At the end of the day

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Fantasy Fiction

The sun was setting in the Guadalupe mountains the last rays hiding behind the majestic landscape seam to be the a fitting end to a hard days work. I can now write the stories that will lead those with a since of adventure to fortunes beyond belief. I am free of all my worldly possessions. No longer a hoarder. No longer burden with anything that will hold me in one spot, This is my story

I had become a very rich man. A modern day robin hood. My profession as a vice cop gave me the insight in how to play both sides. I would start wars between drug dealers by telling there competition where and when there shipments would arrive. I would give away fortunes paid to me for sharing information about different gangs. I figure I was fighting bad guys with bad guys. While I was investigating methods to determine when and where drugs were being delivered I found a database belonging to the DEA that show me where every shipment was coming from and where it would be distributed. Not in just my fare city but all across the country. The cold hard truth was our government was allowing drugs into this country to fund there covert operations around the world. It wasn't taxes paying for our undeclared wars. It was drug money. My eyes were open now. I was in a bad place knowing this could cost me my life at any moment. So I did what I do best. Let greed do the work for me. Most of the distributors were Biker gangs and organized crime bosses (one in the same in my thinking).

I would tip them off every time one would cross into the others territories. This only slow it down a little and usually the drugs still ended up on the street. Then I found what they were doing to hide all that money. They were buying up all the gold coins world wide and using them to purchase whole armies. Gold has to be moved with freight because of its weight. I was looking for a trucking companies and found nothing. So how do you move Gold that weighs a lot without trucks? Trains were the answer. So I looked and looked and I found nothing. My friend at the DEA told me about the AI program that you could install on a server and it would find anything you asked. Then he helped me by telling me about Texas Instruments auctions and that sometimes they would sell old servers when they were replacing them with the latest and greatest. I follow the auctions for almost a year and was able to purchase a old server with the right amount of memory. I requested a transfer to the police cold case department and was well received by the detectives there. Then I told the I.T. department that I was working on a AI program to help me solve old crimes they were more than happy to get me patched into the network with my server in a old A/C room upstairs. I ran my first test by installing the oldest of cold case files into the AI program. In a matter of a week all ten cases I had installed were given names to who was the most likely killer. There were five who were still alive and when confronted confessed to the murders on the spot. My new boss put me in for a promotion and a raise. I was now ready to try and find where and how the gold coins were being moved by rail and how nobody in the rail company was aware of it. The answer was so simple and so quick I was dumb founded. They were using tanker cars loading and unloading with a vacuum truck used by refineries and pipeline companies. The gold was put on barges sometime by the same method and moved overseas. I had found my gold now I had to figure out what to do with it. The tankers were being stored in far west Texas in a remote train yard. It was a perfect place no one would look for drug money there in tanker cars. Well nobody but me. I started looking in each tanker most were clean and nothing in them but them I found the one I was looking for I hit pay dirt.

I now needed a place to put it where the owner would not be able to use it. I started searching the map and found Guadalupe national park and for a $35 fee I got a annual pass. I told the attendant I was working as a Hazmat clean up and love the outdoors. I ask him if it would be alright to bring my work truck in the park I told him it would be clean when I enter I just didn't have my personnel car with me. He agreed and pass it on to the other attendance. So before daybreak I went to the tanker car and loaded all I could on the truck drove to the park and found any area with large drainage ravine's I would back in as far off the road as I could get and dump everything. I then would drive out of the park and back to the tanker and get another load repeating what I had done in a different location each time. A couple of times there were people hiking the trails I would move on to more distance location being careful to not be seen unloading the truck. The end of the day I had empty the tanker and was watching the sunset wondering what war I had stop today. I figure this was just a small setback but, the only way I could make a difference in the world on this day. My plan was to leave treasure maps on reddit for all the explorers to find. By the time they found the gold was missing it would be spread all over the country. Today was a good day. This is my version of Robin Hood and I was happy.

June 22, 2021 02:33

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