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Bedtime Fantasy Fiction


Utsav lived with his mother and newly wedded wife , Zoe , in Mumbai . His father had passed away a few years back . Utsav completed his MD and was working in a reputed hospital as a cardiologist . Zoe and Utsav were school time classmates . Friendship blossomed into love and soon they decided to get married . He was leading a contented life with his family . His elder brother was living separately with his friend.

    One day , while having dinner, Utsav told his mother and Zoe that he wished to go to USA for further studies , but financial crunch was holding him back . 

"Why don't you go to Balu ? , " suggested his mother . " He once told me that that his friend is a magician . He has a magic lamp which has the power to fulfill all the wishes of the person who possesses it . You can ask him to lend you the lamp . "

   " Mom , it will be very embarrassing for me to do that . " 

      One day, Utsav's mother went to Balu's house on her way back home from her boutique . She told him that Utsav wished to go to USA for further studies , but he didn't have enough money to pursue his dreams. "Balu please lend Utsav your magic lamp ."

," Are you joking , mom ? , asked Balu , surprised. " The lamp isn't mine . It's Anum's . He will never agree to part with it ."

" Atleast try . Maybe he'll agree ," she pleaded . "I'll try but can't promise."

" It's my birthday tomorrow . I'm throwing a party at home for my very close friends . Please come  over to my place at 7 pm sharp" , messaged Balu to Utsav . 

    Next day when Utsav reached Balu's house ,he was shocked to see a palatial house. Balu welcomed him and took him inside. The party went on till the wee hours of the morning.

     After all the guests had left , Utsav reminded Balu of the lamp . Balu introduced him to a stocky middle aged man . " He is Anum , my friend, from whom I have learnt magic . You can talk to him about it. " 

     After the party was over and all the guests had left , Balu and Anum took Utsav to a dark room . Anum asked him to sit down in the rocking chair . Anum took out 

a lamp from the cupboard . "Abracadabra" , chanted Anum , rubbing a golden lamp " . 

   A huge figure appeared from nowhere . " What can I do for you my master ", he blared . 

   " I am the ginie of this lamp . Tell me your wish . I will fulfill it . 

" Give Utsav whatever he wants " , ordered Anum to the ginie . 

" Here Utsav take this lamp and ask what you want ." Utsav felt dizzy . With shivering hands he rubbed the lamp .  

  "What can I do for you ?" 

" I want money , he stuttered . His throat was dry and hands were clumpy and sweaty . 

The Ginie handed him a brown package and vanished. Utsav opened the package with shaking hands . There was a bundle of crisp currency notes in it . Utsav was in daze . He just couldn't fathom what was happening .

    This now became a regular feature . Everytime Utsav went to Balu's house the Ginie appeared before him and gave him money . Utsav became greedy for more . He wanted the lamp . He felt that it could solve all his problems .

   Balu refused to sell his lamp , but seeing that Utsav was adamant , he agreed to sell the lamp for ten lakhs . Excitedly Utsav was about to rub the lamp to try its magic. Balu stopped him.

" No no , don't do that . It will take about two to three months to get activated . If you touch the lamp before that , some mishap may befall you and your family ", warned Anum . " Don't even open the package before time . It will turn to useless paper if you do that. " 

     Utsav signed the agreement papers and took the lamp home . He showed the lamp to his mother and Zoe . " Let's try it ", said his mother excitedly.. Utsav told her about  Anum's warning. Zoe felt that something was amiss. She looked at the lamp suspiciously.

     About a couple of months passed . Utsav's application  came through . He had got admission in a reputed university in USA. He had to pay the fees  within a fortnight . Due to the lockdown, the banks were closed . He was in a fix . " Why don't you try the lamp ?" , suggested his mother again .

 After hesitating for sometime, Utsav took out the lamp  from his briefcase . He rubbed the lamp . No Ginie appeared . He rubbed it harder and chanted the magic words , 'Abracadabra'. Again nothing happened. Zoe tore open the sealed package only to find fake currency notes . 

." Your brother has cheated you " , said Zoe sarcastically . 

" I have myself seen the Ginie" , said Utsav emphatically . He himself gave me the package. I think I should have waited for a few more months as advised by Anum uncle . Hope no mishap  befalls us . " 

 Zoe picked up the lamp and examined it closely . " It's just an ordinary gold plated lamp . You got befooled by its glitter and fell into their trap . " 

  Zoe barged into Balu:s house along with the police . She dragged Balu by the collar and ordered him to give the real lamp and all the money he had taken from her husband . " What lamp are you talking about ?" , asked Balu . 

" Don't try to act smart . I am a black belt in judo and karate . I am a CBI officer ."

 Zoe threw a few hard punches at him and snatched the lamp from Balu's hand . She rubbed it hard. There was a flash of light. 

" My name is Greed . " I am actually a fairy who got trapped in the lamp due to a curse 

 " Thank you for freeing my master and me ."

 Zoe listened to the story with wide eyes as the ginie continued , " My master 

 belonged to the Sultan . After his death , his queen sold off his house and settled abroad. My master was sent to the museum . A thief stole him from there .He accidentally dropped him in a cave while running from the police . Balu and Anum found him  when they had gone there for a picnic . By his knowledge of magic, Anum came to know of our powers . He took us to his house . He began to misuse our powers  . Balu became his partner in crime . They showed computer generated ginies to trap innocent and unsuspecting people like Utsav . " 

Anum and Balu were arrested . 

 Zoe returned the lamp to the museum .The ginie bid good bye and went back to her parents . Utsav took a loan from the bank to pursue his dreams. 

January 30, 2021 17:45

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Kay (:
04:37 Feb 08, 2021

Utsav lived with his mother and newly wedded wife , Zoe , in Mumbai . His father had passed away a few years back . Utsav completed his MD and was working in a reputed hospital as a cardiologist . So I see you have something continuously in this story, putting a space between punctuation marks. It's a big pet peeve of mine and drew my attention else where from the story. They story itself wasn't drawing me in but you have a good story idea. So a few things on the title, don't make it in caps, and you spelled Genie wrong, make sure you read...


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