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Densie (Denise Ella-Mae Grayce Dennington Draylig), princess and heir to the Drayligean Throne returned from her quest of locating her parents with no more answers than she learned before she departed the kingdom. With the QUEEN and KING presumed dead, The Oracle vanished for her own protection, and the Princess and Prince ruled Draylig. Princess Densie heard many capture, death, and exile conjectures, but would not believe this be their fate. In the QUEEN’s absence, Princess Densie assumed the role of ruler of Draylig, as she refused a queenly coronation until her mother was located, and buried, if necessary.

Many were attempting to overthrow the kingdom and assume the position of the supreme ruler. As many tried and failed, Princess Densie tried to maintain order as her mother would. Great ruler she was, as she’d learned from the best, the Supreme QUEEN, first queen, grandmother, Grayce (Grayce Ella-Olivia [Ellivia] Draylig), and the QUEEN, mother, Denise (Denise Ellivia-Grayce Dennington Draylig), Princess Densie attended to kingdom duties and maintained the protection of her younger brother, Prince Dominic (Dominic Dean Louis Philip Dennington Draylig), and the citizens of Draylig.

As written in the Drayligean by-laws, Draylig never had a male ruler of the kingdom and would not unless the QUEEN was forcibly removed for treason, disloyalty to the throne, or had produced an unrighteous female heir to the throne. With that, Baron Oren of Oreclif gathered the other Barons, Dukes, Lords, and Knights of the land in secret to attempt to remove Princess Densie and “rule” the kingdom. Simple plan thought he had, Baron Oren started the deadly rumor and eventually persuaded the others to believe what was untrue. As the Oracle and her Diamond Ball were missing, the conjectures could not be challenged.

Baron Oren pursued Princess Densie repeatedly and she refused to submit to his charms and advances. For, Baron Oren was too old for the Princess and Princess Densie could not accept suitors until seven weeks after her eighteenth birthday.

The Princess and Prince finished breakfast when they were disturbed by Dray I, the kingdom’s head of security. “Great Morning Junior Great Ones pardon my interruption. Baron Oren of Oreclif has come requesting a few moments of her majesty’s time.” Prince Dominic knocked over his juice stating, “Oops, sorry about that. Ole’ Dusty cannot marry my sister, and that’s final!” Dray I chuckled; however, Princess Densie reviewed the day’s schedule, mumbled to herself, signed documents, and attended her notes unfazed. While still outside in the vestibule, Baron Oren shouted as he awaited the Princess’s ear. The Baron’s shouting sparked Prince Dominic’s attention as he leaped toward the sturdy double doors. As Prince Dominic neared the door, Prince Densie screeched, “HALT! Don’t take another step. Prince Dom, I can handle my own business. Now scoot, or you’ll be late for morning lessons!” Prince Dominic nodded his head.

“Brother, what has mother told you about nodding your head?!”

“Pardon Princess Densie, I will use my words. But you’re still not the boss of me! Hmph.”

“Dear Sir, what is all that incessant commotion?” Dray I indicated to the Princess that Baron Oren was growing tired of awaiting her majesty, but ma’am, please mind your temper as your mother has commanded YOU!

Princess Densie forced her way through the double doors separating them. “Baron Oren, how dare you interrupt our family time with your incessant shouting! What say you for your boisterousness?” Baron Oren replied, “My apologies, ma’am, but we must converse in private madam Princess.” Dray I interrupted, “No sir, you will not converse in private! Per the QUEEN, madam Princess speaks to NO ONE in private! And, as Head of Kingdom’s Security, nothing gets by me! Now, what say you, Baron?” Princess Densie leaned into Dray I and whispered, “How much time before my first appointment?” Dray I scowled, “None for him, ma’am; but fifteen minutes. Be advised the Baron’s barged in here against proper protocol. Queen mother would…” Princess Densie smiled and indicated, “Queen mother would hear the Baron; therefore, I must hear the Baron.” She paused. “Baron Oren, five minutes, sir. I have other business to attend.”

They gathered in the Queen’s office. Baron Oren waited until the doors closed before speaking. Madam Princess Densie of Draylig, news has been presented to me about the QUEEN’s and KING’s whereabouts. I’ll present it to you, but my information comes with a price. Princess Densie gasped. “Mother? Father? Alive? Baron Oren, if you know the whereabouts of the QUEEN and KING, I demand you tell me NOW or I’ll have you cited for treason!” “Young lady,” Baron Oren spoke, “Excuse me, Princess Densie of Draylig, given what I know, I don’t believe you’re in the position to make demands without hearing mine first.” Dray I spoke, “Three minutes, ma’am.” Princess Densie acknowledged Dray I with a wink. Her gaze returned to the Baron. What demands have you? What information have you? Do you have proof of life?” Baron Oren smirked yet said nothing for a moment. “Madam Princess, I require more than three minutes for this information, and I don’t think you’re in a position to gamble with your parents’ lives for my lack of proper protocol.

