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There was the dangling sun rising from east of seasoning city and flying rumours of a newspaper highlighting a teenage and read the title," The black shadow has gone". Many people's were in floods of tears from Prime minister to small kids from that day till next week everyone holds a different discussion and seminars about the last vanish of there a superhero named black shadow. There was no strong news, "Whether and how did he disappear? Would he come back? Several posters were pasted on the walls, grounds, schools, college's, office". But no sign of him. Soon everything got dark and cold as if Antarctica was close by. But there were no signs of any human not any bird was gliding. But this all news where in the paper which was one month old and today's nor yesterday's newspaper had been seen as if everyone had been kidnapped at once. But question was, who had been planning all these?

A teenage boy caught the poster which displayed the photo of black shadow wearing black robes and black mask of burning fire with the watch in his hand and read, "PLEASE COME BACK!" The boy who caught the poster smiled back to the poster of himself and threw into the pitch-black road. The boy walked through the deserted street until the boy came to halt and stood before old looking Appartement which was overgrown with weeds and trees. Something worst had happened to the house. When black shadow had been away from earth something shook the planet. But nothing came quickly until without warning something ball-like structure hit the boy hard and rolled backwards the black ball came into the picture.

Struggling to stand up the black ball took the shape of a creature with no eyes just hands stretching out fast this Dracula, the creature which is found on Andromeda galaxy which has insane killing power.

The boy dodged every attack but finally, he got fainted and was been dragged to the bureau. The city looked odd, all happiness had been sucked from the atmosphere, there was no daylight to be seen." What had been happening?"the hundred of Dracula kept closing in before he was dropped on big white building which had something written on it, " There is only dark shadow as your god".

This all questions were answered at once. He was left on his own the large doors opened and police guard noticed him and knew, Who he was and dragged him along the corridor with marks and scars all over body making the path red in colour. when the teenage boy entered a dark brown room with a crystal blue fire burning aside every corner of the room. There stood a mighty figure glowing down with solace. It was a blue and known dark knight and the king of the Andromeda galaxy which the black shadow had defeated him.

But," How's that possible?" said the black shadow.

Dark knight said," It was a fraction of my soul, which I had left year behind, the humanity is under my feet and, Now I'm going to rule on both of galaxies.

It was the first time when a black shadow had been vetoed in this manner. Surely it was no chance of contacting other black shadows of a different planet, They all might be in the worst situation.

He was sentenced to death by tomorrow morning and was sent to undergrounds to prepare for last night.

He knew everything was over for everyone, the black shadow could see a hundred eyes following him as he passed the cells. He could clearly see kids and small babies in the mother hands gasping and shouting at him all mens looked like they were going to kill me now. About ten years ago black shadows had sworn to protect the Galaxy but had failed first time. It was defeat of everything people had. Nothing was going wright

He sat down powerless and insignificant. Everything went into the flashes form prior there was time, " when the black and white shadow had been living together in a milky way Galaxy. But due to some small issue over someone province, the battle took place between black and white shadows and everything got bitter. At last, blacks won and whites left the Galaxy for the better good. Whites, where an army of all brave women's.

The day finally arrived, the black shadow was fully prepared to be dead.

He was in chains and every gun was pointed at him within any second he would be away from this pain. The dark shadow looked amused with its purple eyes happy and clam. At last, only he closed eyes and the only thing that came into the picture was her face Bella's sweety and happy face with red hairs flying back in the wind and her deep black eyes finding the only person she loved was me.

Something shoot across the field with so power it shook everything. And white smoke started yo spread and within seconds bella spoked into my ears," Don't worry I'm here"

She instantly removed chains and soon hundred maybe thousands of white shadows came flying and firing with some of the black shadows we were united once again shocked by this dark shadow vanished and we took the cares of its tiny army finishing every single of them. Though, I was weak to get up bella helped me and stood beside me shielding every attack everything happened in slow motion as if this was my beautiful moment.

At last, everything got over life was back to normal and after week, we had caught dark shadow and killed him.

Later we learned dark shadow was behind everything, He planted the war against us knowing that it would be easy to conquer reset of the Galaxy.

Now I sat my heads on her laps and looking at the top view of the red planet sitting on the largest mountain of solar system mount Olympus.

July 03, 2020 14:00

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