One day the Sun rose in the west and set in the east.

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One day the Sun rose in the west and set in the east. It’s not really that hard to believe once you hear the evidence. This is not a hand me down story. It was told by the only four people who could know and who you can believe. Listen.

“I am not going!” Summer said crossing his arms and pulling his lower lip over his top lip.

“You know your eyes sag down to your nose when you do that right? Spring said in the least bit moved.

“I’m not going!” Summer said again with a humph.

Spring  got up from the ground where she was kneeling. She had just stuffed her backpack with flashlight, ruler, and compass.

“Suite yourself.” She said throwing the pack over her shoulder and turning to go.

Summer watched her for a moment. “Wait. You’re just going to leave me here…”

Summer seemed to snap out of his pouting.

“For a hot head, you really are a whining baby.” Spring said not looking back.

She had already made ten paces and was about to enter the forest when she heard Summers’ stomping feet catching up to her. She smiled to herself.

Spring jumped around spontaneously and grabbed Summer by the collar as he ran straight into her.

“Wha..” he fumbled

“It’s all your fault! If it wasn’t for your hot headed behavior Autumn wouldn’t be threatening us now. So my friend, you are going to the edge of the Earth!” Spring shouted into Summer’s face and thrust him away so hard that he fell back on the grassy ground with a thud.

“owww!” Summer moaned. “I thought you were supposed to have a nice sweet spirit.”

“Why…what makes you say that?” Spring smiled at Summer while patting her ruffled hair into place. She giggled and turned back onto the path.

Summer looked bewildered. ‘Is it a girl thing or a spring thing?’  he thought to himself as he rubbed his behind and tried to catch up with her.

They walked along in silence for all of ten feet.

“So why is this my fault again? Summer asked almost sheepishly.

Spring kept on walking.

“I mean…I don’t get why you’re so upset. I just…”

Spring stopped walking. Summer stopped walking.

Summer bit his bottom lip and waited.

Spring took in a deep breathe. Then she turned to face him.

Summer took a step back and grimaced when he saw the look on her face.

Spring looked at Summer and Summer looked at Spring.

She laughed.

Not an ordinary laugh.

Summer looked around the light green forest wandering if he should run now.

Spring laughed again, then she giggled (yes, there is a difference).

Then her head fell forward and there was silence.

Summer took another step back.

“Well, let’s see. You gave your heat to Autumn in a fit of passion-wanna-be-idiotic manner. That wasn’t enough so  you insulted Winter and dueled him for a battle at the end of the Earth. And let’s see… oh yes, you promised to give him control of the East if he beats you to the end of the earth. And we have 24 hours to make things right. I think that sums it up or….did I leave anything out?” Spring asked looking deadly serious.

Summer looked at her then away. He gazed up at the sun for a moment then at the ground near his feet.

“Well…she asked so nicely. I …. I couldn’t say no could I?”

“Couldn’t?” Spring asked alarmed.

“Couldn’t, I think. And that Winter is such a show off. So what if he can make snowflakes. I can boil…”

“Shut up you imbecile! Snowflakes make children happy. And you can’t boil, bake or brown a darn thing without your heat. That’s why you’re folding up like a baked Alaska. Don’t you get it? If we don’t recover your heat before Winter gets to the Earth end, the world is going to go tipsy turvy.”

Spring let it all out in one exasperated breathe.

Summer looked at her and nodded. He scratched his head and thought for a moment.

“Is that why I feel so…hmmm…sluggish? I feel like I should have more energy but…”

“Duh! Are you serious right now? Gosh, it’s like you’re just melting right in front of me. Why don’t you know this? We were both there?”

Spring threw her hands up…then she brought them slowly down.

The look on her face changed.

“Wait a minute. Are you melting?” She asked.

“Melting? What do you mean? I’m right here in front of you?”

Spring looked at him as though she was seeing him for the first time.

“That’s it! Gosh, I thought you were just being annoying to cover up your guilt. But you really gave away more of yourself than you thought didn’t you?”

Summer shrugged.

“There’s only one way to fix you and everything else. Let’s go!” Spring grabbed summer by the hand and they sprang off.

“How are we going to get there by just using our feet?” Summer asked as he bounded behind Spring.

“You may not be Summer right now, but I am still Spring.”

They bounded through the forest as fast as their feet could go and got to the edge of the forest in record time. The sun was still up in the sky.

Summer panted where they stopped at the edge of the forest. He bent over with his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. There was a huge lake there and the breeze whipped across the surface.

Spring dropped the bag from her back and quickly rummaged through it. She pulled the compass from the bag and held it in the direction of the lake.

“We need to go that way?” she pointed across the lake.

“Are you sure? How much time do we have?” Summer asked. He was almost wheezing.

“I lost track. I’ll measure.” She pulled the ruler from the bag.

“No let me.” Summer grabbed the ruler lazily.

“Hey, wait! You’re panting like a goon. Let me have the ruler!”

“No! I’m summer. Time is on my side, let me.” He raised the ruler to the sky before she could object again. He angled the ruler between the sun and the flat of the earth.

“How much time?” Spring asked impatiently.

“You’re taking too long. Let me do it!” she said reaching for the ruler.

“8 inches…that’s approximately 16 hours.” He said rather quickly.

“ hmmph. Are you sure?” Spring asked with her hands folded.

“I did my part. What’s your plan to get us over?” Summer’s breathe was steady now.

Spring glared at him.


Spring walked to the edge of the water and bent low. There was a cluster of lily pads bobbing lightly in the water. Spring chose the finest one and she touched it at the edge.

