Suspense Thriller Mystery

Drenched, scared, and dreaded: Can you feel all at the same time? To all humans I have seen in my life, they prank these feelings only during Halloween days or when they are in the mood to play on innocents. I have seen urchins scaring the wits of passers-by from their notorious balconies. Balconies being notorious? Well, they have become nefarious living with nefarious fishes in the same lake. One such balcony is right next to me, but I see her every day in the morning. Sad and dejected.

I have been here isolated since I was entrenched in these heavy walls, bulwarking better than mighty forts of palaces. Though they are strong, being at their heart, I feel the throbs aging with time as tenants live, love, enjoy, and one day hand over the keys to someone new, and then the one-day freshness of a happy life turns into an old story painted on these walls for someone new to remove these memories and paint theirs and then someone new and then new and new. I never counted how many people have left but never ignored their secrets. How can you ignore secrets? Especially when you are not human.

I have seen people kill, maim, love, cheat, get frustrated, and then one day leave. I think I have mastered reading minds now. I can predict predicament, jealousy, hatred, crime, and even love. I may not predict how it may come, but the feelings come to your mind when you see people wailing, hating, loving, and screeching. Though petrification and love are poles apart, the intensity with which both spurt a human mind is shockingly similar. What I discovered today is neither one of them nor anything that I have seen before. This one is revenge. Though I have seen with my open sash some really wicked evils, this one is infamous and shockingly lovely.

I do enjoy rains and cold winds are my friends. People say I am named after the latter but I think they are nothing without me. Winds blow high but when they exceed, they are no less than storms, which haunt humans. Storms are a part of nature but nowadays they are aggravating to a level as scary as love turning dark. Once you realize you are making amends and loosening all the strings attached one by one until the whole rope breaks and then you realize that it's broken and cannot be glued back. Similarly, humans tend to see signs as a haunt and disastrous but not as signs. You see it, get traumatized and recovered, and define it as nature.


Cretinism is scary and I think one of the many stupid feelings that humans have mastered. I think I am fortunate to be a window, isolated, cannot move, walk, talk, hear, eat, love, kill, and the most advantageous: No Brains! But what's the only thing similar to any window and I is sight. We are not dumb! We can see!

Drenched, scared, and dreaded. You can feel all of them at the same time and today what I saw was Revenge. A man loving his wife for years now and killing her brutally. Then goes to his kids, tortures them with electrical shocks until they succumb to it, and sees me.

He starred, saw me, shrugged, took a chair, and sat right in front of me. "Did you see that?"

Now did you feel those three at the same time? That's what happened. How can he see me seeing him. And How?

I asked the winds to blow and they immediately did, shut me and shhhhh.... Didn't see what happened.

That night, I was shut but there was blood dripping all over my body. I woke up and saw that man affixed onto me and his eyes streaming blood all fresh.

Right in front, I saw the balcony. There was his wife lying atop the edge of her. I could feel the weight of the women. Apparently, it was lighter than the bulky man lying on me. The question is How? He killed his family but who killed him? Did he kill himself? I saw the gun lying outside on the road and blood drolling all over the walls from my mouth. Then saw someone was there.

Shut open shut open shut open shut open shut open shut open shut open shut open. Was that me?

Winds blew and a massive storm came. They don't know the meaning of suspense. Couldn't they wait? Let this be dreadful enough so that there is no more nonsense in this house. No more tenants. No more visitors. Just peace.

Shut Open Shut Open Shut Shut Shut Shut.

The next morning the house was locked, all bodies taken by the police. reports were made, headlines as something interesting for human life, like they may not live without seeing it again and again and solving it, thinking what happened. But there was peace.

"I don't think it was me that night" shuttering I played with my sash

"What do you mean?" asked the bemused wind

"I don't know. When I told you to shut me that night..." I smashed hard and then opened it again "You were there right?"

"Hey....... stop! Don't!" the wind cautioned as a massive bulldozer was ready to demolish the house. As they moved towards the balcony a big ball raced like a pendulum into the house and the balcony went out the window. "Stop! Nooooooo! " I was awestruck and watched mighty brains which until now were stupid but defined stupidity as reality. A massive thud broke my patience, the walls were on their knees and I with my sash wasn't moving.

And shut shut shut open shut. I saw myself in the air and there were cameras, lights, reflections, and a reporter swiftly sung something. Silence ran in the air and the wind was shocked to see me.

"What happened?" I asked

"You are in the air. Hung "

"What?" I saw myself lying affixed in the air with void and nothing below. Nothing. just me stuck in the air. I was famous and saw that man with his wife and kids cheering in the crowd. I got it. It was again... I was reading minds. Couldn't read my mind though. It's complex. Because it's with No Brains!

"What are the reports saying?" I asked the wind

"They are saying something like 'The isolated house was just demolished and a miracle happened when everything was demolished but one of the windows in the house hung in the air. The house is said to be empty with no tenants for the last 20-30 years and the window.....'"

Shut open shut open shut open shut shut shut shut

June 05, 2021 10:12

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