Drama Romance Thriller

Born as the youngest of two sisters in an ordinary family,"MOM HANNA IS BUGGING ME!!!" "YOU HIT ME FIRST!" "Girls can you be quiet for one minute? I'm trying to work here! Show some respect" I had an okay childhood with nothing particular to comment on.

My grades in middle school were okay. "Hanna you got first place again!"I'm not to bad looking and I have an easy-going personality so I always have lots of friends around me. The state test is known for it's difficulty but even I passed it on my first try. I felt so nervous when walking around the neighborhood because of my parents bragging about it.

"I heard you passed the state exam Hanna! Amazing." "Congrats!" When you look at it like that it looks like I lived a solid life without any twists or turns. But I can't say the same for the present because of this one thing in my life that hasn't worked out smoothly. The one that I couldn't hold a firm grasp on was something very common: a relationship.

]In on a Little Secret ]

{*noise of loud kids*}

"At least pretend to be seated when the teacher comes in the room you brats." "Gee Ms. Hanna why are you so sensitive today?" one kid asked. "Did you get dumped again?" another added. Ms. Hanna flinched this was something she endured everyday. "Hey sit down, sit down", a kid whispered. "How many times is this now?", another kid asked. "Let's be quiet guys",another added.

"Don't pity me. I'd rather you just go back to being loud",Ms. Hanna shot back. "I've never had a proper relationship", Ms. Hanna sobbed.

After class in teachers office...

"Hey Hanna! Heard you got dumped again", Alex said pulling up a chair. Keep in mind their young teachers age 20-21. "How did you know?",Hanna asked. "I had your students in fourth period. They said to be nice to you because your not in a good mood ", Alex said.

"So they're all excited because they got something on me, huh?",Hanna asked in frustration.

"Why did you get dumped this time? Is it because of that 'thing'?", Alex asked smirking knowingly. "They called me strange",Hanna said dropping her head on the table. "You're unbelievable", Alex replied doubling over in laughter. "How about we hangout tonight at this cool place that opened up?", Alex asked. "Sure anything to make me feel less depressed",Hanna agreed.

I would've never guessed that day would change my life forever. "So this is the place, huh?", Hanna asked exhaling cool winter air. "I heard it's good",Alex said. That night was pretty good, I have no complaints until. "What time is it?", Hanna asked after many helpings of root beer float.

Looking at her watch, Alex said," 11:48, why?". "I'm sorry I have to go, um I have a curfew!", Hanna lied. Suddenly reality came crashing down her. Oh no! There was no time! Hanna rushed out of the restaurant racing to her car. "What's suddenly gotten into Hanna?", Amber asked as Alex ran up to her and Hanna ran by.

"She said she had a curfew, she said that she had to get home by midnight, her parents must be strict.

I thought she lived with her sister Alex thought. I must have been out of my mind! I must have been crazy! I've been so careful until now. She rushed into her apartment dropping her bag on the floor. "What took you so long to get home? I've been worried sick! What happened if you turned-",


Right before her eyes her sister turned into a dog. Hanna/the dog whined. "Oh Hanna! What have you done?",

A night later...

"Hanna wake up!", Connie her sister said loudly literally shattering anyone's eardrums in earshot. "Hanna pounced up on all four barking. Slowly she transformed back into her normal HUMAN self. Although you can already tell she's far from normal. Let me get you a backstory on why she turns into a dog at midnight.

It was all because of her great great grandfather...

Her great great grandfather caused all this drama in the family. Let me explain the story. In a village long ago there lived a boy famous for being a trouble maker. He constantly did things that all the villagers hated, so everyone hated and ignored the boy. Angry at the villagers for turning their backs on him, the boy took his anger out on a dog passing by and the dog ended up being killed by the boy.

But, that dog was cherished by a mountain spirit, so the angry spirit placed a curse on the boy. "If you kiss with the opposite sex when your an adult you will turn into a dog. You will see what it's like to be an animal that can't talk and this curse will be passed down to each generation of your descendants!" And that naughty boy... is my great great grandfather.

"Who did you even kiss? You don't even have a boyfriend", Connie asked. "Does that matter right now? Who even cares!", Hanna barked loudly. "Alright, Alright calm down!", Connie shushed. "Let's talk about this".

"So you had an indirect kiss?", Connie asked. "Yes. That's the only explanation I must've sipped the drink from the guy's cup next to me when he left.", Hanna explained. "Still congratulations on having your first 'kiss' at age 28", Connie said clapping apparently not understanding how this will affect her sisters life forever.

"This isn't something to congratulate me on! Now i'm going to turn into a dog every night!!! Plus it wouldn't be so unfair if I had a real kiss! That wasn't even a real kiss!!, "Hanna yelled in anger. "Shut up before you wake up the whole neighborhood!", Connie whisper-shouted. Still Hanna kept talking/barking. "This is going to be a long year", Connie sighed sliding down her chair. Distant shouts from neighbors to," Shut that mutt!, and/or I'm calling the police!

September 03, 2020 02:56

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Christina Ziroli
03:50 Sep 12, 2020

Interesting piece! I've never read anything like it, with this particular storyline. I enjoyed reading it, it was funny


Kailani Mercury
21:18 Sep 12, 2020

I'm glad you enjoyed my story! :)


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Patricia Green
00:07 Sep 10, 2020

Interesting story. Be careful with your English, and not too much slang. Well done.


Kailani Mercury
00:33 Sep 10, 2020

Thank you, for your critique.


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