The Special Apple.

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Christmas Adventure Fantasy

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl in a huge castle. Her Castle was made of snow. It was the softest, whitest, and most plush snow anyone in the world has ever seen. She lived in the castle all alone besides her pet which was a polar bear. The polar bear was a miniature and talkative anyone has ever seen. She held the power of the winter season, which means she controls the snow and ice. She loved Christmas for more reasons then one, but this year she was losing her power and growing ill. She needed to figure out why and fast… her name is Love and this is her story.

         Love was a six-teen year-old snow princess, the most powerful princess in the world. She was so strong and powerful that people feared the power she was capable of, so they banished her to her own castle in the middle of nowhere. She was so lonely until Christmas came around, Love and her family celebrated Christmas and so did her people only then was she loved for bringing snow for the season. But that was not the case this year… this year she felt ill, she could not figure out why, but she did. She decided to call her mother to figure out if she knew after all her mother was Mother Nature aka the mother of all living things and animals.

Hey mom, I have a problem. I feel ill and I have no reason why. Would you be able to help me?” Love asked nervously. She was so worried when she asked her mother, but she had to find out. She paced while she was on the phone waiting for her mother’s response would be.

Her mother was silent for a while as Love could hear pages of her mothers’ Nature book as she was zipping through the pages to see what the matter with her daughter was. Suddenly, the noise stopped and her mother gasped.

Honey we have a problem, and it needs solved fast there is good and bad news. Which one would you like to hear the good or bad news first honey?” Mother Nature seemed a little to tense for Loves likin, but love had to know.

Good news first like always mother. So, what is it?” Love said with a sigh knowing either way it was bad.

Her mother cleared her throat “Well the good news is that it is curable, but you will need a special Apple of mine, but I do not have it on me. Its located in the dessert with sand man to keep it safe.”

Love was skeptical as is, but she had to know the bad news. “What is the bad news then?”

“Its just that if you don’t get it in time, Christmas will not be around anymore, and you will lose your power of snow and ice and everything in between.” Her mother had a hint of worry in her voice.

Love was more worried then she thought was going to be. she thought to herself out loud “How could I possibly let this happen?” “How could I let my family down!” “I need to get that apple right now, and with no time to spare.”

Love hurried to her closet to put on her Adventure outfit. One she could wear in all weather and it adapted to each season. She knew she had to get her gadgets, material, food, and water all together fast. There was only one thing that she dreaded; it was going out through town where her people did not like her for that she gave them ice along with the snow. Ice that killed crops and made their roads dangerous. In this moment she could not let that stop her, she needed this.

She walked through the side roads, down the hidden tunnels, but she still had to walk down the Main Street of her town called Holly Town. Love walked with her head down, hurrying past the people of her town. Until one good gust of wind came through and blew the hood down and a few citizens saw her. She tried to make them quiet, but they were not happy at all. She started running as they started yelling at her.

GET OUT OF HERE!” A young gentle man yelled

“WE DON’T NEED YOUR HELP! SCRAM!” An Elder yelled with such power in his voice.

Then Love got distracted by all the harsh and rude comments that she stumbled and fell. A pair of rough older shoes stopped in front of her. She looked up to see a younger teen male standing in front of her. He did not seem to be rich nor poor but in the middle class.

He smiled at her and then leaned down to help her up gently and then had a gentle but stern tone in his voice.” Are you okay ma’am? You fell pretty hard.”

“Let me help you up. Where are you going in such a hurry Love?” He said with such confusion.

“I have to go see Sand man in the sunny dessert across the country for a special apple.” She said in such a hurry while trying to run away.

“An apple? What is so special about an apple?” He asked as if he never heard of this apple Love spoke about.

“Its an apple that could cure anyone if it is digested. And I need it by a week, or I will lose my powers and no more snow, ice, or anything in between.” She said in such worried and hurried voice.

He stood in disbelief from what he was told until he got a sense of encouragement and said “I will help you get that Apple. You can trust me Love!”

“Why should I trust you? The only thing you the citizens have sent me was hateful words of how I am horrible for making ice from snow.” Love said with such annoyance in her voice then procced to say, “Plus I don’t even know your name.”

He straightened his posture and made himself look confident and with a smile he offered his had for a handshake and said “My name is Luke. It is a pleasure to meet you Love.”

