The black manor

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Crime Fantasy Horror

Contest 64

This weeks theme- Out on the moor

Set your story in a Gothic manor house.

They entered an ice-cold attic full of cobwebs and dust. The brown ceiling was low and the walls were pitch black. There was only one window through which the wind screeched. Old looking skulls, bones, rag dolls with names, eyeballs, and hands were hanging from the top. Books and boxes were scattered everywhere. She could see maps of the city. Some broken mirrors stuck on the walls. This was where people had spotted the criminal. He had to be found because attacks were getting worse day by day.

Erelene Spargo was a detective on a mission with her new team. Eddie Clark, Jennifer Clove and Sam Bird. She had dark brown eyes and a solid jawline. She solved every case she got. But the case she got this time had not been solved in years. Many detectives came and went but could not solve it. Most people had high hopes because they thought Erelene had solved many cases like this one. However, it was not the same for her. She had never solved a case like this.

The floor was continuously creaking as they searched the small room. Several paintings were hanging on the walls. Scary paintings of dead people. Dead animals, birds flying without feathers and flesh. Nobody dared to make a sound. This manor was uncanny. Erelene was examining the golden frame by the tip of her fingers. Sliding it down she saw fresh blood dripping from the frame onto a wooden deck. She moved her torch closer and saw a tiny clock stuck to the wall. Its needles were shining red. Suddenly the clock started to tick loudly. From one to twelve. And then it

stopped. The birds went quiet, the cars moving across the street didn't make a sound. Her team was motionless. It looked as if silenced reigned. The atmosphere became dark and eerie as the curtain of night fell upon the place. Erelene searched all around, trying to find something that would stop this madness. She searched the books but they were not helpful at all. She searched the boxes but they were full of scrolls with old writing. At last, she examined the rag dolls. One of them was torn from the neck with the name Tom. The second was covered with dried blood with the name Maria. She began to realize they were the names of some of her relatives who had mysteriously died. The third only had a head and the last one was perfectly fine, but with her name. She gazed around and saw countless dolls hanging with different names. Some harmed and some unharmed.

Erelene, come to gloat! said a voice that brought a chill to her spine.

 She knew at once who it was. But it can't have been true she thought. The one who did all those crimes.  Erelene turned around and saw her brother glaring at her with his bloodshot eyes. She quickly checked the case file in her coat. The pictures matched flawlessly. But her brother had died in an accident. There was no way he could be alive. She did not believe in supernatural things. The after life or anything like that.

Erelene went for her phone. You're stuck between time Erelene, he said with his cold, drawling voice. It's no good. 

Stand down! you're under arrest, she said her voice trembling.

 That's all you've got to say? Don't you want to know what happened to your brother? Don't you want to know where I was all these years?  He said, his voice still calm. You and father decided to give me for the volunteering of the new medicine, remember that? Well, I didn't die in the lab. The medicine had brutal effects on me, It tore my veins. It broke my bones. 

I screamed and shouted but none of them heard. None of them cared about me-

Tom, we did, we- She began

NO! you didn't He shouted. You left me there to die! 

They brought me into this- this gothic manor. I stayed here in the morning and got out at night. Can you imagine what it's like? To be stuck in here. But now, I've finally found you. Now I can have that revenge. Look, the worlds best detective finally caught. He said while pulling something out of his pocket. But Erelene was too fast she hit him right on the nose. Blood trickled down his nose and in a second went back.

 You can't hurt me Erelene, I'm a freak of nature!  He said while trying to slam her against the wall.

The floor was creaking frantically. Erelene knew it wasn't going to hold any longer. So she jumped on the wooden shelves. Several jars fell. Tom came right after her. This was her only chance. Erelene pulled him by his sleeve and handcuffed Tom. They weren't going to hold long so she pulled the needles of the clock from twelve to one. Everything stopped for a split second. Then a strong wind burst upon them. His emaciated brother had dirt and grit all over his face. Erelene could not hold him any longer. Tom slipped from her hand laughing. She could see his torn tongue and broken jaw. And with the cold wind he disappeared. 


There has to be some kind of explanation for this, Are you sure it was him?

How many times do I have to tell you! Erelene said. 

Look, things cannot fall out of the laws of science and nature. 

 She did not want to think about Tom but was pretty sure he would not escape her mind. Erelene looked out at the night sky. She could hear the coyotes howling and the deer's screaming. She could hear the trains in the distance. The bats noises, the car horns and the The worst night is the one when there are no sounds at all.

maybe they can She said.


October 23, 2020 14:43

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