Princess Densie excused herself and Dray I. While the two briefly conversed in the corridor, Baron Oren became quite comfortable in the QUEEN’s office. Princess Densie instructed Dray I to activate the recorders in the Queen’s quarters, rearrange her morning, and guard the door. “NO ONE IN OR OUT UNTIL I RETURN!”

Princess Densie returned. “Baron Oren, I’ve rearranged my schedule for you. Surely, you won’t trifle with my emotions. Where are my parents? Are they alive?” Baron Oren gawked at her before he spoke. “Madam Princess, I’ve placed a file on the QUEEN’s desk. Also, I know you’ve been a naughty little princess. Scouring the kingdom at night. Coordinating construction over in Craine and Kenorly. Demolishing properties in Deaset. Yet you refuse to grace Oreclif with your presence. The QUEEN would allow such things to occur. Maybe you need some assistance ruling the kingdom. I could help you.” He paused and counted to fifteen. “Alright Princess, don’t fury your brow. Press “play” on the file.

Video Transcript:

My precious babies, if you’re watching this video, know that we love you. Our time is brief and precious. Precious Princess Densie, please stop looking for us and save yourselves. You must guarantee your and Prince Dominic’s safety. Carole and King Dominion must be saved. Draylig will rise again. If presented with the choice to fight or live, please live to fight another day. Better to live in safety than to die in vain. Choose wisely. You have everything you need. I am forever grateful for experiencing the love I have for you and Dominic. Rest well, my babies.

The Queen.

“Awe, how sweet, the Queen has bid her babies farewell. And not a tear from the beloved daughter.” Mocking the Queen, “Precious Princess Densie, you will never find The QUEEN without my help.

My request is simple: I know you won’t turn over the kingdom to me, although I wish you would. I also know you won’t marry me and rule by my side; therefore, I won’t waste my time asking. I will bring you the Queen’s captors in exchange for the Oracle and the Diamond Ball.”

Princess Densie glared at the Baron. “What if I cannot deliver the Oracle and the Diamond Ball?” Baron chuckled, “Well Princess, if you can’t deliver what I’ve demanded, I’ll take your throne and keep you and the Great Prince captive.” Princess Densie laughed at the Baron which didn’t help the situation. Her laughter angered him. Baron Oren, there’s no way you will take my throne because no male will rule this kingdom. Draylig has familial blood and only a female heir will rule. You can’t say my mother has committed treason, disloyalty to her throne, and she definitely did not produce an unrighteous female heir!” The Baron laughed. “Sweetie, it’s nice to know you know Drayligean law, but I have proof that the Queen has committed treason and that you were conceived when she was unmarried. You don’t believe me, ask your father; oh, I’m sorry, he’s not here either.”

“Baron Oren, I do not know the whereabouts of the Oracle or the Diamond Ball. She vanished when the Queen disappeared. You’ve shown me my mother; where is my father?” With delight in his eyes, “The King seems to have escaped me and abandoned your mother. I put a bounty on his head, but then I seem to have the most valuable person of Draylig anyway. He could be dead. Who’s to say? If the King is dead, he didn’t die by my hand. You have until the clock strikes five on the eve of days sat. I shall return then. Decisions, decisions?”

Princess Densie broke the table in the Queen’s office and sank in a river of her own making. Baron mumbled as he fled the kingdom: I shall have me a princess by the morrow of eve sat or the Queen will die by my hand. A life for a life. She’ll come to me to spare her mother and maybe I’ll consider exiling them to the outer realm of Draylig, one not touched by Drayligean blood.

Prince Dominic overheard the Baron’s words and came running in tears. “Densieeeeeee!” Princess Densie wiped her tears as Dray I cleaned the area. “Densie, you’ve been lying to me! Where is mother? Ole’ Dusty just left here muttering about killing mommy or exiling you and her to the outer realms of Draylig.” Princess Densie calmed Prince Dominic and retired to her chambers. She needed time to devise the perfect plan and time required rest.

As Princess Densie was devising her plan to save the Queen and the kingdom, Baron Oren was finalizing his plan to receive the throne. He knew the Princess could not produce the Oracle because he captured and killed her. Someone knew where the Diamond Ball was hidden, and the only viable person was the Princess.

Princess Densie arose Thursday morning and refused breakfast. She contacted Dray III, provided Prince Dominic with extensive instructions, and then met with Dray I and Dray II to continue her plan. Princess Densie searched high and low for the Oracle and learned of a woman who was found dead in the Oracle’s home in Kenorly; a home the Princess thought she had well hidden. Alas, this was not the Oracle. The Oracle’s home was a mess. Ransacked and rundown.

