My day was ruined after I almost got stabbed but my year was ruined when David accepted Tina's offer to stay at ours. Angel noticed my change in mood unlike the other members of my family. How in the world was I going to tell my husband that the woman he called his mother wasn't the saint he thought she was.

We stared blankly at each other when she moved in the next day and the following week her daughter had also joined. She was Yasmine. A young-looking lady and also David's childhood friend. With their presence, I could tell that things would gradually go from bad to worse. Did I even have a plan? Henry and Angel were living at our's plus Ernestina and her daughter Yasmine. That night, I had a dream that changed my perception about how I thought and it revealed the new me that night.

I sat in a car I knew so well at a location that I became the legal wife of my husband staring at a face that was ten years older. It was me and I was indeed in the future. A little bulky with just a line of grey hair but the beauty was still intact. The face was gloomy for reasons I didn't know and the usual smile wasn't the same. The sounds from the chapel showed that there was a wedding on-going. I walked out of the car and headed for the direction of the chapel. Whose wedding was it? And why would the future bring me here?

I had the answer to my question in a very short time and I was startled by the newly wedded couple. It was David and Yasmine and they weren't glad to see me as they happily walked out of the chapel.

''What are you doing here? Don't disgrace yourself even more.'' I heard my eighteen-year-old son, Robert, whisper into my ears as my precious Claudia stood close to her new mother, Yasmine. Trying her best not to exchange eye contact with me. My very own daughter! The tone in my son's voice wasn't pleasing and David's look at me was insulting.

''What happened?'' I asked.

''Quite the pretense already. We know the truth. We know that you are not the saint you always pretended to be. We know it all!'' my daughter yelled at me. Henry and Angel stood at the other side with a female child that looked just like Angel. Angel frowned upon seeing me. She was my best friend. At least, that was what I remembered before falling into this horrible dream. The sound of Claudia's voice was enough reason for me to hop into my car and move to the residence I knew so well. Claudia's words were hurting and I didn't have the slightest reason why I wasn't David's wife any longer. The ring was still at it's position but it had no rightful purpose. I know understood my gloomy expression.

The journey from the chapel to the Amour mansion was short but took quite a while as I tried my best to make sense of what was going on in my current location. There I was with all my loved ones hating me and Yasmine mysteriously taking my position. I opened the gate to the mansion myself and noticed how lonely it felt. The place looked odd to me that very space I called home. I walked into the house. It was midday but everything was dark inside. I gently walked to my room and noticed that everyone's belongings were gone excluding mine.

I heard a noise from the kitchen and gradually I lifted my heels to my favorite part of the house. The kitchen. The room I created out of love with Angel was now in total chaos. I cried looking at my new miserable life. I heard something once again. The feeling of not knowing what I was going through just didn't give me enough time to look behind.

''Ah!'' I screamed out of pain after feeling the knife go directly into my ribs from the side. I felt the sharp knife pierce me like a hole in the heart. Someone had stabbed me. The feeling was one I had never experienced. Was that the feeling of death? At least it would be better to die now. I had to see my murderer. I slowly turned to hold unto the kitchen counter trying to have a look at the person who wanted me dead. I could feel my life slowly drifting away. To die in this house so lonely like I was about to wasn't my dream. I felt my blood gradually draining out of my body. 

It was Ernestina. She looked much more wicked than before but it was still the same old one I knew. At least as compared to the first time, she actually stabbed me. She pushed the knife into my system and pulled it out once again. The push and pull that went on inside me was painful but enjoyable. It was the feeling of death and at least she'll be accountable for all my sins. I went back until I felt my body lay against the closest wall.

''You are one of the most stupid people I've ever met in this world. I placed a trap right there for you and you fell into it.'' she began to laugh.

I smiled as I held tightly unto my wound.

''We pretended not to know each other under the wedding of Henry and Angel and you went just as planned. What surprised me the most was the fact that you never told David the truth. There has been one question you have continually asked and that is why I hate you. I hate you because you're one major reason I'm living the life I'm living now. You're that child that destroyed my life with her presence and one that shouldn't have traced her roots back into my life.'' What did she mean by all that? Why was her life destroyed by my birth?

