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Her name was jasmine, an eighteen years old young lady with some silver lining blue eyes and blondy hair, fine body and a sweet little voice just like the melodies of the birds. Her life was however as dull as the rotten potato that ends up spoiling the rest of the sack, well that's because she went through a lot and her only thrive was to get herself a place in tropical island.

One day jasmine was sleeping in her room at night when suddenly she dreamt of an island with such beauty of nature, however her dream was disturbing as she saw the treasurer right in front of her eyes but she could not catch up to it, it was as though the more closer she gets to the treasurer the more her soul seem to get away from her flesh and just when she was to scream out of fear she woke up.

From that very moment Jasmin sticked to wanting to see herself at tropical island and although she didn't know the force behind her going to a place that seem to want to swallow the life out of her, she knew it will mark as a new beginning for her and so she set up to go to a club, ofcause her first thought was an easy money. She was just a young lady who wanted to live her life to the fullest after all. She got to a club and chose to forget all the rules and morals her parents taught her as she started to pole dance at the Club and would sleep with 10 strangers per week for a thousand Rand and she had to accept to every demand of theirs even when she never felt good while doing so.

Some of these men had slept with Jasmine without using a protection and some even went as far as not even paying her despite to have slept with her whereas she was also beaten by the others. However jasmine never gave up. One day she came home and had found a competition paper on the table at home, she had began to be silent with everyone at home.

She would spend most of her time not talking to anyone but logged herself in the room with her music. Some other days she would just sleep without eating a single thing and her parents had already given up trying to talk her out of her room. Jasmine joined to dance competition and just when the auditions came closer she started feeling nauseous and her face went pale whereas her eyes, legs and arms started swelling and became heavier.

Her sister Fiona found her lying unconcious on the day of completion in the kitchen and rushed her to the hospital. Jasmine was diagnosed with HIV and AIDS as well as depression. In her ward she met a young and handsome guy named Freud.

She and Freud became good friends, despite all the time Jasmine fought with her sickness she had never ever forgotten her biggest dream of touching the land of tropical island. She had even told Freud about it.

8 Months passed by and Jasmine was feeling much better, however she found out that Freud came from a rich family and that gave her the idea to manipulate Freud to steal from his own home and somehow she succeeded with her manipulation. So Jasmine and Freud decided to finally go to tropical island and they took the first flight out of New York the next day.

Sadly the flight they took was held hostage by some goons who called themselves "guys from the other side". They dealt with drugs and although everyone was scared for their lives Jasmine kept praying that she wanted to see the tropical island even if it was just for once.

Jasmine's mother started to feel uneasy and even though she did not know what really was going on, she had hoped that all shall go well. She kept asking about Jasmine's whereabouts but no one at home seemed to have any idea where jasmine was. After all a mother's love never give up even though a child may be the worst , a mother's love always remember the child's importance in its life.

In the meantime Freud's father had just realised the money was missing from the house and before he could find out who exactly had stolen it, out of anger he started insulting everyone in the house and even went as far as to curse the stealer that they should just die a terrible death.

A night went by and that was when the parents of both the children had began to be worried about their children's whereabouts. Like wise no matter how careful one may do something wrong, there is always a way to find the truth. Rudra who happened to be Jasmine's neighbour had seen both Jasmine and Freud with the bags telling her they on their way to the dream land and Jasmine's mother started to remember how jasmine used to hallucinate and obsessively write Tropical island in her room and just like that she had understood the children might had been on their way to the island.

Sadly they where too late to catch the flight and all they had to do was to hope that all will go well.

Jasmine's biggest mistake was to try and fight the goons as she felt nothing else is left and she wanted nothing to come between her and her destination. The bullet which was meant to jasmine ended up being victimised on Freud in the process of trying to save his friend, however despite the flight to have finally reached the island, it left everyone breathing their last breath due to the shootings that occured in the flight and just like that jasmine could see her dream shattered right in front of her eyes and although it was hurting that she lost a friend , she knew the plane was also lending down with her life and so she smiled as she was fighting to hold her breath for the last time b4 the plane crushed and that was because she died right where she wanted to be, after all her last wish was fulfilled.

The end

February 26, 2021 20:48

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Eddie Thawne
20:24 Mar 09, 2021

Nice story. I enjoyed reading. Well done!


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