Romance Coming of Age

It was mid April and the trees were blooming, I still remember the park’s emptiness, its hard to believe that there was a time when that tree did not exist in that great park.

But once that great tree was planted the leaves turned pink and flew with the wind bringing many people closer…

That tree became a part of our memory in every season. That park not only became a beauty, no, in a way it became home.

ღClaude and Maribelleღ

Today a young girl walked up to the tree, her hair blowing in the wind, she sat anxiously next to the huge cherry blossom in the new metal bench. She combed her hands through her hair– her mind had been all over the place yet still thinking of one thing. One person.

It didn’t help when he texted her that Saturday asking whether she wanted to meet up near the huge pink tree. Of course she said yes immediately and chose her most favorite gown with a long necklace. She chose boots to show she wasn’t trying to hard.

He was late, the girl thought, maybe he changed his mind… maybe I dreamt this day. But much to her beating heart a boy ran anxiously across the field to her and she watched in awe as her heart thumped away.

“I’m sorry, I’m completely late.” he yelled immediately. “I- Uh! I took a nap and slept through the day.”

“Oh..” Maribelle said with disappointment. She guessed he wasn’t looking forward to this moment as much as she was. While the boy– Claude– cursed himself, he felt like he was already messing everything up. But he wasn’t going to give up since he had spent hours thinking this moment over.

“You got a petal in your hair Mari–” the boy said immediately touching the girls head. It was only then that Maribelle realized that this boy was no longer a boy… big fingers covered her head, a voice deeper than ever and he was a whole lot taller than her now. Maribelle was only about half his height now…

The girl blushed.

Only then did the boy back away realizing what he was doing.

“Um, I wanted to talk to you” he said abruptly. He realized how uncool he looked in that very moment but was there anything cool in the way he was feeling right in that moment?

“What is it?” Maribelle asked softly. He sat down quickly…

“I–” he stuttered with sweat sticking to his fingers. Then he turns to her… “I-”

“You…” she whispered trying to calm the anticipation.

The boy’s confidence broke away and he instead brought out a box filled with something special. And he gently placed it in her beautiful palm. He wanted to hold her hand but he knew better to do that now.

Maribelle opened the box Claude gave to her and in there was a note…and in cursive her name was written. She glanced at Claude who was pulling a hand through his hair frequently facing the tree in front of us.

“Dear…” Maribelle read out loud.

“In your head please!” the boy said quickly.

So she kept quiet and read the note with soft eyes.

“Dear Maribelle…

If you are reading this then I lost my courage and freaked out.

Usually I’m calm and cool but it never goes that way when I’m in front of you.

Its embarrassing but…I like me more when I’m with you. And…

I like you. A lot. I’m sorry but I do. I like you.


“I like you too!” the girl screamed almost immediately that some walkers turned around with a cheeky grin at the couple.

“Um, I do” she said embarrassed.

“Really?” he asked with a gasp.

“Yes! Everything about you and I have felt this for awhile.” the girl said slowly clutching the letter to her chest.

“Okay…” the boy said as his heart pounded. But touch was his love language and he couldn’t help it- he held her in his arms in a big hug.

“YES!” the boy screamed almost strangling Maribelle. But the girl didn’t mind she held on to him with laughter and she didn’t care that people looked at them. She just liked him.

Once their excitement died down, Claude let go. Blushing intensely muttering a sorry… And they went back into their awkward position.

The girl stared back into the box and saw jewelry and rings, she didn’t catch them before.

“Did you…buy this for me?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes” the boy said with a side grin. “Though they are a bit cheap, I wasn’t sure which one you would like so I just bought a whole bunch.”

“Thank you..” the girl whispered and hugged him once more. A softer one.

It was a nice quiet windy day…and they both stared out in front of them as the pink flowers blew its beauty unto the park.

They held hands and vowed deep in their hearts to never forget this day.

ღKyla and Hunterღ

While Claude and Maribelle left the sight of the tree with blushing faces another couple came with quite the opposite. Actually it wasn’t a couple at all. Just a girl.

A girl with a pixie cut arrived her hair was the color of the petals but lighter. She wore black jeans with a bag gray backpack and a leather jacket. She sat on the bench and stared at it and immediately brought out her book and started sketching. It wasn’t everyday she had time to sit and draw but classes ended early her that day. So she brought out her headphones and decided to listen to her music.

The girl was so caught up in the moment that she didn’t realize the boy who was now sitting next to her admiring her great work.

When she did notice the girl almost threw up her lunch.