“Grow.” She spoke gently to it.

The lily pad complied. It started to grow out along all its edges thickening as it did. The lush green color became rich and deep. Soon it was the size of a mini raft.

“Thank you!” Summer said releasing her touch.

“Why couldn’t you speak to me like that?” Summer asked almost hurt.

“The lily pad is a thing of beauty. You are a bafoon who gave your…”

“Yeah yeah, I gave my heat to Autumn and challenged the mighty Winter. I know already. Can we go now?” Summer sighed.

“hgbfffmlksl!” Spring mumbled something almost inaudible.

Then she stepped out onto the lily pad.

Summer’s eyes swelled up like saucers. He looked around to see if anyone else heard her. (Noone did of course because there was no one else there)

Summer stepped gingerly onto the lily pad.

“Blow wind. Take us over there.” Spring whispered to the breeze.

“With those lips she coos the wind?” Summer asked no one in particular.

The breeze trickled over them almost welcoming them to the lake front. Soon it started to wisp around them and in no time they were ripping across the lake as though they had a bough and steer.

The breeze whipped across their faces and for a moment they were content just to get to the other side.

As the lily pad approached the shore, the breeze slowed and they docked smoothly.

Summer and Spring got off gingerly and sprang forward to the mountains ahead.

“The end of the earth is just behind those mountains.” Spring said.

“I know. Can you really go there? There’s ice on some of those peaks.” Summer asked.

“Can I really go there? How about you Mr. heatless Summer?” Spring retorted.

“You don’t ever let up do you?

Spring glared at him again and then ran off in the direction of the mountains

Summer followed.

They climbed for hours and hours until finally they were on the last peak.

“I’m cold. I don’t belong here. You better set things right?’ Spring said.

“I’m cold too. And yes I will set it right. How much more time?” Summer said

“How should I know? Aren’t you the time keeper?” Spring retorted

Summer glared at Spring and Spring glared at Summer.

“I don’t…” Summer started

“Shhhh…” Spring hushed him and dragged him to the ground.

“What the…” he started.

“Quiet. They’ll hear us?”

“Who will hear us?”

“Over there. It’s Autumn and Winter.”

Summer looked in the direction that Spring was pointing in.

Winter stood in a glossy white coat with snowflakes decorating the bottom edges.

Autumn stood near him in a pale green and yellow gown.

“Oh Autumn.” Summer signed with a funny look on his face.

Spring looked at him curiously.

“Oh Gosh, I am about to barf. Is that why you gave her your heat?” Spring demanded but still in a hushed tone.

“I …I…what do you mean?” Summer asked.

“You have a crush on Autumn.; Admit it!”

Summer looked stupefied.

“Well I should have guessed.”

Spring stomped down the narrow path and into the flatland where Winter and Autumn stood.

“Aha. Spring you are here. How can you stand it? Where is that shame-faced Summer. We have a deal you know?” Winter laughed as he spoke.

“You know that high and mighty sound right there in your voice? It suites you so perfectly. I hate it!” Spring said coldly.

“Why thank you. I am majestically cool.”

“It wasn’t really a compliment.” Spring said turning her gaze to Autumn.

“You sly beast. Didn’t you know what would happen if you took his heat away from him.” Spring said to Autumn.

“Why yes I do. The warmth of the summer would be combined with the changing times of fall. It would give us more power and the Winter will be king.” Autumn said ever so smoothly, it was mesmerizing.

As a matter of fact, Spring was almost hypnotically drawn. She was shaken back to reality as she saw Summer coming into view. He was heading towards autumn with the dumbest look on his face that Spring had ever seen.

That got her alert.

“Wake up you fool! She was just using you can’t you see that?”

Spring grabbed Summer and shook him and shook him until he screamed out and pushed her away. They both landed on the ground with thud.

Spring looked at him in surprise.

“My what a spectacle.” Winter said.

“But it is over and I win. I have your heat and now I will command the day.”

“Correction. I have Summer’s heat and We will rule the day?” Autumn laughed in her cool way.

“Come my dear give me the heat. I need it in order to rule the day.” Winter said to Autumn beckoning to her.

Summer was still on the ground shaking his head to make it clear.

“I need my heat. I am nothing without it.”

“Well you shall not have it.” Autumn strode past Summer on her way to Winter. The heat was within her and she was drawing it to the surface of her skin.

Just then the sun in the sky above made its last motion toward the horizon. They all knew that it was just a matter of seconds before it would set and things would be done or undone.

Summer reached for Autumn.

“Please give me my heat.”

“Oh darling where is your strength? Oh yes, I have it don’t I?” Autumn said. She didn’t mean well but you couldn’t tell by the melody in her voice.

Summer’s raised hand paused in mid air. He was mesmerized again.

“You dote!” Spring said jumping to her feet. But it was too late for her. She felt a cool hand on her shoulder and began to shudder as her insides stated to chill. Her teeth chattered as she tried to speak.

No words came out.

The Sun reached it’s lowest dip point just as Autumn clasped hands with Winter.

And that’s where the Sun froze.

Summer looked up with bewildered surprise.

Spring chattered inaudible words.

Autumn beamed and her face shone.

Winter smiled. It was a chilly smile but somehow it was warming too.

Winter and Autumn had won today. The Sun stood frozen in the West and by their design that’s where it would rise from tomorrow.

The End.

April 30, 2020 06:24

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Des Feller
15:35 May 01, 2020

What an interesting story! I don't think I would've have ever thought of anything like this haha and the wonderful way you wrote makes me wish I had. I wish you the best with your writing!


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