Double Agent

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It was a quiet evening in Accueil, France. The people were peacefully falling asleep in their homes. The street ruffians were running about as usual. Some shop’s were leaning towards their closing hour, while the high-level town member’s prepared for quite the eventful evening.

“Sheriff Camus?” The receptionist said.

    “What is it?” She replied.

    “You told me to remind you that you had a meeting tonight at 7pm, at Mayor Abero’s home. Something about future gas leak prevention??” Camus had a slight smile on her face, as if she was excited for this meeting.

     “Just my typical friday in Accueil. Merci, also remind me at the same time next Friday. These meetings will be going on for the next 9 weeks. Don’t forget.” 

    “No problem, Sheriff,” and like that, Sheriff Camus walked out of the building and drove her car over to Mayor Abero’s house for “the gas leak meeting”.

Sheriff Adelaine Camus entered the building. Greeting everyone at the door stood Mayor Gautier Abero. His teeth were as crooked as his mind set. Some people questioned why he was mayor, but they all knew why, legacy and charm, people fed off of it. Holding his hand by his side stood Carine Abero, his beloved wife, an A+ trophy wife and clueless maiden. Drinking wine at the table behind them was Professor Kenzo Farrow, an econ professor at “Accueil Community College”. In the far corner sat Liam Berchard, the town doctor, and one of the richest men in the town. From the front door entered the one of the school district’s superintendent, Falive DeRose, also a rich man, from legacy. Last but not least, sitting in the dining room, the town pharmacist, Mael Houde, he is just a legacy, nothing else fancy or worth telling about him. 

Bonjour, and merci to you all for coming,” said Mayor Abero as they all walked into the living room, “I assume you all know why you’re here right now.” He said.

“How could we forget, we’ve only been committed to this day for over 20 years.” said Sheriff Camus. All of the sudden there was a knock at the door.

“Farrow, please get the door.” Abero snarked.

“It better not be a Stupide girl scout.” He answered the door and there stood a woman, mid 20’s? She looked relatively young. 

Bonjour, my name’s Jacquette Gagne, and I’m-”

“We aren’t interested-” before he could shut the door, she held it with her hand, preventing him from doing so.

“Wait, wait, wait!” She exclaimed, “I’m here for the same reason you are!”

“Which is?” Farrow asked.

“Revenge on Accueil.” His eyes widened, as if he was startled or scared.

“I-I don’t know of such a thing.”

“My ancestors were in that building when it was set aflame.” Jacquette’s slight smile turned into a frown,  “Just let me in so I can explain.” Farrow hesitated but let her come inside. As she walked in she pressed a little button on the bottom of her pants. 

“Mayor Abero,” Farrow said. “This woman says she knows about Les Familles Founsing” which is french for ‘The Founding Families’.

“Young lady, how do you know of Les Familles Founsing?”

“Okay well this is going to sound very sad but, my very great grandmother worked for them in 1867” Jacquette said.

“So, she was in the house when it was burnt into ashes?” asked Houde.

“Indeed, there weren’t six human remains found, there were seven.” They all gasped in shock.

“How come we are just hearing of such?” asked Sheriff Camus.

“They didn’t think the workers were too important during that time I assume? All that matters is that I’m a descendant of a family member who was murdered in cold blood by this terrible town, and I want to burn it to the ground.” Her sympathy act worked like a charm. “Though, I do not know the full story, someone please catch me up!” 

“My pleasure,” Dr. Bechard said, “On December 24th of 1867, the town turned against the Abero’s, the Camus’s, the Farrow’s, the DeRose’s, the Bechard’s, and the Houde’s, we have a theory that they were jealous of their riches, so they set their home aflame on… ” He paused. “Christmas Eve” Jacquette let out a fake gasp as if she was shocked or surprised by the news.

“That's truly deceitful!” She exclaimed as she placed her hand on her heart.          

