Funny Kids

Author's note: This story is a continuation of All in the Sword. You might want to read that first before reading this part...

Grayson stops scratching with his quill, thinking about what he saw. If he was right, he needed to contact someone.

“‘Lady Ella! I need to ask you something,’” Grayson mutters. “No, that wouldn’t work, um, ‘Excuse me, may I ask you something in private?’ No, not that either.”

He paces around his room, pondering.

“Excuse me, Sir Grayson?” a voice calls out, making Grayson jump out of his skin.

“Um, yes?”

“Lady Ella wants to tell you something.”


Grayson walks around the house until he finds Ella. She was in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes from last night.


“Um, I realized that I never got to tell you what I needed to when we got here.” she says.

“Ok, so what was it?”

“Well, when you noticed my sword and horse, you must have been suspicious.”

Grayson nods.

“And I guess what I wanted to say was, I really am a hunter. And, yes, Max let me be one. So, um, that means-”


He gives Ella an apologetic look, then rushes off.

“What’s the matter, Lady?”

“Well,” she says. “For starters, your room is a mess. Excuse me if I’m breaking tradition, but I’m not in up. Also, you can’t just leave your horse outside, you need to put him in the stables. If you don’t know where they are, look next to this house.”

“Ok, um, but can I just--”

“NO! You can’t do anything else until that room of your is clean, and that horse of yours is in the stables.”


Adele walks off, and Ella, following her, goes off to the kitchen, and Grayson starts on his room.

1 hour later, Grayson is finally finished.

“Oh, thank god! I was waiting for you.” Ella says as soon as she catches sight of him. “Now, I was talking to Adele, and, um, she said we have to leave. I’m sorry.”

Grayson’s mouth falls open.

“O-ok, but… where will we go?”

“We’ll have to find somewhere. And we’re going to talk on the way.”


They go together to get their things packed, and, days later, they’re finally on the move again.

“So, what was it that we needed to talk about?” Grayson asks. It had been a few minutes after they had left the village, and Ella hadn’t spoken about anything.

“Oh, yes, um, so I know that it seems strange that a women could be a hunter, but, I mean, I’m more like you then you know.”

“Y-you mean… Oh god, I thought so,”

“Well, yes, I meant for that to happen, obviously I couldn’t just tell you because Adele was against it-”

“Wait!!! Adele had magic too?!?” Grayson interrupts

“Well, yeah, I though you knew. We were BOTH using magic to clean.”

“Well, I only looked at you, Adele doesn’t radiate beauty like you.”

“Oh, be quiet.”

They arrived at the next village, and Grayson, preparing for a duel, pulled out both his swords.

“Hi guys!!! How’re you?”

“Um, aren’t we going to duel?” Grayson asks.

“No, why would we do that? Hey, you people look hungry! Let me get you a cheeseburger!”

“Um, what’s a cheeseburger?” Ella asks.



“GUYS!!! WE HAVE NEW PEOPLE!” the person yells.

Everyone in the village comes running over.

“My god these people are crazy,” Ells whispers to Grayson.

“I know.” he replies. Now to everyone. “Ok, ok, so what we don’t know what a cheeseburger is? It’s not like we can’t learn right? Anyway, we come from King Lelo’s area, and I am a knight.”

“Ohhhhhhhh, well guys, that explains it!! He’s from the oldies!” the greeter says.

Everyone bursts into laughter, and they walk back to their houses, talking among themselves.

“Not this again,” Ella groans. “Why’d you have to tell them that?”

“Well, sorry if I was being truthful,” Grayson snaps back.

Ella dismounts her horse.

“Alright, let’s go,” she says.

“Sure, you can lead the way. It’s not like I’m older than you or anything.”

“Well, you haven’t been doing so well, so I’m taking over.”

Grayson rolls his eyes but follows anyway. After walking for 10 minutes, they find a building. Elle peers inside and jumps back immediately.

“What’s wrong?”

“Th-there’s a-a killing machine in there! People are putting pieces o-of meat on it!”

“Oh, oh my. That’s not good.”

Grayson peers in himself. He makes a face but doesn’t look away.

“What?” asked Ella.

“Well, they took the meat out and it’s all black. I guess that’s their fire.” he said.

“Oh, well that makes more sense.”

“Still, burning the meat?”

“Well, all people make mistakes,”

“Except you, apparently.” Grayson mutters under his breath.

They carry on throughput the village, with people staring at them all the way.

“So, since you decided to take over, where are we going?”

“Well, I mean, I was thinking that we could look for a house here…” she trails off, seeing Grayson’s expression.

“So,” he said. “it looks like you don’t have a plan after all.”

“Well, no,” Ella says. “But we haven’t gotten into trouble yet.”

Grayson, still not understanding, nods. They walk along for a while and Grayson, seeing that no one was wearing tunics, went to a clothes shop.

“Lady Ella, may I escort you into this divine shelter?” he said, wanting to sound snobbish.

“Of course,” she replied.

The owner of the shop snorted, and, with an amused expression, went into the back of the shop.

“Ahem,” Grayson cleared his throat. “Excuse me? Can we purchase something from this fine… stall?”

“Yes, yes, come on, what do you want?” the owner replied, having come back.

“Well, we would like to purchase… this, and this for me,” he said, holding up the items. “and then this, for Lady Ella please.”

The woman nodded and looked at Ella for a moment.

“Very well, 4 Shins then.”

Grayson glanced at Ella, then paid.

“You, um you have very low prices for your items,” he noted.

“Well, yes, you’ll find that this is the cheapest items are here. We find that our way of doing things is much more efficient than yours.”

They collected their items and went to look for a house.

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The Cold Ice
05:50 Sep 22, 2020

Funny story.I loved this.Great job keep it up.I enjoyed this story.Keep writing. Would you mind to read my story “The dragon warrior part 2?”


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18:59 Oct 02, 2020

Hi!!! This is feedback for your entry (thanks so much btw!!!): —Ooo. Interesting. I like it. —Maybe make it longer? It would be interesting to add a bit more plot and more scenes. Good character, good idea, good story. —Saturday is the first day of the week...? Isn’t that Sunday? Or is it different in other countries? Srry I’m completely clueless about this stuff. AWESOME JOB! Check back Sunday @ noon to see who the winner is! I hope you decide to enter again soon!


22:07 Oct 03, 2020

Ok, I'll make it longer! For the first day of the week thing, it's that she was born on a Saturday, so the first day of the week for HER is Saturday... When I first heard, I was confused as well 😂 Thanks for the feedback!!!


13:06 Oct 04, 2020

OHHHHH, that makes more sense! Awesome job!!!


19:25 Oct 04, 2020

Thank you!!!


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17:55 Sep 17, 2020

Omg Part 3!!! I LOVED this! It was a very satisfying ending! But that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a sequel! :D


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Lilliane Wei
07:30 Nov 27, 2020

Very interesting story. I like how they react upon hearing that they have no idea what a cheeseburger is. 🤣 -Whirl


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Julia Boddie
19:13 Oct 19, 2020

This is a very funny story. I was very entertained.


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