Fantasy Fiction

It is the year 6070, after the destruction of the planet due to nuclear wars, it is completely dark and prevailed over it because of the layer formed under the ozone layer by the smoke from nuclear explosions, although scientists have tried to find the right compound to break up this layer for the return of the sun, but all their attempts have failed .

But life outside these stores is impossible when they have been deprived of the natural air, the sun and other natural things, when a group of scientists decided to research and research in order to return the planet to its normal state through the return of the sun .

"It has been 40 years since the Big Bang, in which you have never seen the light of the sun again, we have already forbidden to see the sun and its sunrise and sunset ."Akashi is an inventor .

"It's been a long time since we didn't see the light of the sun ."Senga is a disciple of Akashi.

"What are my findings so far."Akashi .

"I've sent the samples to the lab and the new tests will be done an hour from now."Senja.

"I want you to take all the notes on the samples and if the new product can break them up, the Earth will explode if we don't reduce the pressure caused by this layer of nuclear material and the smoke from its combustion."Akashi.

"Indeed, in the last three years and most importantly in the last two months, the pressure has risen six times higher than it has been and so, the planet will erupt at any time, we are in real danger, if we don't find the fragmentary material of that cloud, the human palate will go extinct from the Milky Way."Kiyota.

"Sir, the new intern has been banned and is waiting in the office."George.

"Why did you leave him in the office, no time for the officialdom the Earth is about to explode, bring him here immediately."Akashi 

"Yes professor , you will have it right away."George.

The new intern is none other than kenaro, a genius among his peers, finished elementary school at the age of five and high school at the age of fifteen, from a generation that had no chance of seeing the sun or nature before the Big Bang.

"Sir, I introduce you to the new intern kenaro."George.

Akashi, Kiyota and Senga were surprised by kenaru's young age, Professor Robert told them about his young age but they did not think he was too young.

"How old are you, son."Akashi.

"Seventeen years, Sir."Kenaro.

"You are very young, but Professor Robert stressed that you are able to find the right compound to get rid of the layer that prevents us from sunlight, he is not sure but confident, his faith in you made curiosity erode me, what is the secret behind you."Akashi with an exclamation point for kenaru.

"I hope I'm at your best."Kenaro is thrilled.

"Well, George will introduce you to our work, to all our findings, and also to your place of residence, and all the things that concern you, your place of office," Akashi said.

"Thank you sir, I'll take my things, put them in my room and come back."Kenaro.

Despite his young age, kenaro was shrewd , sharp-witted, tall, big-bodied, dressed for teenagers, listening to music and playing five instruments, jazz, piano, tambourine, saxophone, guitar, in addition to being fluent in ten languages without forgetting some of the local languages, and playing football, tennis, water skiing, karate, baseball and last but not least rugby.

His parents died of a nuclear cloud epidemic when he was two years old, he grew up with his two brothers at his grandmother's for his mother who discovered his genius, from then on he promised her before her death to save the Earth and from then on he was trying to find the right boat.

Kenaro has long researched all the compounds used by the lab, found that they are good enough but they are not able to break up the cloud, research has been started in the archive of natural materials from plants, minerals, natural groundwater and other natural materials .

After a long time of research and excavation in the archives found a metal that helps to dissolve all kinds of materials, especially those that consist of hard-to-fix particles, such as nuclear particles, and it is Rhodium metal, which is a very rare metal that many people do not know, was used in the manufacture of jewelry, mirrors, etc., and the largest exporters of it are South Africa, Russia and Canada.

Oddly enough, it still exists in abundance in the underground, especially after humans have signed up for it, and luckily it was sampled in the National Museum, which was a good opportunity to try it .

"Where is kenaro I haven't seen him in a week ."Akashi.

"He's in the lab since I was hired, I've search all kinds of metal and natural materials, and then went to the archive and sent it part by part ."Gerard.

"And did he find anything."Akashi.

"Probably yes, a search in the museum for sources of rhodium metal ."Gerard.

"I said Rhodium, it's an old-fashioned but luxurious metal, which humans haven't used since the Big Bang."Akashi.

"Do you know him, Sir."John .

"Yes, it was used in the manufacture of jewelry, especially for other purposes."Akashi marveled.

"But why did kenaro focus on him after all this in-depth research he did."John .

"I'm going to go to the lab and talk to him and see what he's got."Akashi.

Kenaro was engaged in the Rhodium metal experiment after he made it liquid and mixed it with gold atoms and marveled at the ability of this mixed liquid to dissolve nuclear particles, but insisted on upgrading the experiments, with larger samples.

"Hello kinawa, are there promising results ."Akashi.

"In fact, it can be said that I have found the right formula for dissolving nuclear particles" kinawa.

"You say you found a formula that dissolves the particles of the Nuclear-see the sunlight again."Akashi is surprised by what kinawa says.

"Yes, sir, we'll see the sun again and save the Earth."Kinawa with all vigor, vitality and happiness.

"Did you know that you are now telling me about the most important achievement of your life, saving the Earth ."John.

"We will finally save the Earth , it is incredible."Gerard.

"What's the formula that I'm stuck with."Akashi.

"The simplest formula , liquid Rhodium metal and gold granules."Kinawa.

"I said, Rhodium and gold."Akashi.

"Which we have to extract from Africa, where there is the largest stockpile, and build the machinery needed to spray the formula ."Kinawa.

"I won't talk a lot, we will then begin work immediately, I'll call Professor Robert and tell him the latest developments."Akashi.

All means and possibilities were sent to extract Rhodium metal and gold in order to make the formula in large quantities , then spray the layer that prevented the passage of sunlight , and after six months the sunlight began to leak little by little, and then the light prevailed on the whole globe and little by little life returned the globe , the rains that washed the whole globe, the plants.

"Who would have imagined that the dream of seeing the sunlight again would come true, how wonderful it is, thanks to you, genius kinawa, you will be honored tomorrow, you saved the earth, you saved us ."Akashi.

Kinawa looked at Akashi and smiled at him .

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