The right stuff gone wrong

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Drama Fantasy Fiction

It was our Senior year of high school the moment we had all been looking forward to all of our lives it seamed. Plans had been made for the biggest party in the history of our class. It was costing everybody just about everything we could come up with. The whole class had to beg borrow and steal to make it happen. The place we rented was a abandon warehouse to have the after graduation party. After spending a month setting it up to be the perfect party. This was to be the perfect planned event. We even used the money that was meant for our senior trip to make it happen. This was a "no adult supervision"; and we were all showing up;" in our bathing suits." The entire class was coming and they were bringing lots of different agendas. A utopia party of the century.

Nancy our class president was a planner and very good at it. Putting to use everything we could come up with people who could get it done. This is how she put it together.

She had made five groups to set up the party.

One for the stage and DJ booth. Carlos was the champion skate board rider and his dad was the carpenters union president. The stage was made from plywood loaned to use by the local skate park. It was large square boxes that locked together. Assembled by just about everyone in the Vocational carpenter school shop at union hall. Carl was a DJ his family hosted most of the fairs and farmers markets in town. Carl put up his inherited bass boat and rented the sound equipment and turn tables from a outdoor event company using his fathers credit card for the deposit.

One for the giant waterside that was to be across the dance floor. Karen's family rented waterslide for parties as a sideline. This slide was brought in from New York from another company her dad deal with. The waterside was rented and we had to use Karen's car (she got for graduation) as a deposit. We had to have water for the slide and David our volunteer firefighting classmate came up with the idea to hook it up to the fire hydrant just outside. The slide started at the DJ booth and went all the way outside to a pool in the parking lot. It was a blow up slide with four different sections all ran by different units.

One for the food and drinks that was to be buffet style. Lees family ran the local Chinese restaurant. He was able to borrow us there spare buffet tables. Lee had agreed to return them clean and ready to go after the party. Lee also took care of setting out all the food.

One for the parking and traffic control. Gina family ran a hazmat service and she gathered all the cones and barricades her dad had and snuck them to the warehouse the day before the party. The cars were part next to the building as close as possible to hide them from site of the local police. Everyone was suppose park as close as possible.

One for the cameras to make record of the whole event. Sarah family ran a equipment rental business. The cameras and portable generators were borrowed from the family store. On loan the entire senior class agreeing to share responsibility.

Everything was in place. People starting showing up around 9 o'clock and the party was on. The music was loud and the warehouse was full of people dancing. The food was gone within the first few hours. The water slide was going strong. There was lots of drinks being consumed and rival classmates in the school started challenging each other to different contest. The dance contest started between the tecktonik and shuffle dancers. This turned dark very quickly with a dare to do the most revealing dance with everyone already in bathing suits. Who could do what to the music that was playing got way out of hand. The DJ played what was yelled the loudest. The name calling came next and there was no limit to the insults that were hurled at each other. fights broke out on the dance floor but ended quickly when David fire hosed anyone fighting. Then he re hook the hose to the slide.

Then the contest turn to the slide. The longest jump and the longest standing up was great. Then who could do the most rolls down the slide without falling off. The girls gymnastic team decide they where outdo everyone because they all had the right stuff. The whole team went to the top and started pulling off flips and cartwheels and acrobatics' that where unbelievable. That is when it happen the whole slide fell all the way to the end. Crashing onto the stage destroying the turntables and the electric circuits caught the stage on fire. The fire cause mass panic and everyone started running out of warehouse. People were being trample on. The building was catching on fire at the roof. The generators went out one by one as did the lights. The cars on the side of the building starting sounding alarms as pieces of the building starting falling on them and catching them on fire. A few were able to get there cars moved and take people to the hospital that needed it.

Then came the fire department rushing in to save the day. They where able to get those out that had been hurt in the stampede.

The paramedics took them off in ambulances. The firefighters empty there truck and went to the fire hydrant for water. What they found was a hose that connected to the waterslide had empty the water tower that was use for firewater. The sound of the remaining cars exploding filled the air and the firemen retreated in defeat.

We all stood in disbelief as the entire building and everything inside and out burned to the ground.

May 09, 2021 19:55

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