The Last Thing

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Adventure Horror Suspense

The soft, cool breeze blew across my face. Millions of snowflakes danced without fail, circling my shivering body. I cringed. My black raven hair immediately stood up and followed the breeze across my face, only it stuck on my bare head and pulled me along. My clothes were completely in rags and looked of no colour existing. I exhaled as white mist exited through my mouth. This was a glacial place. I don’t know how many more moments I could take in that icy wonderland. Collapsing towards the powdery snow, I took a deep breath and then fell unconscious. 

Blinking, I stood up. Rubbing my pale forehead, I was appalled to see myself in a dark, taunting tower. There were no doors or windows in the teensy space, just a mirror. The metal around it was carved into beautiful patterns. I looked into the mirror. However, the reflection in the mirror was not the same young lady like I am now. The girl in the mirror wore a rose pink dress. She was completely clean, far from the dirty rags I was wearing now. The girl cackled and disappeared. I saw myself again. The mirror was fairly blurry and I couldn’t see the girl’s features clearly. There was something I knew, though. She isn’t me.

I sat in front of the mirror for hours, staring at it in awe. I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed. This is fake, Mia. This is fake, I kept reminding and persuading myself that it wasn’t real. However, the truth can’t be kept from you. It was real, it was very real! Then I went back to convincing myself it was a dream and if I woke up in my toasty bed at home everything would be okay. But it was not okay. Abruptly, my eyes locked, I once again collapsed to the ground, and fainted. 

Even though I was completely in a deep sleep I kept hearing this whispery voice that was absolutely disturbing. Mia… Mia… Mia…

I kept on hearing my name. Soon the world started turning into a spiral kind of behavior and I was sucked into a rainbow coloured hurricane. I screamed as loud as I could, but even my loudest yelp sounded like a little bee buzzing around in the extremely terrifying ordeal. Suddenly, everything went calm. My body went limp and I fell into a soft, green field of grass. I inhaled and smelled sweet flowers. Even if I died, right there on the meadow, I would be so grateful to finally end that bemusing and haunting scenery. After finally sitting up, I walked towards the nearest shelter, a barn. Luckily, it was an abandoned place so I could stay there for weeks.

Finally. Alone. I inhaled in relief and fell into a deep sleep.

However, I realized that whenever I slept the terrifying voice and

that girl would appear in my head! I was forced to stay awake but I didn't want to. Frustrated, I sobbed and through hay around. I was still sobbing when something suspicious moved in front of me. I grabbed a wooden stick and pointed it in front of me. Then, I realized it was nothing dangerous but a small mouse. I cringed then smiled. I mean, seeing such an adorable creature after all that happened today was so wonderful. I still wanted to return to my home, though it was a bit late... I decided I would stay in this barn for a few days until I recovered. I still didn't want to leave anywhere though. I was extremely... sleepy... but I can't sleep...

No!!! Oops, I was just having a nightmare. I fell asleep again! It was impossible for me to not sleep! Why can't that girl just leave me alone?! Ugh.

There was definitely something odd going around. I once again found myself in the winter wonderland, only this time I was sitting in a carriage pulled by reindeer and I was dressed as a snow queen. An ice palace stood above me. I grinned. Finally, I had what I needed.

However, NO! It went all wrong. Everything I touched turned to ice! So I couldn't eat, sleep, or touch anyone. Also, whenever I was frustrated about my "icy touch" everything I touched would turn into snow, and then break apart. It looked like there was nothing fit for me in this world...

Then I found myself working in a bakery. I was wearing a countryside dress and was in the middle of rolling dough. Some people stopped by and smiled at me. They all called me "Charlotte" or "Darling" or "Dear". Of course this wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was nice enough. I was "Charlotte-Darling-Dear" for a few years. Then, I was changed into another setting. This time, I was the princess of Britain. At first, I thought, Aaah! Finally something I want. But no. It was not what I wanted. I didn't want to be a snobby princess. Finally, I faced the last thing.

I was the girl I had nightmares about for weeks. I lived in an estate. This was exactly what I was years before I was the "dirty-rags-girl". I had no idea what changed me, but it did, and I have detested it since... Wait how many years? Ten?! Moreover, I had no idea how old I was now. Looking into the mirror I would say around early middle-aged.


I didn't want to be a snow queen. I didn't want to be "Charlotte-Darling-Dear". I didn't want to be a snobby princess. I didn't want to be the girl I had nightmares about. For the first time in forever, I wanted to be the "dirty-rags-girl".

I concentrated really hard and worked until I was an old woman of eighty. One day, I was knitting a sweater when my eyes locked forever, my hands dropped and the cold cottage I lived in went dark.

I heard the whispery voice again.

When a person dies, its spirit is carried towards the sky and becomes a star.

From that day on, I became a star, and finally I had what I wanted. I was the last thing before I died, and I was joyful.

July 06, 2021 18:20

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