“Indeed. Anyways, Mildred Bechard was pregnant at the time with her 5th child, luckily the rest of their families children were off fencing in the woods, so when the fire started, it was only the parents. So the children were orphaned and they ruled the fire an accident, but over the years we all began to figure it out. Now we plan to burn the town to the ground to avenge our ancestors and their children. Are you in, or are you going to tell our secret?” Bechard asked, everyone looked at her.

“Never, you can count on me to be all in. When is this happening?” asked Jacquette curiously.

“Christmas eve” said DeRose. 

“Are we going to evacuate?” 

“Why would we evacuate?” asked Carine. They all looked puzzled.

“Because, we wouldn’t just be destroying the town, we’d be killing thousands.” 

“Why do we care about people who didn’t want us in the first place?” Dr. Bechard asked with a snarky chuckle.

“O-Of course, you are absolutely right.” 

“What should we do to prepare for this day?” asked DeRose.

“First, start with plenty of research, old newsletters, history books, anything you can get your hands on.” Mayor Abero replied.

“I can take care of the research! I can go into the news office and say I need newsletters from December 24th of 1867.” Jacquette smiled, she knew how gullible and simple minded they all were.

“Excellent! Now for rest, you all know what to do, Bechard is on prescription changes, Camus guns, Jacquette research, DeRose go get the bombs from a man I know from Czech Republic. The rest of you keep, everyone in the town happy before their epic slaughter, like cattle and the butchers.” They all laughed,  Jacquette felt utterly disgusted and repulsed.

The rest of the meeting went smoothly, then it was time to leave.

“Wonderful night all, see you next friday.” Mayor Abero and Carine smiled as they waved everyone out of the house. 

“Oh, Jacquette darling,” Carine grabbed her arm, “You are a wonderful asset to us.”

Merci, Mrs. Abero.” She walked out of the house and drove home.

When Jacquette arrived home, she grabbed a flip phone out of her couch cushions, she proceeded to dial a phone number and paced around as it rang.

Bonjour?” The person said.

Bonjour, Yorkson.” She replied.

“Gagne, I assumed everything went smoothly at the Abero’s?”

“Yes,” she said, “I recorded everything, am I done now?” Jacquette asked.

“Not yet.” The person replied.

“What?! I want my money?” She exclaimed. 

“You must kill them.”

“What?! This wasn’t part of our arrangement!” She yelled.

“We asked you to get on the inside and find out what actually happened in 1867 to those people, then we’d tell you the rest.”

“You didn’t tell me I’d be committing a slaughter! These people have children and families!” Jacquette grew sweaty with panic and anxiety.

    “Jacquette, you’d be doing the world a favor by getting rid of those back-stabbing hypocrites! You’d be killing seven people and saving thousands! Plus, these people are evil, and we also already have perfect candidates for the children. We have people itching for a foster child. You’d be saving everyone in Accueil, including your family.” She took a minute to think. The man was right though. She’d only be killing seven people who want to burn down a town full of women and children, plus she had her own people to take care of for that matter.

“Fine. But I still get my $50,000?” 

“Of course. Call me next Friday. Au revoir.” Yorkson hung up. 

The next couple of Fridays were just them planning and taking a tiny bit of action, Bechard was prescribing false prescriptions to sick and gullible patients, causing them to feel worse. Camus was stealing guns from the station and smuggling them to Mayor Aberos house just in case anyone ever found out what they were planning, while Mayor Abero told everyone on Christmas Eve there would be a lockdown protocol, which was to make sure that everyone was in their houses when they set off the 10 bombs on all sides of the town, everyone was getting prepared. 

    The Friday before the day, they all met for a celebration dinner. 

    “Does the dinner look nice, Jacquette? I had my top chefs prepare all day for this special evening with all of us.” Mayor Abero asked.

    “It looks absolutely wonderful! The Coq au vin looks delicious.” Jacquette wasn’t lying though, the dinner was truly wonderful.

    “Jacquette, I seem to have forgotten to fetch the wine from the kitchen, won’t you fetch it for me?” 

    “Of course!” She rushed into the kitchen and she looked around the room to make sure nobody was in there, then she pulled out her flip phone. She dialed the phone number and paced around as is rung.