''I always thought that you would be the number one person to frown against my decisions. I expected you to tell David the truth. I expected you to give David a tangible reason why both Yasmine and I couldn't live here but no, you kept your mouth shut. You allowed us to come in here. You sat and watched how Yasmine gained your husband's attention and you noticed how I turned everyone against you. You still said nothing. You believed in David's love for you and today he's married to my daughter. Fairytales do not exist. They're just a fantasy and it so happens that you found that on your date of death. This is the best couple there could ever be since everyone has accepted Yasmine as their own. You'll be dead and gone in a few seconds and no one would remember you.''

''You're a liar! David loves me and my children would forever remember me as their mother.'' Ernestina laughed at my statement. I could feel hot tears form up inside me. I wanted to die a few seconds ago but not anymore. I had been in silence for too long and it was going to be the cause of my death.

''Your fifteen-year-old daughter, Claudia, even finds it hard to call you her mother. If I'm done with you, I'll kill both of your children and I'll make sure Yasmine has her own children with David. Someone as stupid as you shouldn't have descendants. But thank you for keeping this a secret for ten good years.'' she mocked and I cried.

I cried not because of her words but because I was leaving this world in a very horrible way. A death I didn't deserve. To die with all my loved ones hurting me. She didn't have to tell me in the face that my death would be like I had committed suicide cause that was how it was going to be like. Imagining me on the front papers. The divorced wife of Mr.Amour commits suicide on his wedding day.

''What convinced my children to hate me?'' I asked still in tears.

''Don't tell me you don't know. I'm somehow doing you a favor by killing you. David filed a case against you and right after his wedding, he was due to send you to jail. I prepared everything so well. Yvette was the partner of Jermaine and Moses both trying to extract money from my son David but luckily I found out in time.''

''You know that isn't true,'' I said as the pain in my mind and body increased. I slowly sat on the ground since the body couldn't carry my legs any longer.

''Yes, I know. It was a well-designed plan. Moses was the only person I could use. The next to kin is his cousin who he caters to. She lives alone in the city far away from town and I promised to kill her if he went against me. At least telling those lies helped him to get out of prison. He just had to say that you were Jermaine's accomplice and your several visits to the prison was to threaten him. You were born a nobody and you'll die like one. A nobody.''

I felt my body gradually falling to the ground and the sound of a woman laugh. My eyes were gradually shutting as the noise gradually faded away.

''You'll die a nobody!'' and that was the last I heard.

I woke up from the dream that minute and the thoughts of what might happen if I keep my mouth shut came back to life. I needed to inform David but how? How was I going to tell him that his sweet and dear Aunty Tina didn't love me for a reason I didn't know? And how was I going to remake the future I had just seen. I needed to be remembered in a good way therefore I had to leave a good legacy behind. The thought of dying and not saying my final words got me scared and I got more terrified when I saw this same wicked face smiling directly towards me through our window.

I strained my eyes thinking that I wasn't fully awoken from the dream but it was her. She stood smiling that smile that always got me scared. That smile that Jermaine might have learnt from her. The only way to protect me and leave a remarkable life behind was to inform David of his mother's wrongful acts. But could I find an enemy in this smiling devil?

September 02, 2020 23:20

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00:15 Sep 03, 2020

I love the detail and depth


19:17 Sep 03, 2020

Thanks very much!


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Gip Roberts
18:52 Sep 07, 2020

This drew me in to a deep, dark world. The imagery you created for Yvette's dream really creeped me out and, as always, made me curious about what comes next. I need to go back over all five of your stories to get the full sense of exactly what's happening, but they're all excellent, intense reads.


21:09 Sep 07, 2020

Thanks, Gip :) Your stories are unique. I'm loving every bit of it. As you said before, ''the Yvette saga continues.''


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Mustang Patty
12:55 Sep 07, 2020

This is a very interesting story. I felt drawn in from the start. Just a few techniques I think you could use to take your writing to the next level: READ the piece OUT LOUD. You will be amazed at the errors you will find as you read. You will be able to identify missing and overused words. It is also possible to catch grammatical mistakes – such as missing or extra commas if you read with emphasis on punctuation. (If you use Word, there is an option to ‘Read Aloud,’ in later versions.) Next, at a minimum, use some form of spell-che...


21:16 Sep 07, 2020

Thank you very much, MP. That's a lot of advice in one comment lol. I'll heed unto all your instructions and thanks once again for everything. As for the feedback, don't worry, I'll reply in a jiffy. I'm impressed since I truly wasn't expecting that much. I think MP is a very good friend and knows how to help writers like myself :)


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