“Listen up class!” Miss Glendale called out.  “Time to quiet down for there is a special announcement!”

All the students quieted down, excited that another week was about done.  Their full attention was not on the teacher, with Henry standing next to her, holding a large place heaped with something that was covered with tinfoil.

“Usually, we don’t do such a thing, but today is different,” she told the class.  “Henry has a treat for everyone before you all leave.”

All of them became even more excited.  A treat to end the week.

“I helped my dad make these treats for everyone,” said Henry with a beaming smile.  “Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it.”

Henry then took the tinfoil off, displaying a mound of cookies.

Smiles widened in the classroom.

“Henry will go to each desk, and you may pick one cookie,” said Miss Glendale.  “Henry has one particular cookie to give to you Jason since you have allergies.”

Jason brightened up since he figured he would be left out of this treat.

Henry started on the left side and handed the cookies from front to back.  Then to the next row. The mound shrunk down until there was only six cookies left.  Henry came to Jason and pointed to a cookie with blue M&Ms on top.

“Take this one,” he told Jason. “It will be safe to eat.”

“Thank you,” said Jason as he grabbed the cookie.

Everyone started eating and were delighted by how fresh the cookie was, and still quite warm.  It seemed like the cookie melted in their mouths.

“This is the best cookie I’ve ever had,” said Leslie.

Many agreed with her.

The cookies quickly vanished just as the bell rang.

“Another week done,” said Miss Glendale.  “Be careful out there in the snow. Sounds like more will be falling.”

The students jumped up, gathered their stuff, and were out the door.  The hallway was packed as all the students headed toward the two front doors to the great outdoors.

Jason lived pretty close so while many got on the buses or were picked up by family or friends, he walked home,  He didn’t mind it as it gave him time to think of what activity he would do at home.

“Maybe I will play that game I just created,” he thought.

He was halfway home when he looked back and saw off in the distance, two individuals he couldn’t stand, heading his way.  The biggest bully, Chloe, and her sidekick, Telly.

“I need to hide,” he said.

He started running as quick as he could in the snow until he went around a corner and saw some bushes on the right side.  He went over and found a good spot to hide.

“Maybe they didn’t see me,” he thought.

Chances were slim, but he prayed for he had dealt with these bullies many times.  He knew if he had to face them today it would probably mean getting snow stuffed down his shirt and pants.  He would have to go home to take a hot shower, and new clothes that makes his mother upset. Explaining the reason goes through deaf ears.

“Please, please ride by,” he muttered.

Time slowly went by and he waited and waited.

“Oh crap,” he said then put his hand over his mouth.

He realized that his footprints in the snow were going to lead right into the bushes.  He was going to be an easy find. Jason thought of just stepping out and taking his punishment, but stayed where he was.  Maybe they wouldn’t see his prints.

Then he could hear the bullies talking.

“We should see the little weasel soon,” he could hear Chloe say.

“Should we bury him in the snow?” asked Telly.

“We will make a snowman out of him.”

The both of them started to laugh.

Closer and closer they came until Jason could see them riding their bikes slowly through the snow.  They were on the side of the street that they would surely see his prints. Moments they were by the spot he went into the bushes and continued on.  Jason was surprised for he swore he saw Telly looking at the ground where he left prints.

“Maybe he thought it was someone else's,” he thought.

Jason waited a while longer as the bullies voices disappeared off into the distance.

“I should be safe,” he said.

He stepped out and looked at the ground.  There were no footprints anywhere.

“Huh?” he said in befuddlement.  “How is that possible?”

Jason started walking around in circles, seeing that he wasn’t leaving any prints.

“How is that possible?” he asked.

He wasn’t that light, and he wore the same shoes he had for close to a year.  He was sure he saw prints before when it first snowed.

“This is strange,” he said as he continued home.

James looked back off and on, seeing he wasn’t leaving any footprints.  He wondered if he should tell his mother, but she might take him to the hospital or do nothing at all even if she saw the proof.

“I don’t feel any different.”

He soon reached his house and decided instead of playing his new game he was going to have a snowball fight with his little brother.

“This can be fun,” he thought as he entered the house.  “Mark! Are you here?”

“Yeah,” his brother responded, coming out of his room.

“Want to have a snow fight?”

“You bet,” his brother said with a wide grin.

“I’ll be out waiting,” said Jason, turning around and going back out.

Jason went over to his mom’s car, scooping up some snow and making a nice snowball.  He circled until he was ducking behind the car, waiting for his brother to pop up. He showed up moments later at the front door.  He looked around, stepping into the yard, then started looking at the yard.

“That isn’t going to help you this time around,” thought Jason.

Jason waited for his brother to go on the hunt, but he pounced by suddenly pummeling him with a snowball, then another.

“Hey!” his brother called out as Jason ran to the side of the house, to the back, and behind their large oak tree.

Mark soon appeared, looking all around and to the ground, then around.

“I just saw you go this way!” Mark called out.  “How is it you aren’t leaving prints?”

Jason answered his brother by hitting him in the side of the head.

His brother cried out.  “You are cheating somehow!” he cried out and stomped off.

Jason chuckled.

At first, he was a little scared, but now he was thinking this could be cool.

Jason went into the house and to his room.

He plopped himself on his bed, and contemplated what gave him his new powers.  He went through the day, wondering if anything happened that was different from other days.

“I had a cookie,” he said.

But how could a cookie cause such a thing?

There was nothing else he could think of unless his body decided just not to produce footprints any longer.

The weekend went by, and soon they were back to school.

“Henry!” he called out as the student entered the classroom.

Henry came over to his desk.

“Were there anything special in that cookie?” he asked, then he wondered if he was being foolish.

“Had to make sure it didn’t make you sick,” replied Henry.

“I understand the allergies, but anything else?”

Henry just gave him a smile and walked away.

January 09, 2020 06:03

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Graham Kinross
07:59 Dec 20, 2021

“new clothes that makes his mother upset. Explaining the reason goes through deaf ears.” One reason I love my mum, if she heard about something like this she would destroy the bullies. The way it should be. I’m now imagining if he never got footprints back he could be a really good assassin or something like that. It’s one element of stealth so he would just have to work on the rest.


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MJ Simons
22:01 Apr 08, 2023

This was an exciting story. It wasn't clear to me what was happening at first. I thought the focus was Henry but discovered Jason was the protagonist. I like the symbolism and metaphors in the story. I like how the cookie somehow protected Jason both physically from his allergies and helped ease his anxiety and internal woes dealing with his bullies. The cookie gave him confidence that he didn't have before. Instead of playing the game he created, “Maybe I will play that game I just created,” he thought. He was able to play outside with ...


Corey Melin
01:48 Apr 09, 2023

Thank you and a very good way to analyze the Father and Spirit. The cookie part is fiction but the bully part was creative nonfiction. I had to hide from a bully and her sidekick one time


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