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Celebrating my 77th birthday I announce to my children I would be selling my home and downsizing to a small cottage near the lake.

More than a little shocked knowing all the great memories I had here it went over well Well for my children anyway). My daughter Anne tried to sell me on the ideal of cohabiting with her but, I knew it would be a burden. The busiest person on the planet trying to make me fill needed. My Son Tim asking if I had ran out of retirement money. Not at all.

I had lived here longer than any place. Twenty five years. I just needed a new adventure. I was old not dead. I wanted to start with something new to me. I had bought a piece of land years ago a cliff overlooking my favorite lake. The biggest objection came from the location being so remote.

I played out my plan to build a cabin with a wobble wind generator to power it and a satellite to get internet. I would even have to bring in dirt for a garden. So after months of planning I did it. A new place. I settle in quickly. It was spring time still cool enough to work outside I spent my days preparing my garden and building a new rock stairway down the side of the cliff to the lake. It was good to work. I am a man who likes people but have always been ok alone.

So after one long afternoon I was a little surprise by a knock on the window. I look outside to see a young woman. I did not know her she look to be in her late twenties dress in topical Mexican clothing I had only seen when visiting across the boarder. I pointed her to the front door. When I open the door I could see she had two young girls with her. I asked can I help you? She utter one word "Aqua" and passed out on my front step. I picked her up and carried her to my couch. She was very petite could not have weight more than 90 pounds. The children followed us in. I pointed to the refrigerator and said bring water. I then came to realize they did not understand English at all. I grab three bottles of water out of the refrigerator and gave one to each child. I could see it had been a while since they had had water I remember the word for slow in Spanish "poco" I told them. I wetted a paper towel and placed it on the mothers forehead. The mother open her eyes and I gave her water too.

I could not help wonder why anyone would be trying to cross the boarder here. This is the Big bend country in Texas nothing here but this little lake and lots of wildlife. I offer food to the girls at the table and they both just stared at it like it was from outer space. The mother finely sat up on the couch and the girl started eating once they saw she was ok.

I had learned a little Spanish from my working carrier as a construction electrician. I was feeling a little lost for words so I brought out my laptop with a translator program from google to help. It help a little but, soon I found out they were from Brazil and spoke mostly Portuguese.

This is there story

The mother told me her name was Ana and here girls were 10 and 12 years old. There names were Antonia and Adriana.

They paid a coyote $3200 to bring them across after crossing he told the mother that was the price for her that he was going to take the girls and let them work to pay for the rest of the money. Ana figure very quickly what kind of work he had in mind and knocked him out with rock she pick up off the ground. They were in the middle of nowhere Ana drove as far as she could but the car ran out of gas two days ago. They stumble onto my driveway and walk down it hoping to find refuge. Everything they owned they left in the car. With nothing more than what they were wearing they show up here. I ask if they had anybody anywhere they could stay with.

Adriana spoke up and said to me they had only there faith. So I told her " isso e tudoque voce precisa" My first words in Portuguese.

I then directed them to my bedroom and told Ana, Antonia, and Adriana they were to sleep here and I would sleep on the couch. I was unable to sleep.

I kept thinking about trek to this place. Why did I pick here of all places to come. This was the most unexpected thing to happen to me. I am a man of faith I am a believer. I also approached new people easy. I had raised a family of my own years before. I had even raised a couple foster boys before I retired. This was very different I was feeling way to happy about my new guest on the inside. Was this a gift from God or, was this someone taking advantage of a old man? You have heard ask and you shall receive.

I did ask in prayer. My answer came about 3 am that day. Antonia came into the living room with a note she had written me in English. I could tell she had not master writing very well but the letter read. Dear Sir: We mean you no harm. We came here to get away a life of poverty. In our journey Jesus has guided us to help many people in getting here that were worst off than we are. I prayed we would find someone who could help us in our new life.

Please be that person. Signed Antonia

When daybreak came I sent a Zoom meeting request to my 5 children and my life long friends whom I had worshipped with though the years. The noon meeting was very brief. I disclosed to each of them what was happening and that I was In need of everything from basic necessities to finding a way to get legal status for Ana. It was like a bolt of lighting. Everyone pitched in that I had contacted. My heart was filled when so much was done it just one day. First came the promise of clothes from every direction. A safe place to stay was found in Georgetown. A lawyer friend of mine got the paperwork going for citizenship and a temporary green card was issue sight unseen. A job offer from a bakery came next. I had the owner of the bakery tell Ana what had been done already since she also had been born in Brazil and spoke Portuguese. I was kind of sad when I took them into town to catch the bus to Georgetown. I thought that would be the last I ever saw of them.

I am happy to say that is not the case every spring when I start my garden Antonia and Adriana come and help me plant and share what going on in there lives.

June 10, 2021 04:20

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