It's been a little too fast

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He woke up, in the middle of the street. He felt like he slept for hours. He didn't know what happened, and didn't even bother to think. Adam just stood up, and started to go home. After few minutes of walking he heard steps rushing to his direction. He looked back and saw 5 men wearing weird clothes. He didn't know how, but Adam knew they ran after him. Maybe because he was the only one there.

He ran as fast as he could, while hearing the steps behind him. But suddenly, they've stopped, and instead, a loud voice was heard: "Get out of here! I know where you and your families live!" 

Again, Adam heard steps, but this time, to the other direction, away from him.

"Thank you, sir." Adam said to the man who stood in front of him. 

"Do I sound that old that you call me 'sir'?" The man turned his back, so he'll be able to see Adam.

Adam looked at him. While Adam himself was 20, this man didn't look more than 25.

"I'm sorry." Adam said shyly.

"There's no time for an apology." The man said in a serious voice.

"I did nothing!" Adam hurried to protect himself.

"You did nothing, something was done to you."

"What is it...?" Adam took a step backwards.

"This." The man touched his neck.

When the man touched his neck, Adam felt like it was burning. This feeling was gone the moment the man took his fingers away from it,

"I'm sorry to tell you, my friend, you're a vampire."

Adam felt like his heart skipped a beat.

"To be correct, you're on your way. It takes a week or so."

To be told something like this... It's not easy. Adam's body didn't move. The man looked at him, waiting for a response.

"I didn't say you're going to die." The man or should I say, the vampire said. "My name is Peter."

"But... how do you know?" Just now Adam could ask his question

"We have instincts to tell apart humans, vampires and whatever in the middle."

"So... what now?" 

"You should go to your family and tell them. You won't be able to see them anymore."

"Why is it?" 

"You really ask? Vampires mustn't have weak points. And each normal person's weak point is his family. But of course, we're not normal." 

They started to walk silently to Adam's house.

"All humans bitten by vampires become one?" Adam asked suddenly.

"Of course not, most humans who are bitten stay human. They just wake up in the middle of no where and there isn't even a scratch because vampires can make the marks of their bite disappear."

"And the others?"

"The marks on their neck stay there, no matter what. Those will become vampires. Though the marks are gone by the time they become full vampires."

"And can vampires tell apart between those two kinds?"

"No. Guess the one who created the vampires wanted to make sure they'll survive."

Till they got to Adam's house, they didn't say another word. When they were in front of the door, Adam knocked once.

"Hi honey, where have you been?!" Adam's mother, who opened the door, said while hugging him.

"I'm sorry I made you worry." Adam said, hugging her back.

"Tell them." Peter whispered from behind.

"I need to tell you something." Adam said.

"What is it?" Adam heard his father's voice.

Adam breathed deeply, planning what to say.

"I leave home." He said shortly

"Why? Is anything wrong?" His mother sounded worried.

"Everything's... wrong. I can't live here anymore."

"He's becoming a vampire." Peter said what Adam couldn't.

"So hurry and go." His father said with cold voice "You're dangerous."

"He's still not..." Peter started but couldn't finish.

"Fine, I'll go. Just send to Michael and Nathalie kisses from me."

He didn't say another word, and left the house.

"Who are Michael and Nathalie?" Peter said.

"My little siblings."

They kept walking. Or to be more correct, Peter continued to follow Adam.

"I want to be alone." Adam stood in his place.

"But it's dangerous for you to be alone. Didn't you see those men? They're not afraid of you, but they are afraid of me! They know I'm stronger and faster."

"Just for an hour." Adam almost whispered.

"Fine. Wait on that bench and I'll be back in an hour." Peter said and started to walk away.

Adam sat there, thinking about the past and about the future which waits for him. He always felt disgusted by blood, and now it's going to be his food? 

An hour passed. Peter didn't see Adam on the branch, or anywhere near. He started to run, searching after him. And suddenly, the smell hit him. Blood. He hurried to find out a shot body. Adam's body. He was shot in his head. He had no chance to survive. Peter touched his skin. It was warm. But he knew that soon he'll be cold as any dead should be.

Peter lifted Adam's body and carried him to the place he called once "home." Everyone cried. Except one.

It was the time of the funeral. A lot of people were there. Even those from his elementary school were there. Crying, and sad. His mother couldn't speak. His 7 years old siblings didn't stop crying..

Finally his father came closer to the fresh new grave, his eyes filled with tears. He said:

"It's said that vampires live forever, but you died so fast. Even faster than humans should die. I saw how hurt you were when I told to go away. It may sound weird, but I did for you. So it will be easier for you to let go. If you hear me, I hope you find a place to forgive me. One day I'll see your siblings getting older... more than you did. Just thinking about it, makes me feel so sad. And I'm even sadder to think that a parent will die after his own child. I won't say that I loved you, no in past tense. But say that I love you still, and I'll always love." 

Everyone went home. Crying, weeping or sobbing. Just one stayed there, the one who didn't cry all along the funeral: Peter. 

Now, that he was alone in front of the grave, he sat on his knees and said:

"You're dead, ha? And I said 'I didn't say you're going to die.' but here you are. Dead. You'll have to forgive me... I lied. Vampires can tell apart from those who will stay human to those who will not. I did it just because I wanted.... a companion. 

February 01, 2020 13:10

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