Still unable to locate the Oracle and as deadline’s end was upon them, Princess Densie gave instructions, dismissed the chambermaids, assistants, and attendants, and proceeded to the throne room. Baron Oren arrived ten minutes late with the Queen bruised and shackled. “Such a lovely woman bound by such wretched chains. Well Princess, I’ve over-delivered on my bargain; where’s yours? Come all ye Drayligeans and hear my truths.”

Princess Densie stood bold before them. “Baron Oren, the Oracle nor Diamond Ball were located. However, I will marry you for my mother’s release.”

“Great Princess, I no longer desire your hand in marriage, nor will I release the Queen. Heathcliff and Ravencliff, grab the Princess. Come one, come all and hear of the Queen’s story. I’ll present some questions before you and my assistant shall answer.”

Oreclif Jester, has the Queen been disloyal to her throne?

“Yes, Master Baron?”

Oreclif Jester, how has the Queen shown disloyalty to her throne?

“Master Baron, the Queen Denise Ellivia-Grayce Dennington Draylig has lied about servicing the whole kingdom. The Queen has not serviced Oreclif in three months. The Queen has not serviced Siwel, Nosyt, or Bramton at all. The Queen has not lied to the subjects of the kingdom.”

Oreclif Jester, what else has the Queen done against the kingdom?

“Master Baron, the Queen has lied. The Queen has made you all believe that the Crown Princess Densie of Draylig was conceived righteously. The Queen had not married the King before the conception of the Princess. The King was not a King at the time when he married the Queen. The King Dominic Dennington of Dennington has no royal blood flowing through his veins and had not been coronated when he married the Queen.”

Oreclif Jester, what’s the Drayligean Law for crimes brought against the Queen?

“Master Baron, the Queen shall be dethroned and sent into exile to the outer realms of Draylig to live out her days as the servant to the Baron of your choosing. The Queen cannot ever return to Draylig or face lashing from the new ruler of Draylig. However, Master Baron, if the Queen can prove her innocence…”

Hush Jester, that’s enough! Ravencliff and Heathcliff, take the Princess to the King’s chambers and guard her with your lives. Remember, she knows the castle and the kingdom. Orely and Oren, return the Queen to her previous quarters.

As Baron Oren assumed his new position as King, his first order of business was to get the Princess to tell her secrets. Baron Oren knew the Princess was hiding something and intended to learn from her. He instituted immediate change in the kingdom before retiring to his new chambers.

Princess Densie yelled at Orely and Oren, formerly known as Dray III and Dray IV. “How could you do this to us? Father trusted you. I trusted you. Both of you are scum. I hope I live to see you get what you deserve for your treason!”

Baron Oren retired to the King’s chambers and dismissed the guards. “Bet you didn’t see that coming, huh Princess? I have your mother and your brother in my possession. I’ve killed the Oracle and I’ve ordered the death of your father. Now that I’ve taken everything you hold near and dear, what are you willing to do to save your life?”

Princess Densie replied, “Even if I had what you want, it’s not enough. It’ll never be enough for you. You’ll kill all of us just to prove yourself. You knew I couldn’t produce the Oracle, yet you used her as your bargaining chip. I’ve told you before, the Diamond Ball couldn’t be located. What do you want from me?” “Great Princess, I want the truth. Until you tell me what I desire to know, you’ll stay here and suffer. I’m prepared to sit here and watch you all night. Yes, I have the first watch.”

Days passed and Baron Oren was growing weary with Princess Densie. He’d resulted in all types of evil towards her. Baron Oren refused the Princess freedom, meals, sunlight, and water. After five days, he flogged the Princess until she cried. Tough girl was she, the Crown Princess of Draylig. The strength she drew from her mother. The newly appointed king of Draylig departed town to attend business across the land. All those he’d previously gathered to assist him in overthrowing the Drayligean kingdom were seeking what the Baron promised them in exchange for their help. The Baron slew many and plotted to slew more. Dray I broke free of his captors and journeyed back to the castle to free the Princess and the Prince. Upon reaching the Princess, Dray I was stabbed in his hand. The Princess shouted, “Don’t come near me, you traitor! How could you let them do this? How could you do this?” She fell to the floor in her weakened state.

Dray I attempted to reassure the Princess as the Oreclif Jester appeared. “SILENCE, you two! I MUST SPEAK QUICKLY!” The Oreclif Jester removed her headrest to reveal her true self. They both gasped and the Jester spoke again. I don’t have much time and neither does the Queen or King. Dean, you’ll find your brother in Siwel. Ask Charles for Carole Dominion. Densie, thank you Great One for your loyalty to your mother and me. Take this Diamond Ball and present it to him in due time. You’ll know my signal when you get it. You’re too slow. Your mother gave you everything you needed to find her. Nevertheless, let them capture you and bring you back to the castle for your punishment. Give the Baron what he wants and then reveal your mother’s innocence. Only then will Draylig be restored.”

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