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Adventure Sad

It funny how one woman could change your whole life.


It can't be, I frightened-.

Well Ruby brown, you seem to remember me the familiar voice said.

I cannot forget my nemesis I replied

nemesis? she said

Yes nemesis, I perhaps needed to inform you that I'm not looking for trouble Rose, I said with a furious voice.

Don't dare call me rose, after what you have done! Don't even spit out my name!

Oh I am truly sorry I missed a word, have mixed up things, I meant rotten rose I said.

Well Ruby I am not looking for trouble, as you can see, I work here now, I'm a head Police directed. After you betraying me and destroyed my life. I had to give up my teaching career and follow your fashion ew fabulous butt! Ruby mattered.

I Betray you! I screamed, darling look at you! you are lying even more then me! I would never do such thing to my heart-warming sister.! I tried to hug her.

Look ruby we both know that you are the reason of me losing my husband and you are the one that made a fake drama show of me raping your child, the funny part is I adore Dimond she is an amazing little angel. While you had to destroy our relationship, you know she loved me more then you.


The wind was blowing the trees away, it so cold that I'm starting to regret this. 

Anglo! help! screamed Samuel

I could swear that he was right behind me, I run as fast as I can and stood up looking at a huge branch on Samuel chest.

My face turned white as snow, he could barely breath I- I might lose my only friend -I sob

Samuel, please help me do something, I don't want to die today! I have not even told Emma how I feel about her. Said Samuel while crying.

I could not move, I am paralyzed.

I look like I have seen a monster, but no I'm seeing my friend dying.

I can't move, I can't speak

If I lose him I might as well die, I will never survive without him!


I ca- Oh my stars did that just happened?

Rose thinks that it all my fault?

I know I am silly and of cores beautiful, but-

why would I destroy her life? I never did such thing, I never did whatever she thinks I did to her husband, I never did a drama show of her raping my daughter, even though I am a drama queen. I sob

Look ruby forget about me being your sister, you mean nothing to me, I’ll change my last name, it won’t be brown no more. I guess you will change in this prison, I know for sure a rusty place with no colours is your nightmare, Rose left the room.

I want to scream; I do not care that people think that I killed that man. What really hurts is me losing my older sister.

I really wish that I'm in a coma.


A man out of the blue came, he had muscle and had a brown hair matching his eyes, red shirt and a lather pants.

He tried to help Sam out, one try to heavy second try he started bleeding third try he saved him.

I will kiss, his shoes if I could, but I am embarrassed

I did not even try to help, he welcomed us to his cabin.

Samuel did not even look at me, didn't bother talking to me, I don't blame him

the man’s name is Jack smith, he is a farmer and lost his wife of an awful cold. 

He gave us a room and as soon he left us alone, Samuel said something.

what was that? Anglo! you wanted me to die? for real? you could have tried to help, you know, if you wore stuck, I would have saved you I would have called for help I would not stand there like a pretty girl, I mean if you wore a pretty girl then I would not mind. Samuel was screaming.

I looked at him, every single word he said is true can't argue.

I kept having nightmares of me being an awful friend, I wanted to apologise to him but can’t- 

If I had a sort of a machine to go back in time, I would have done something by then. Or that what I wish for.

I was walking down stairs at 3am to get a cup of water when I heard in the other room 2 deep voices, I thought Jack brought a guest over, this early.

I kept walking till someone said.

‘’Do you really think that those boys have got fresh organs’’

Yes. Said jack

I froze, my eyes opened wide.

Jack. Is selling me and Samuel Organs. 


I suppose this is just a huge nightmare, I mean no way that my life getting vanquish.

And here is me talking to the same lesbian girl, lovely.

All I want to do now is cry and scream, I need to get out of here at once.

A fabulous lady like me don’t belong in this rusty old place. I mean.

I never killed a soul, well if calling my beauty, a killer then that will make sense.  

Ruby Brown, a deep voice from behind me said. Follow me the supervisor want to talk to you.

I won’t go to deep in my imagination but I believe that they will release me. Well, I hope so

Mrs: Brown, you have been lazy lately not working like the other lady’s and not shutting your mouth. They said you speak a lot during rest time. Said the supervisor.

Rest time? Is this kindergarten.

