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Fantasy Holiday Mystery

“Trick-or-Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat! Or I’ll punch your face! With a smile on my face!” 

“Woo, woo there you little tyrant‒”

“I’m not little! I’m a knight!” 

“That’s beside the point, but okay you giant knight. Where’d you learn to sing that weird song?” 

“From you uncle Tommy.”

“What? When did I ever‒oh‒shit…”


“Don’t say that word! God your mom’s right. You repeat every little word you hear like a damn parrot and why the hell am I stuck babysitting a kid on Halloween when I’ve got better things to do!?”

“I’m not a kid! I’m turning 6 soon!”

“And if that’s not a kid in my eyes I don’t know what is.” 

“You’re a child too. That’s what mommy says.” 

“She what‒”

“Mommy says that uncle Tommy is a big kid who can’t do a single thing without mommy.”


“Mommy also says that you have a sister complex.”

“I do not have a sister complex! That stupid bitch!”


“Cody MacArthur Pierce!”

“Look there’s a ghost!” Cody exclaimed, letting go of my hand and bolting off as fast as his little legs would let him in that knight costume of his. 

“Cody! Don’t wander too far!” I hollered. Cody turned sideways and waved and went back to poking the blow up of what appeared to be a very plump looking ghost that looked a lot like Casper, without that added volume, with that plastic sword of his. There were alot of other kids that surrounded the plump looking Cas and were gawking up at him like he was the most amazingest thing they’ve ever laid their eyes on. Well Casper, congratulations. You’re just as famous as Santa. Hip, hip, hurray. I steered my attention away from the little cult of children that were practically worshiping Caper’s blowup and looked at the rest of the lawn. Ahh, but of course. No wonder this place looked familiar. It was the Newman’s home and just like every single bloody year, they go all out and I mean full on out. They’re the only one’s other than their neighbors, ahem I mean sworn rivals lol, the Newton’s, who would even think about decking up their homes on basically everything that’s even closely related to that specific holiday. By God, they must have robbed all the nearby stores on all their holiday appliances. Both the Newman’s and Newton’s are loaded that’s for sure, but have this stupid rivalry on who’s the better of the two. I don’t know how it all started and I for one don’t care. They’re just a bunch of nutjobs that’s for sure, who just love flaunting their wealth. 

I sighed. The whole neighborhood was probably gathered up at these two houses and oh my God. They’re even handing out refreshments...maybe I’ll just stop by for a cookie or two, stuff some goods into the pockets of my hoodies and Cody does look like he’s having fun. I walked onto the Newman’s lawn with a tight smile on my face. You know if these two were running for the presidency, good lord that better never happen or I’m gonna haul my ass outta this godforsaken nation, I might just go and attend their dog and pony show, just to stalk up on all the free goods and vote for whoever appeases me the most. Haha. Cheer to that America, but no seriously kids, do go and vote. I quickly greeted both the Newman’s and Newton’s and gobbled down some goods. When things started to heat up between the two couple, I grabbed Cody under my arm and quickly darted out of there before they got me involved, again, over their dumb competition. Making me pick stupid sides like I was someone really important to appease. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the attention, but it gets pretty annoying real fast.

“Uncle Tommy I wanna stay more. I have to defeat the evil ghost or I won’t be able to save the prince.” 

“It’s uncle Tom to you and to save the prince? Isn’t it the other way aro‒wait, wait, no scratch that. It doesn't matter if it’s a prince, princess, heck even a frog. I ain’t gonna stay there for a second longer to lose even more brain cells. Damn the rich. They’re obnoxious as ever.” 



“I almost defeated the evil ghost.”

“Uh huh. You sure did. Popped poor Casper like a pimple. Did some good too. He returned to his original size, but not you had Mr. Newman on his deathbed with that stunt you pulled.”      

“I’m strong aren’t I Uncle Tommy.”

“Tom and yeah, yeah you sure are.” 

“Can we go back later so I can save the prince.”

“Hell no and why the heck do you even need to save the prince?”

“Because he went to save the princess, but then ate a weird candy by the evil ghost and then he fell asleep.”

“Wow. Love the reverse Sleeping Beauty. How you gonna save him? Feed him some chocolates?”

“No silly. True love’s first kiss.”


“Mommy says that breaks any spell.”

“Uh is that so?”

“Yep. Mommy always kisses daddy to break the evil spell that the witch puts on him before he goes to work and when he comes back home.”

 “That damn woman needs to show some restraint and find a time and place that’s not in front of you to smooch that idiot.” 

“Kisses make everyone happy.”

“Yeah...noo, but whatever keeps you chirpy I guess. Anyway let's do some actual Halloween traditions and go do some good ol’ trick or treating.”

“Tricks and treats!”

“Yeah, but don’t sing that song when we go up for the candy okay? It’ll be my own deathbed if your mother finds out you went up to the neighbours and said all that.”

“Okay! Let’s go! Onwards my great steed!”

“I’m a horse now? Gee thanks for calling me great at least.” 

The sun was starting to set as I checked my phones. It had been almost 2 hours since we went out for trick or treating. The air was also starting to get a bit chilly. We practically went to all the houses that were handing out goodies and started to head back home through a park. 

“Uncle Tommy where are we going next?”

“I give up. Why did my mother name me after my old man?”

“I like Uncle Tommy’s name.”


“Yeah! It reminds me of Tom the cat from Tom and Jerry and how he’s just a big old dum‒” I covered his mouth.

