Science Fiction Suspense Thriller

"Welcome to the after life...." Peter heard a voice said to him. But he was out in the world before he could comprehend who it was and he is in the job before he could get a grasp around this world . It was quite a task for him in the initial days, but slowly he understood some things about this place. He got a job in the food section which is the highest level of job you can get in this place and if anybody asked him how he got this job he would simply smile and got out of that situation because he doesn't remember.

Parker asked loking down at his working table peter what is your opinion on having kids? Peter was a little bit confused and said well good for you if you decide to have kids what is the problem in it. Well the problem is i am getting tax benefits now but if we have kids i loose those benefits parker replied. Oh ! Peter looked at parker in dilema and thought of changing the subject. Do you know any doctors over here peter asked casually. What happened to you peter. Nothing i think i am loosing some parts of my memory all i remember is you this job my home and a older woman in my dreams that's it. Oh then it must be one of the things that happens when there is lightening. What Peter looked confused . Ok what i am about to say is based on what i heard ok so take it with a grain of salt according to doctor tim who lives in 4b when we people of afterlife try to override the algorithm this memory issues happens to stop you from doing it. May be we should go to doctor tim he will explain it better.

Set your portal to " 4b" set and here we go. Well thats fast peter said getting out of the portal. Well i just upgraded my package parker replied. 

Mr.Peter a announcement called two times. Oh it's room no 18 you go and talk to him i will wait here. Ok peter replied and moved to the portal that opened and when he entered the room 18 tim was lying on a thing that is floating in air. And he offered one of the floating seats to peter. Now they both are floating. Tim got up sat on his seat. A floating tab came infront of tim. Tim started reading from the tab " so you are having temporary memory issues while there is lightening" yes peter replied. Tim got off of the floating seat. Follow me he took peter into a portal and there was no destination in it. Did you know about the algorithm? Tim asked holding peter shouldering almost forcing peter to answer. A Little bit peter replied. It is our god it gives birth to us isn't it. That's all tim said . Ah uh .... Peter replied confused as always. Ok to put it in simple words the algorithm not only gives you birth in this place but also controls every thing you do on this place everything you buy, everyone you love from your birth here on afterlife till your death everything is controlled by the algorithm. And when people like us try to override the algorithm it erases that thought from your core and you wake up not remembering your name you start a new life here on the afterlife. But you remembered your name, your job, your friend and that's not something that happens with others you need a really stronge core to override the algorithm it only happened with two people till now the first person is me and now after 20 years it happened to you. But don't you think the algorithm is aware that we remember these things. No it doesn't . How can you tell. Generally the way algorithm works is that after you undergo erasing process it throws things at you like women, money, inheritance, clubs, attention whatever you craved in the beforelife and haven't achieved it. The algorithm provides you with everything so that you stay in it's control. But we my friend we are revolutionary. But don't you think the algorithm knows we are having this conversation peter asked. Ofcourse it does. Ok if the algorithm can control us why can't control us from thinking like this. See, thats the only drawback of the algorithm it can manipulate your but it can't control them. And we may undergo memory loss of what is happening right now that's why i need you to listen to me carefully when we wake up the algorithm does everything it can to divert us but i really need you to focus and don't fall for it and find me as soon as you wake up and i can arrange we jump to our beforelife. But how? Peter asked that's difficult to explain now it is already been 10 minutes we may fell into temporary memory loss anytime now.

One last doubt peter asked, what is it? The fact that we remember something even after the whole temporary memory issues does that mean we don't any desires we crave for? No, it means the algorithm didn't figure it out till now see at the end of the day it is an algorithm it has patterns in which it works the problem is most of the people desire the common things like money, family, love etc., To put it simple words the algorithm tries every factor each time take your case as example you woke up and u had the highest paid job in the food chain, but when i woke up i was next to a woman. Oh! Peter exclaimed. So how did you got out the women situation peter asked again but it's too late.

Huh! Peter woke up. He quickly remembered what he needed to do all he have is 10 minutes. Ok ok ! Peter said to himself. Oh shit it's already 30 seconds down he set a timer in his core for nine minutes. Entered 4b in the portal and it took one minute to reach there. Peter rushed out of the portal as fast as he can checked his timer its one minute and 30 seconds down and when he looked his surroundings it is not the 4b he remembered. What is it? He asked himself obviously there was no answer. He checked the portal it was the right one. With time running out peter gathered his courage and went close the building infront of him. He pressed he colling bell several times , "coming" said a voice which is very familiar yes it is the voice of tim peter's core lit with energy and positivity and most of all with hope he checked the timer and he got only four minutes. The door opened it was doctor tim but not as he remembered the doctor he remembered was not the one that opened the door right known. While peter was trying to comprehend situation, a little girl came behind doctor and hugged him daddy we are in the middle of a bedtime story, daddy will join you in a minute sweety the doctor said and turned towards peter. Everything started making sense for peter and his hopes were dumped deeply under the earth in the afterlife. But with one last ray of hope peter asked is it doctor tim's house? What tim what a weird name no its my house i am domino tim replied. Hearing that answer peter was convinced it is not possible to get back. The algorithm won once again like always.

But something was bothering peter and he heard voice calling him with the utmost affection he has ever experienced here on afterlife. Peter turned and it was his mother standing infront of him, suddenly everything of the beforelife was coming back to him all the memories he had with his mother and here she is standing right infront of him spreading her arms for him to get that warm hug he craves for he ran towards his mother in such a speed that his timer fell on the ground it showed 60 seconds. He hugged her this is all he craved for in his life trying to impress her, not able to explain to her about his job he was in a constantly dilema atleast that's what the algorithm thought peter desires but peter seemed clear his eyes when he ripped his mother's core apart and there is nothing visible to him a huge light ray exploded from his mothers core and the algorithm was defeated in over 3000 years with four seconds left in his timer his eyes closed for the last time in afterlife.

You were in a medically induced coma when we recovered you from the field. What about my team? Peter asked. We recovered all of them from the situation. A sense of relief flowed through his body. And he turned towards his right side he saw his mothers photo with 1970 to 2020 bottom of it. Peter closed his eyes but this time he will wake up remembering everything.

December 18, 2020 06:09

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