    “Yorkson!” She yelled into the phone.

    “God Jacquette, what’s up?” He asked.

    “How much chloroform should I put in the wine?”

    “Why is that important right now Jacquette?” He asked.

    “Oh, because I have never chloroformed someone before you bloody jerk!” She yelled. You could tell how nervous she was through her voice.

    “Half the bottle, stop freaking out.” 

    “I can’t tomorrow’s the day I murder seven people.” She poured the chloroform into the wine as she talked. She was quite good at multitasking.

    “Why do I need to chloroform them again?” 

    “Cause you need to get into Sheriff Camus’s phone and ask the police station to set out an alert about a gas leak in Accueil. so everyone has to pack their bags and be out by sundown, just as a safety precaution.”

    “What if people do not listen?” She asked.

    “Then they will just have to see a murder, or seven.” He chuckled.

    “This isn’t funny you fool. Whatever I’m gonna go. Au revoir.” She hung up, and took the wine bottle into the kitchen for the dinner.

    “I was thinking that each of us could make a toast of our own!” Mayor Abero said as Jacquette poured the wine into the glasses.

    “That’s a wonderful idea!” Carine exclaimed, “I for one, toast to a happy, healthy family.” They all raised their glasses.

    “I toast for a better future, and better tomorrow” said Bechard.

    “I toast to a happy and care-free life!” DeRose exclaimed, “Jacquette?” 

    “O-oh, I toast too…” she paused, “Great success?” After her embarrassing toast, they all drank, Jacquette made it look like she drank.

“I’m not a huge wine drinker but this stuff is scrumptious!” Jacquette gasped when she looked at the price tag on the side.

“Thank you! This bottle is Château Mouton Rothschild. One of the most expensive wines in France, it’s around $33,000.” Mayor Abero and Carine chuckled as they drank.

    “Oh, oh my.” Jacquette said. She was trying to sell her act, so she started swaying back and forth in her chair.

“Jacquette, darling? Everything okay-” before Carine could finish, Jacquette fell out of her chair onto the floor.

“Oh my lord!” Carine yelled.

“Bechard, help her!” Mayor Abero exclaimed.

“Should I get an ambulance?” Asked Sheriff Camus.

“Not necessary, she must just be a lightweight.” Bechard began to start swaying like Jacquette did. “Wait a moment, does anyone else feel nauseous?”

“Yes, Bechard, I do…” Carine said.

“Oh golly.” Everyone in the room collapsed. Jacquette got up and got out her flip phone, she proceeded to dial her boss, Yorkson’s number.

“Jacquette, why must you call me so much?”

“Just wanted to tell you that they are out.” She ran to Camus and grabbed her phone and texted the station to send out an alert, “the people will be out by dawn.”

“Wonderful.” He hung up. 

After she got into the Sheriff’s phone and sent out the gas leak alert, a half hour passed she went back into her position and pretended to be knocked out. Everyone began to awaken, they shook their heads and yawned.

“What just happened…” asked DeRose.

“Not sure?” Jacquette shook her head.

“It’s the wine,” said Mayor Abero, “I heard one glass hits you hard.” 

“But we were only out for an hour and a half?” Said Camus, skeptically.

“I’m just gonna go with Abero’s theory.” Said Jacquette.

“Theory?” they all asked.

“It’s just- nevermind.” 

“It’s what?” Asked Carine.

“We could’ve been drugged.” They all gasped at this theory.

“Darling, did your wine dealer roofie us?” Carine asked.

“It’s possible, I did steal his wife back in 1994, when he had cancer.” 

“Gautier!” Exclaimed Carine.

“No need for fighting! Let’s just forget it ever happened, plus nobody else has any reason to roofie us. Let’s just assume it was the wine, no need for further adaptations and beliefs.” They all shrugged it off eventually.

It was finally Saturday, the big explosion day. Jacquette was freaking out, she was about to kill seven people. She kept saying in her mind what Yorkson said to her, ‘Killing Seven, Saving Thousands’ she must have repeated that hundreds of times. None of them even noticed how dead the town was, which was great. They did have a lockdown protocol so people’s garages were closed, so nobody noticed the lack of cars.