“Sorry” the boy said. He had light brown eyes and seemed to have buzzcut his hair off. He seemed to have perfect features.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, you were just drawing so peacefully. It was nice.”

“Oh–kay…” the girl said now uncomfortable.

“Carry on drawing, don’t mind me.”

But the girl did mind, she was quite the introvert and a handsome boy watching her draw did not seem quite fun for her.

The truth was this boy was walking around when he caught a glance of a girl, she walked with the light color of cherries on her head. When he saw her he wanted to talk to her, to know her, she had that effect on him. So eventually he sat right next to her and watched her eyes sparkle as her right hand sketched.

“Like your hair.” the boy said with no motive. “It looks like this tree.”

“Thanks.” the girl responded quickly.

“Nice drawing.”

“Thank you.”

“I like the outfit–”

“Are you just going to keep complimenting me?” the girl snapped at this weird person.

“Nah just wanted to annoy you” he said with a little grin. “The names Hunter.” the boy liked to tease her…in his mind she was the most interesting girl he had ever met.

“I’m…Kyla.” the girl in that moment realized that this was the most weirdest guy she had ever met and decided that once she left she hoped they never met again.

“Nice name.”


“Do you–”

“Be quiet.” Kyla whispered ever so softly that it almost felt like a compliment. Hunter laughed.

“Your interesting.”

And just like that they chatted the whole afternoon away. In the girls mind; they were arguing like children. Which was weird because she never got riled up by anyone before. But with him it was quite different. In the boys mind they were already great friends.

Soon it was almost dark and the boy accompanied her on her walk.

“You don’t have to walk me.”

“My mother raised me to be a gentleman, I have too.”

Soon they reached the end of the park and the Cherry blossom tree seemed like it shined brightest under the moonlight.

“So, wanna meet up again tomorrow?” the boy asked shyly, he wondered why he was acting this way. He never got shy– straight to the point, yes.

“Mm…I’m busy.”

“Then the next day?”

“No.” the girl responded with a smile. Then she turned on her heel and walked.

The boy smiled falling for her more…“I’ll wait for you!” he yelled with a wide grin. The girl didn’t stop walking but on her face was a goofy grin which she immediately slapped off her face.

Two days later…

Kyla was back in the park, she just couldn’t let him wait for her. That's all. Nothing else.

And there he was sitting on the bench in front of the cherry blossom tree. She immediately smiled with…relief? She walked up to him, keeping her composure.

“Your late” the boy said but within he held his excitement. He tried really hard to not show it though.

“You were being serious?” she asked him.

“I’m always serious.” he looked back up at the tree. And the girl sat and did the same.

“It really is pretty.” she whispered.

“…Yeah.” Hunter responded.

But he wasn’t looking at the tree.

ღNoah and Jinღ

While Hunter and Kyla explored their true thoughts about each other…they walked off.

And another couple came by…

This girl had thick black long hair all the way to her thigh. And her eyes were dark and simple.

Instead of sitting on the bench she preferred to sit on its trunk, listening to its leaves ruffle. She tied her hair in a ponytail as she waited for the person who disappointed her countless of times to arrive.

When he finally came into the driveway he didn’t notice her instead he stared at the women walking by as he slumped in the chair.

This girl wasn’t one to be fooled, she wasn’t dumb yet she chose to stay dumb. She felt it was best but for once she wished he would be honest with her.

“OH! Gosh you scared me. Jin. Hello.” the boy said awkwardly. “Sorry I’m late I was–”

“At work.” Jin finished for him.

“That’s right. You know how it is.”

“Do I?”

“Yes.” the truth was Jin scared him. He felt if she told her the truth she would kill him.

“You called me out here. What do you want?” the girl asked standing up. The girl did not know it but her anger was showing on her straight face.

He sits down on the bench and stares at Jin who is glaring at him.

“When are you going to cut your hair?” the boy askes her. Jin touches her hair instinctively.

“When I want too. Does it bother you?”

“No, I’m just saying…its long. You should cut it so its out of the way.”

“Its not in the way.” the girl responded in annoyance. Why would he care about her hair?

“So what do you want Noah?”

Noah shifted in his seat and avoided her eyes.

“Jin listen. Um.” the boy knew he had to tell it straight or he would never be able to get out of this relationship. They didn’t have a relationship and he hated that she thought they were in one.

“You are very beautiful…and everything else about you is um… great.” he moved his hands to emphasize. “I just…well I don’t think this relationship is going anywhere.”

“And who’s fault is that? You never show up when I ask you out. You don’t respond to any of my messages, you run away from me whenever you see me. And you’ve been cheating on me!”

