’’

Mr. Kalonji if its any cancellation I can take the job. The portfolio and the suit you saw him wearing were made by me. Relieved. Mr. Kalonji accepted the offer.

Mr. Kalonji walked over to Yadidya,” Son lies are not good li you could have put your family in serious trouble’’ ‘’ I am sorry Sir I have learned my lesson.’’ Mr kalonji laughed I must say it was very silly of me to have believed you could have made all those garments like the old saying goes every thing happens for a reason

Although Yaddiya had lied he managed to unknowingly get his mom her dream job.

He learned his lesson luckily for him, but lies got him out of trouble.

 The End

April 09, 2021 18:24

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