Love shook his hand and smiled while she said “Well hello Luke but are you certain you want to embark on this adventure with me? Are you ready for this?”

“I sure am, plus if you lose your powers how am I able to figure skate? That is my favorite part other than Christmas. I like how you turn snow into something beautiful.” Luke said with such passion in his voice that Love admired.

They went on flying carpet rides, fighting wild gorillas, evil genies, the nightmare dream keeper. Luke and Love was very exhausted by this time in their journey. They kept a journal of their thoughts …...

“Dear Diary,                                                                    December 14th                       We have been on this adventure for 5 days now. We had some ups and downs but that was expected but Love is Looking worse than the day I met her. I wish I could do more than just help her along and with her travels then just be here. She grows exhausted as the week goes on. I hope we get there in time and not a moment less. I have waited years to meet her. She is sweeter than anyone makes her out to be, she is not this sort of monster. I wish seen that from my point of view, but I fear she will not see it that way. That is all the information on today diary.

Your friend,


The journey went on slower and slower as Loves condition worsened with each day. Her powers slowly shriveling away as her body gets colder and stiffer than the following day. Until one day they were on a hot air balloon that Luke whipped together with spare clothing to help them get to the sand mans dessert faster than planned.

They were asleep on the balloon ride until Luke got extremely hot and sweating. He stumbled and finally pulled himself up to see where they were at and he cheered with happiness and relief.

“ Love where here! We made it! Love look!” He cheered and looked back at love with a smile.

Love got up slowly and weakly to her feet and was so happy. She wished she was not as weak as she was to be able to cheer.

She tapped Luke and said “ Luke look there. the sand mans garden” She paused then proceeded to say “That’s where we need to go for the apple, we need to land there okay?”

“I will try my best to land there Love. Just hang on” Luke said worried yet stern knowing this is the time he had to be more focused then ever before in his life.

They landed in the out skirts of the sand mans garden and they were walking to the garden when they met the one and only sand man.

“Hello, Love nice to see you again and who shall this be?” Sand man asked confused as why she brought him to see him.

“Sir she needs her mothers special apple or else she will lose her power.” Luke said in a hurry but politely.

Sand man was extremely worried and asked, “How long has she been like this?”

“She has been like this for a week now so if she doesn’t get that apple, she will lose her powers,” Luke said more worried than before.

Then the sand man motioned to Luke and Love to come with him on his Magical carpet made of dreams. He flew so high over the garden and it was the most admirable view ever saw by Luke and Love. When he found the apple, he flew down to the branch .

“There Luke pick the apple from the tree its important you be careful and pick it being extremely gently.” Sand man said to Luke as he motioned to the branch.

 Luke plucked it and Sand man flew to the ground. Sand man looked worried as Luke gave the apple to Love back at the hot air balloon. Time was almost up for her losing her power and everything she would stand for.

Love procced to take the apple and thanking Luke and the Sand man for their troubles. She Took a bite and swallowed it but nothing changed in her health. She was still very ill , stiff, and freezing. Then when Luke got upset about it he hugged her and then something happened. A big gust of wind, snow, rain, and sun all came in a small circle. When they could finally open their eyes to see what happened, Love saw her mother. Love and Luke was confused on why she was there.

“My dear sweet Love, you passed my test.” Mother Nature said with such heartfelt warmth in her words.

“What test? What about her powers? “Luke said anxiously

“The test to see if she would finally trust a citizen one from her own town. To prove to her that they might dislike her powers, but they love her. That love is made in all sizes and shapes and moments. And the journey to pick this apple together was a test to see if she would trust you to go and bring back an apple that would help her. In terms she always had her powers I just stopped her powers for a while. “Mother Nature said to Luke with a smile on her face.

The End …

By Mariah Philips

October 15, 2020 17:14

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Sue Marsh
15:06 Oct 22, 2020

Mariah, the storyline sounds like a cross between Snow White and Frozen, but the ending was done beautifully. I saw typos but that is par for the course. Good job and keep writing. P.S. If you have a moment please read my story "Just Picking Apples"


Mariah Danielle
21:29 Oct 22, 2020

Okay thank you ill go back and recheck it all and take all your suggestions ❤ and I will be sure to check out your story too !!


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