“What!? We aren’t dating. I never said we were.”

“Right, because I didn’t give you my body? You think I’m stupid!?” Jin was a strong willed female she learned this from her Asian parents. She kept herself holy and only vowed to give herself to her husband and he never understood that.

“Did you mean it when you said you loved me?” Jin asked as her hair slowly fell out of her ponytail.

The boy stared at her. “…no.” he said looking away. Jin bit her lip.

“So why did you tell me you did.” to that, the boy didn’t have an answer so he decided to change the topic.

“You don’t love me either, you’re just afraid to be alone.”

In disgust, Jin slapped him. Though she knew that already. As the boy yelled at her Jin didn’t listen. Finally he walked away…and Jin fell against the bench and cried.

“Noah!” she called out to him but he never turned around. That's when the girl realized the boy was right– she was just afraid of being alone. She didn’t love him either, in fact she hated him more than anything.

The petals fell as the wind blew. Jin’s black hair flew in the wind and poor Jin closed her heart and left the key in the trunk of the great tree.

Saving it–

For the right time.

Its been many years since these days. Whether heart break, love or friendships, the tree watched them and even as the petal fell and grew back– After years of separation the pink cherry blossom watched as they all returned back to that small bench. They were not boy and girl anymore, they had grown.

ღClaude and Maribelleღ

Claude and Maribelle were in great love and with every second they stayed with each other they fell deeper. But as beautiful as love is…it comes with a price. As sweet as love is, it can be very dangerous.

As their love bloomed they began to forget who they were when they weren’t together. Claude did everything for Maribelle, all his decisions surrounded around her including his college decisions.

As smart as Claude was he wanted to stay around their little town with Maribelle because she chose to go to a community college close to their town. And Maribelle decided to go to a community college because she heard Claude was going to a college close.

The lovers did not know this but soon it clicked and they made the decision to end their relationship. Claude didn’t want to hold Maribelle back and Maribelle didn’t want to hold Claude back. So their relationship ended with tears. Claude soon left their town…and Maribelle went to the community college. They were separated. And heartbroken.

But Claude came home once done with college. He sat in that chair right in front of the Cherry blossom tree waiting for her…thinking of how to come back into her life. But Maribelle instead ran back into his, wrapping her hands around his neck in tears, happy he was home. And Claude held her tightly vowing to never let go of her again.

Maribelle and Claude stayed friends (once more) for a year as they figured out each other. Maribelle confessed to him her blooming feeling that never withered right in front of the big tree. And in a surge of emotions Claude kissed her.

2 years later they married. Can you guess where he proposed?

Sometimes love is real…but it just isn’t the right time.

ღKyla and Hunterღ

Kyla and Hunter remained friends for a good while. He waited patiently for her as they both subconsciously never dated anybody. It took a long time for Kyla to come to terms with her feelings.

When Kyla realized her feelings she confessed to Hunter in front of the big tree. And Hunter might have shed a few tears that day. They remained patient with one another and always communicated their feelings.

Communication was a bit hard for Kyla since she kept to herself, it was also hard for her to rely on Hunter. This almost broke them apart but they worked through it.

6 years later into the future, Hunter proposes to her in front of the big pink tree in the coolness of the night.

Sometimes love is right in front of us and we don’t even realize it. But if its meant to be it will be!

ღJin and Noah.ღ

Jin and Noah’s story is a bit more complicated. Jin remained alone for a long time, she pushed everyone out and she embraced her loneliness. Jin decided that it was best to remain alone than to be hurt over and over.

Her straight face remained straight.

But alas someone found the key to Jin’s heart. It was completely unexpected, he spent time with her and he made her laugh…he made her smile. He encouraged her and unfroze her heart.

Jin never felt happier but Jin became afraid that he would leave her too. So Jin pushed him away to protect herself. But he kept finding her. He kept running back to her until Jin found herself running to him.

Jin fell in love and didn’t even realize it. So when this man asked her out she said yes as quick as she could. She wore makeup and applied light pink make up to her lips. She wore her prettiest dress and got her friend to tie her long hair into the most prettiest bun.

Jin was so nervous that she ended up arriving late, she worried the man had already left. But when she drove up to the park, he was there. Sitting on the bench under the pink tree– when he saw her his small almond Asian eyes lit up and he almost fell. That night they told their feelings in their own way.

4 years later, the man named Seta, proposed to Jin. And she squealed and cried that day like a baby.

Noah on the other hand…was alone. His pleasures didn’t last forever and he was eventually left alone with himself. The thing he was avoiding his whole life. He regretted a lot of things and darkness surrounded him.