“Not another word out of you mister.” Otherwise my mental health is gonna go crashing out the window again, with me along with it. 

“Are we gonna go home now?”

“That’s the plan. Unless you want to stop by another house or something.”

“Aren’t we gonna go to Cameron’s house?”


“Oh! Uncle Tommy I told you yesterday!” Cody said, angry and swinging his sword around. 

“Don’t do that! You're gonna hurt someone!”

“I’m going to hit you!”

“No. No you’re not you fuze ball. You’re gonna munch on this candy bar and tell me what I’m forgetting. Okay?”

“Hmm. Okay.” 

We sat on the swings while Cody munched away. After he finished, I wiped the snot and tears away from his face. Ew. 

“Alright. What did I forget to do?”

“We’re supposed to go to my friend Cameron’s house today after we went trick or treating?”

“Did we now?”

“Yeah! He said we were going to have a halloween party at his house.”

“Oh. Sounds fun.” Yeah I was supposed to too, not pg‒13 though, but sadly I got stuck babysitting this kiddo. I feel bad for him though. Both his parents got stuck with work, which is just absolutely brutal. Like by God just make this a national holiday? Is that too much to ask for? Also, this was the first time he was allowed to go out for trick or treating. He always ended up with a cold the night before and couldn’t sleep because he was so excited and now that he finally got a chance to, his parents couldn’t be with him. I looked down at his brownie colored head and saw him playing with the mulch with his feet. I sighed. The least I could do is let him enjoy Halloween to the fullest. He didn’t even complain one bit of his parents not being here. Well, I guess he got used to a lack of their presence in his life like I have, but I’m sure deep down he’s really missing them. Alright Tomas. Let’s do it. For the kid’s sake.   

“Oh, alright.”

“Really!? I can go?”

“Yep. Why not?”

“Yea! Thank Uncle Tommy.”

“You betcha, but you owe me.”


“Sure. A handful.”


“Alright. Do you have what his name’s‒?”


“Yeah. His address?”

“Yep. It’s somewhere in here.” Cody said as he rummaged in his pumpkin pail. 

“Ah, here.” He said and handed me a slip of paper that had an address written on it. It was clearly written by a kid, but it was better than my own which stings a bit. 

“Hmm...what does this say...por...pro...porridge street?”

“No. It says Pro dig um Street.”

“...You mean Prodigium...Monster Street? Cody are you sure this is a real address?” 


“Um...okay.” I said trying to stifle my laughter. “I’ll just amuse him.” I thought and typed in the address into my phone. My screen froze for a moment and did a weird glitchy thing before, stupid technology, sure enough and I was oddly surprised, an address popped up and it was only a 5 minute walk from where we were standing.

“Okay, weird.” I’m not familiar with this part of the neighborhood, but I don’t recall a street being named that. Meh. Whatever. Maybe they just changed it and thought, it would be interesting to call it a Latin name or something.

“Did you find it Uncle Tommy?” Cody said trying to stand on his tiptoes and trying to get a glance on my cell screen.

“Yep, I did. It’s only a five minute walk from here.”

“Really!? Let’s go! Hurry!” He said tugging on the sleeves of my reddish brown hoodie.

“Alright, alright. Slow down Mr. Knight. You forgot your helmet.” I said, plopping it on his head. 

“Onwards and march!” 

After a couple minutes, the sun had already set and we found ourselves walking in a rather...lavish neighborhoods. Like they were no longer houses. They were mansions for Christ sake and looked nothing like the Newman’s or Newton’s homes which I thought were huge, but these were just 100x grander. Damn. Is this really the right place? I thought as I glanced down at my cell. The sign did say the Latin word for Monster Street and the map does say we’re only 2 minutes away from our destination, but still. I had my suspicions. It was eerily quiet here and it was also a bit foggy too. Are we even allowed to roam in this area? Just how the hell did Cody even make friends with someone who lived in a well off neighborhood? Perks to this kid being the center of attention all the time I guess. He learns from the best I guess, aka meaning me. 

“Oh, I think...we’re here?” I questioned and looked up at a giant gothic like mansion that was larger than all the other ones we passed by. Have I just been flung to the other side of the hemisphere cause I thought these types of buildings were only in European countries or something. Is it me or is this place creepy and freaky?  

“I’m gonna go knock on the door!” Cody said zipping off.

“Cody!” I whisper-yelled. I was internally freaking out. What if this is the wrong place? What if they get angry cause we’re basically trespassing on their property? What if they call the cops and send us to jail? Yeah, my sister will really kill me if that were to happen. But still the security here is pretty lax isn’t it. I said walking over to the large doors that had these strange carvings marked into them. 

“Cameron! I came to play!” Cody cried out jollily, knocking on the giant stone doors with his tiny fists. Like they would hear that. I looked at the metal door knocker. How old is this place to even have these? I lifted it up and was surprised it was so light and knocked 3 times. I then took Cody’s hand and we took a couple steps back. Did they even hear that? I wonder as a minute passed by. Just as I was about to knock again or ask Cody if he had Cameron’s phone number or maybe we should just head back for today, I like the last option better because I had a bad feeling about this and my bad feelings are never wrong, I heard a loud creek and one of the stone door’s open revealing the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen.

“My, my. What do we have here?” She said in an accented voice. I froze for a moment and gulped. 


“Or treat!” Cody said cheerily. Nice to know he ain’t as nervous as I am.

October 31, 2020 03:29

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