Drama Friendship

The sun, shining through the clouds, looking down on her grave. "Joy Millier. March 7, 2000 - July 28, 2020. Beloved by family, cherished by friends." Such dull words for such a wonderful spirit. The only friend I ever had. My other half... Tears rain down my eyes, soaking my face. God, how I wish I could have been there. Been there with her... I shouldn't have left for work. The job SHE got me. Taking out a gun, I aim it at my head. Don't worry, Joy. I'm going with you...

 Some weeks before:

"...Lovely story, but it isn't quite for us. Try again next time!..." Another rejection email. At this rate, I'll never get published. Maybe I should just give up and go home. Living expenses are already too high. I can't afford another month. 

Getting up, Joy calls me.

"About time you responded!!! I thought you were dead!!!" She yelled.

"What are you talking about? You've just called me?" The notifications pop up. "Oh sh*t..." 30 missed calls and 15 messages.

"Oh sh*t, right! How many times have I told you to not put your phone on silent?!"

"Sorry, but how I'm supposed to concentrate if you're blowing up my phone with texts?"

"By concentrating!!! Also, I was gonna tell ya something, but since you're being so mean, I'm won't." Here we go again... This is part of the reason I never have money.

"I know what you want. I'll buy you lunch. Just tell me what it was."

"Read the messages. There you'll find it.~" 

"What? No-" This girl...Hanging up on me. 

Now, after an hour of scrolling through my messages, I have found it! The secret everyone wants to know! 

'I talked to one of my dad's friends. He says that they'll publish you if you give a summary of your story in their contest.' 'Check out the Daily Reads page for the deets.' What?! The Daily Reads! There's no way! They are one of the most famous publishers in the world! 

I go into the website to find that..."No!" I screamed. Why?! Why did it have to be public speaking? I won't do it! No! But it is the only company that wants to publish me...and it is an important, one...No! Still no! I can remember the last time I spoke in front of a lot of people. Ugh. My skin becomes chicken-like at the memory.

6th grade at Ms. Hopkins class. We were presenting our science projects, and my palms wouldn't stop sweating. I had memorized everything. Not a single word was left without being repeated a thousand times. Nothing could go wrong, or at least that's what I thought. When I went up there to present, my mind went BLANK. It wasn't the blank where you didn't remember what you were going to say. No, it wasn't that. It was the type of blank in which you don't even remember how to speak. I opened my mouth, and all that came out was gibberish. Everyone laughed at me...even the teacher. That day, I swore that I would never talk in front of people again!

'Thanks, but I can't do it. Sorry.' I text Joy. She's gonna get so mad...

'WDYM? IT'S THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY IN HISTORY!' Yep. She's angry as hell right now. Sometimes she seems more like my mother than a friend.

'Yeah...But don't you remember 'The Incident.''

'Are you still hunged up over that? It's been 8 years.'

'8 awesome years in which I have never gotten embarrassed again.'

'I call chicken. You know what. If you don't do it, I'll block ya.'

'Are you really doing this over a stupid competition?' I know it isn't stupid, but I can't let her take advantage.

'1,2,3. I'm pressing the block button.'

'Ok, ok. I'll do it. If I get made fun of, I'll blame you, though.'

'Yay! See you there. Also, it's on Friday.' What?! It can't be Friday. That's tomorrow. She's probably just messing with me.

'Quit teasing me.'

'I'm not teasing you... I may have kinda have forgotten to tell you when they told me... 2 weeks ago...'

'2 weeks ago! That a heck of a long time!'

'I know... sorry. You still have to do it, though.'

'Ugh...ok..., but I can't promise anything. There's so little time.'

She's gonna kill me one of these days. Like 2 weeks!!! How could she have forgotten something so important! I still love her, though. I can't believe we liked the same drink.

It was 4 years ago, going to order my favorite drink at a cafe I met this weirdo. She was drinking a combination of all the drinks in there. Imagine how THAT would have tasted. Awesome! Actually, that was the same drink I had ordered! For our luck, the drinks there complimented each other. She says that she liked my guts, and that's why she talked to me. My reason? I was totally bored! School was killing me! The only class I actually liked was canceled! Hell was going through my life.

Now I am going through my novel, trying to find a way to gracefully present it. Nothing is working! I tried walks, eating, watching TV. Everything! But still, nothing is working. It's 12:00 AM, and I haven't even started the first sentence... I'm gonna die out there today...

"Uh...uh...I don't know." It's happening again... The words won't come out. I told her it wouldn't work out. Trying to hold in tears, a task bigger than I imagined. Running out of the film stage, they began to fall. The embarrassment, way too much. This is my fault for passing out! If I hadn't been so exhausted...maybe...that doesn't matter. Everyone must think I'm a loser, even Joy...

Someone grabs my hand. Turning around, I see Joy. She smiles, bright like the sun.

"You and I 'till the end." My face brightens. Our song...

"Don't need to pretend."

"Again and Again."

"We'll stick together."

"Come on. Let's go up there, and show them who's the boss!"

"Yeah...Let's go." She's here with me. Always picking me up. If there were a person I would die for, it would surely be her. My BFF...

December 18, 2020 20:05

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Hello there! You did such a great job with the entire story itself. The entire detail and hard work you put in for each and every line of your story was just amazing!! I am just honestly impressed by your story line for this one. When I wrote a story for this prompt, it wasn't that long...pretty short, but after reading yours, I am just in awe by it! 😊 Just one thing I would suggest is that every time you add an ellipse, make sure to not capitalize the word after it, unless it is a proper noun (like a name, or a place). I saw that in many o...


Black Raven
14:03 Dec 24, 2020

Thank you! Happy Holidays to you too! 🙃 I'm trying to make my stories better, I feel like something is missing and I can't seem to pinpoint it, so any feedback you guys give me really helps. Also, I don't think my writing is that good but I'm honored that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you, again.


Oh, no problem at all! :)


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Maya W.
03:06 Dec 23, 2020

Okay, dude, I literally wrote a story with the same prompt also opening with someone looking at graves. Okay, now it sounds stupid that I thought this was such a big deal but still, I digress. Graves. Job offers. Yeah. Anyways, nice story! I really like the characters, and I found that their interactions were very well done. One thing I will say though is that the dialogue and exclamation points felt a little over utilized, but it's really fine. Awesome work! Would you mind checking out some of my stories here, as well? If you don't have t...


Black Raven
14:13 Dec 23, 2020

Thanks for the feedback. Now that I was looking at it, I did go a little overboard with all the exclamation points and dialogue. Sorry. I wanted to show a lot of emotion, mainly when Joy was talking since I wanted to express her as this person who is full of energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for everything, though. I'll make sure to fix my mistakes in the next one. Also, don't worry, I'll read one of your stories soon.


Maya W.
14:33 Dec 23, 2020

Yeah, I completely got that, I just think that it could have been toned down a little bit. All in all, though, you did a great job! And thanks for saying you'd read mine, I really appreciate it!


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