So he went to the Cherry blossom tree, where he broke the pure hearted Jin. He hated himself because of what he did, he hated himself too much.

But then a woman with long thick black hair appeared.

“Jin!” he yelled. The woman turned around and it was her…Jin. Her eyes were beautiful and she glowed. Her expression wasn’t straight anymore instead it was a small smile.

“Jin! I am– do you remember me?” Noah yelled desperately. Jin remained quiet and examined him.

“I’m sorry…I don’t” she said softly. “Am I supposed too?”

Noah felt disappointed…“No… sorry no.”


“I remember you but I guess you wouldn’t remember me huh?” Well you seem happy.”

“I am happy.” Jin said with a wider smile. “I’m getting married!” she showed her ring.

“Oh? I see. I’m happy for you.” Noah felt his heart being stabbed as he forced a genuine smile. Jin placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I don’t know who you are but I wish you happiness. I’m sure you deserve it.”

And with that… Jin turned around and walked to a tall Asian. That's when Noah noticed her hair. She cut it. Now its up to her lower back.

“Did you cut your hair?” her soon to be husband asked her. He drew his hands through her thick black hair.

“Yes! Do you like it?”

He laughed. “Oh Jin, you could be bald and I will still be endlessly in love you with you.”

Noah nodded at the moment and turned around. He tapped the trunk of the tree and walked away. The tree showered him with petals. He felt disappointed, hurt and so many things but he now had a new goal; find himself.

Jin smiled as her soon to be husband– Seta held her hands. Truth was Jin did recognize Noah. He looked different and his presence was small compared to what it once was. Jin didn’t feel any hatred towards him anymore but…

But she knew that sometimes its best to leave the past exactly where it is.

Sometimes love is wasted on the wrong person. Your person is out there somewhere…waiting to unlock your heart with the key found deep inside the Cherry Blossom Tree.

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Keep up the great work! And keep writing. Your writing is amazing 💯% 📃📜📄📕📔📖📗📘📙📒📓📚📋✨🎇🎆🦄💫💬👁️‍🗨️🗨️🤳 (I am literally going mad at this point) 😂


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Thank youu Alina!!! Looking forward to whatever or whenever you decide to write in the future! And lol!


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My pleasure! I was just stating the truth. Awww, thank you so very much. Actually I posted the first chapter of my story a few days ago. I will send you the link later.


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Hey! How are you doing? Long time no (message?) 😁 How is school? Hope you are doing well and having a great time.


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No prob! I know right? School is very very stressful and hard. Especially, since our new academic year has started 1 month ago. The starting of the years are really hard. 😂Tests are no fun. Even I am having quite a lot of tests wich are really hard and tiring. I am good alhamdulilah. But since it's Ramadan now I am not getting proper sleep as I have to stay awake till 4:00am for eating before the fast begins and then sleep at 4:30 and wake up at 9:00am for classes which end at 1:30pm. And I basically don't sleep after that as I do my homewo...


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No, I am still having Ramadan holidays till EID which is in 6 days, then after that school will resume again. Which is really sad!! That's great. How long does it lasts for? The spring break I mean. It becomes a natural thing I guess after you fast some days. I started from when I was in 2nd grade. I didn't fast the whole month then only a few days or something but from when I was 10. I started fasting for a whole month. I have got loads of practice I guess. Sometimes it's a little hard but after that it gets normal as if it's second nature....


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Amany Sayed
16:27 Apr 21, 2021

Yay, romance! My favorite story has to be the first, Claude and Maribelle. I adore height differences(my husband better be tall) and they were overall so cute. I love how the last was a breakup. Great way to go with the prompt and showing how different people express love. Keep writing!


17:54 Apr 22, 2021

Thank you so much Amany! Lol sammee! I really want a tall husband too! Thank you for reading! And I will!


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Aww I loved this! It was cool to read a romance x2 story with two mini interlocking plots. The first scene with Claude and Maribelle is so sweet. “ “Your interesting.””...do you mean “you’re”? Anyways, great job!!!!


16:36 Apr 22, 2021

Thank you so much Aerin! Ugh I make that mistake every timeee! Thanks for letting me know!


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17:11 Apr 20, 2021

Hey guys! Hope your all doing well! - This story was super longgg! - I haven't wrote Romance in awhile sooo I hope this is interesting! - Which romance story is your favorite! (Jin and Noah) (Claude and Maribelle) (Hunter and Kyla) - Thank you all for reading and commenting!


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