“This is going to be truly amazing. Today’s revenge day.” Said Mayor Abero.

“Are the bombs in place, Houde?” Asked Carine.

“Yes, that Czech man wasn’t very specific though, but I know they are in place.”

“Then let’s get this show on the road then.” Jacquette let out a gulp and grabbed the gun out of her pocket and hid it behind her back.

“Just one push of the little button, and revenge will be served.” They all laughed as Jacquette stood behind everyone.

“3… 2… 1!” They pressed the button and looked towards the town. Nothing happened. They frowned and Mayor Abero screamed and stomped around as Jacquette took out her gun.

“What happened!? This was our only chance!” He yelled.

“Looked behind you, genius’s.” Jacquette pointed the gun at them all.

“Jacquette? What is going on?” Bechard asked.

“Your plan has been foiled!” She smiled, and shot up in the air. “I pretended that my very great grandmother worked for Les Familles Founsing in 1867, recorded the first meeting on my recorder that I hid inside of my pants, one of my Czech associates sold you counterfeit bombs, I chloroformed you, and I saved 8,783 people in the process.” Jacquette began to laugh.

“What’s so funny? You earned our trust and then you broke it.” Carine hid behind her husband as tears fell down her face.

“You guys never asked me about my family or anything. I actually am widowed, and have two girls, Laurentine and Laetita. They are the only thing I care about in this god forsaken town, and you were gonna kill them no problem, along with my mother, my brothers, everyone I love. You never asked me about any of that.” They all looked at eachother, with disappointed looks.

“I’m so sorry, we never even considered that.” Said Houde.

“Oh don’t be sorry, cause you weren’t just gonna kill my family, you’d be killing other people’s families too. My neighbor just gave birth to octuplets. You would’ve killed animals, babies, children, women. That’s when my boss Yorkson came to me at a coffee shop you all were sitting at and he told me he worked for the government. He said you all were plotting something big, and he knew what. He’d pay me $50,000 to get in your inner-circle, find out if your ancestors were actually murdered, then kill you on this night, with no second thought.”

“Kill us!” Exclaimed Mayor Abero.

“Indeed I will, but first, I did find out what really happened that night, I assume you deserve an explanation before I kill you.” 

“So, who did it then?” Asked Carine.

“Nobody. A candle fell and lit the building on fire. Your ancestors were too drunk to realize it until it was too late.”

“So everything was truly, for nothing?” They all looked at eachother.

“Yes. I do have to kill you though. Sorry.” 

    “Wait-” The air grew colder, snow began to fall. It almost felt like confetti coming from the air, as if it was a celebration. The bullets shot. They were loud, shrieks from Carine started. Her voice was repulsive. Jacquette was smiling as she did it. She had killed them all. She pulled out her flip phone and called Yorkson, covered in blood.

    “Yorkson?” She said.

    “Is it done?” He asked.


    “Are you okay? It’s not easy murdering for the first time.”

    “Do I get the $50,000 by cash or venmo?” She asked as she played with the blood on her arms.

    “Answer this question. Did you enjoy it?” He asked.

    “Just venmo me.” She hung up, as she smiled, she began to walk off and left the bodies there. She whispered to herself, ever so quietly, “That was quite fun.” Like that, a monster was created.

August 20, 2020 14:56

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B. W.
15:55 Aug 24, 2020

i really like this, imma give you a 10/10


Jorja Orne
21:50 Aug 24, 2020

Thanks :-)


B. W.
22:06 Aug 24, 2020

no problem ^^ and if you havent, could you maybe go check out "goddess child" and "Legend of Evie" ? i'd love to see what you have to say


Jorja Orne
22:22 Aug 24, 2020

Of course! I'll read now :-)


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The Cold Ice
03:00 Sep 02, 2020

Mysterious story.Great job👍keep it up. Would you mind to read my story “The dragon warrior?”


Jorja Orne
17:52 Sep 02, 2020

Thank you! And sure :-)


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