So, there is rest time sleep time food time work time. and add up the learning time I said with a furious voice.

What all this fuss about, Rose came in.

Okay look Mr: supervisor, I was telling those lads few stories that they needed to know. 

Ruby, we follow the rules here. It our job to make sure that everyone rests just so they could wake up early and work. Rose said

I do not work! I model there is a different you know.

I was sent back to my cell, all I did was cry I can’t stand this, I hate this. I want my daughter. She must be cold and depressed and all. Okay maybe she is with my mother at the moment, but still!

I started planning a way out of here.

In order to leave I need to form a squad; those ladies might help. 

I need to get out of here.!


We need to get out of here! I screamed

But Samuel won’t believe me.

Samuel please. Listen. I am sorry, I know I froze I was just getting anxiety; I regret everything I am truly sorry but this time you need to believe me, I don’t want to leave you behind like I did. I do not want you to die...

I don’t want us to die, please… I beg him.

Fine I forgive you and you must be right; I heard another voice last night but ignored it.

Me and Samuel are planning to escape till jack entered the room and spoke.

Hey you boys like knifes? In my days we used to play a game called (Lay a kid down and open his chest using a knife, take all his organs and sell them) he started laughing.

Anyways you boys go eat and rest well don’t go out you might catch a cold I need you fresh, I mean I need you to go home fresh yeah.

I am horrified, tonight we are getting out of here.

The sky was dark the owls wore hooding, and I am scared.

This is it Anglo, we need to leave at once. Said Samuel

Me and Samuel walked down, Tip-Top….

We heard jack and the other man yelling (where you kids going!)

Samuel run,! I screamed 

Did I ever tell you that I am a bit slow?

Samuel ran out side the house and didn’t look back,

Jack pulled my arm and threw me in a room, he threw a sort of gas and locked the door.

It a toxic gas, I can’t breathe. Samuel. where is he? Is this the end? Am I going to die today? I passed out.



Girl lets run through the plan one more time, yes, I formed a squad it was so easy seems like a lot of girls wanted to leave.

Okay so Amber when the police guy comes in tomorrow to check who is here, I need you to go right behind him and steal his keys.

Sophia. The chef finds you attractive ask him for a tour around the kitchen and while he doing that steal a knife, we might need it ladies.

Jacky, you are coming with me, we going to sneak to my sister office and try to gather information. To be honest I just want to look around her office.

Okay ladies this is a plane ill give you 3 days to gather these items and the fourth we will escape. 

Each of us had a dangerous mission, while the two girls went to get the Items me and Jacky, went to my sister rose office. It her lunch break we sneaked in. We wore looking around till I saw something unexpected.

Ruby I found a map! Said Jacky.

And I found the evidence of whom killed the man, His name is Benjamin Kennedy, age 44, Gender male Death cases stabbed 10 times on his chest.

She knew who killed him and yet blames me, Ugh-

I can’t believe this. 

There is a voice coming toward us, maybe we should hide Jacky said.

We hided, I am shaking, she did this just because she thinks I am the reason of her miserable life!

That fine rose you will regret this I did nothing at first but now I will.

The darling think that she could leave me here forever we will see about that.

I took the evidence with me just encase and we took the map of this jail as well.

After 3days we had all the items it was about time to leave.


Mother is that you? Wow you are so beautiful-

It was just a dream…

I woke up finding myself tied up on the metal bed…

the room was so dark all I can remember is the gas that killed most of my cells and made me faint, I felt so weak I can’t move much.

Well, well, well, looks like the boy is awake, said a deep voice.

My name is Mike Slate, and you are? He tried to shake my hand.

Oh yes sorry, you are tied up, he started laughing.

So jack, little friend name is mike.

Mike had a black hair matching his eyes, white shirt and yet a leather pants.

You see Anglo, we don’t have much food since it cold out side and the cold kills animals, we poor Anglo. Said jack.

We need your help. selling you organs will help us out… WE NEED MONEY ANGLO screamed jack

I am speechless.

Well seems like we will start with Samuel. Said jack-

s-s-Samuel? Hahah, I laughed.

He ran away remember?

Oh yes, I remember.

You know friendship is a huge part of you kids life these days, he came back. – said jack  

(there will be a book 3, possibly the last book)

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