Science Fiction Thriller Mystery

  “Ring-ding-triing-triing!” The bells chimed as a new customer entered the shop. I tightened the ribbon in my hair, and took a step forward.

     “Hello there, welcome to Analia’s café!” I’m Karen, how may I help you?”

     “Yeah, yeah, yeah, chill out,” the man said. I could almost taste the alcohol on his breath, “I think this is yours.”

     He handed me a small handbag, covered in bright blue dots.

     “Thank you sir, oh thank you!” 

     I’ve been missing my handbag for some time now...ever since the attack. I shook the thought from my head, and thanked the man one last time before he left. 

     I dug through the bag, only to see the insides covered in dirt and blood. I shrieked and dropped the bag. I could feel my head pounding and my pulse rise. Suddenly, my vision went dark.

     “Quick, grab the scalpel!”

     “She needs the gas, she’ll wake up any minute!”

     “Her eyes have opened ma’am!”

     I groaned and sat up, confused. I caught a whiff of the scent of disinfectant floating in the air, and the rubber gloves the doctor wore made me wanna puke.

     “Ms. Karen, lay back down!”

     “Wh-what-why?” I asked, utterly confused. 

     “Shhhhhh! Lights out, their coming!”


     “Them!” The woman shrieked. Then suddenly I heard a series of loud thumps on the door, and one nurse passed out.

     “Get out of here, quick!” A voice shouted.

     I scrambled off of the gurney and sprinted towards the exit bare-footed, my gown flapping behind me. The door slammed to the ground and I screamed as I turned around. They were back. The siren roared. How could this happen. How. 

     No, I thought, no, no, no, no, no! 

     Flashes of green, the smell of rotten flesh. The loud groaning and the arms grasping my throat. I was running out of breath. I gasped for air and cried for help, but all the nurses had cleared out. I was alone. Alone. And it might be the end.

     “BANG!” The hands fell off my throat and I could feel warm blood trickling down my face. I covered my mouth to stop me from retching. My gaze looked around the room, empty besides a man about my age holding a pistol in front of him. He walked over and offered a hand to help me up. He had pale skin and grey eyes. His blonde hair swept over his face and his expression was warm. Calming. I grasped his hand and he pulled me up.

     “You alright?” he asked.

     “Yeah, I think so,” I told him. I mean what else am I supposed to say?

     “I’m Joel, follow me,” he said, “Oh yeah, I picked this bad boy up from the storage closet!”

     “The storage closet?” I asked.  

     “Yeah, we can be concerned later. Come with me, I know a safe place!”

      I let out as he dragged my forward and towards the exit. I took one less glance at the zombie mutant things on the floor before I focused my gaze back on him. His arms were strong, but badly injured. I could see the veins almost popping out and a large scar as well. I winced at the sight of it. We took a sharp and sudden turn that early knocked me off my feet, but then we stood in front of a large set of double doors.


     I nodded and walked in. It seemed to be a computer lab of some sorts. Joel let go of my hand and ushered me under a desk. I sighed and crouched underneath. It was cramped and cold in here, but it was my only chance at survival. I shooed away the fly that was buzzing around and Joe laughed.

     “You're weird,” he said with a smile.

     I cocked my head to the side and replied, “I get that a lot!”

     “So yeah, who are you anyway?”

     “Oh me, I’m Karen Oregano.”

     “Like the plant?”

     “Like the plant.”

     We both started laughing, but shortly after a loud noise interrupted us. A woman screaming.

     “NOOOOOOOOO. Ah!” We could hear the zombie mutants clawing at her. “LET ME GOOOOO!” She screamed. I stood up.

     “We have to help her,” I said.

     Joel looked at his feet, “It’s too dangerous. And well, too late.” He pointed toward the small window at the top of the doors, which was covered in blood. I could feel my legs grow weak and my vision started to get blurry.

     “No, Karen, hang on!” Joel shouted.

     I felt a strong set of arms lift me onto his back and brace me under the legs.

     “You can do it, we just need to get out of here,” he said.

     I nodded, and ignored the searing pain in my head. He was so fast, my hair seemed to catch the air in a streak behind me. I could feel my eyes well up with tears, but I was unsure why. Maybe because this could very well be the end. Maybe because all hell broke loose...for the second time. Maybe because I was thinking too hard. But I couldn’t stop, not now.

     “I can see the exit!” Joel Shouted, his voice full of hope.He sprinted towards the large door labeled, “exit.”

     “Here we go!”

     I took a deep breath as he slammed the bottom of the pistol, into the door, for extra force. It flew open, and the gun fell from his hand. Suddenly, he dropped to the ground.

     “Joel,” I asked, “are you ok?”

     He didn't respond.

     I bent down so I could catch a good glimpse of him. He had a large knife lodged through his chest. I screamed and backed away.

     “Joel. Joel! JOEL!” Tears continued to pour down my face as I stared at the lifeless body of the man who saved my life.

    Angered I reached for the gun he dropped and shot it in every direction. I could see several zombie mutants drop to the ground. Well...that was the last thing I saw, before I opened my eyes to see a blank white room, which went on for ages.

     “Karen?” A voice asked.

     I turned around. Joel.

     I smiled, “That’s diabolical Oregano to you.”

September 25, 2020 12:08

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B. W.
12:47 Sep 25, 2020

Hey i enjoyed this story and you did great with it ^^ i hope that you'll continue to make more stories on here, though only when your not busy or anything. so ya know what? 10/10 ^^


Grace Reardon
13:09 Sep 25, 2020

Thanks, I will continue to work on Reedsy for sure! I'm glad you liked my stroy!


B. W.
13:10 Sep 25, 2020

No problem ^^ tell me whenever a new story get's out


Grace Reardon
13:11 Sep 25, 2020

Sure, I'm doin a new one tomorrow!


B. W.
13:17 Sep 25, 2020

Great ^^


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