So came I, Prometheus

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Christian Crime Fiction

For in my life, once a most loyal servant of the most secular guardianship, have I incorruptibly and undeniably did what was requested of me – without fault no less!

How foolish am I?

For in the service, I have willingly committed things that have now showcased themselves to be the opposite of what they were!

For in the duty, I have willingly exacted crimes instead of due justice upon people who were really the heroes of this nation!

For in the struggle, I have willingly destroyed and banished many that I now drag back and I accept all their frustrations flogging me!

For in the Hell I have created for others, I am now the Lucifer of this secular guardianship but I am the St. Paul of these people!

Oh Zeus, you tyrant of tyrants! I cast the flame of revolution and the arts of solidarity into these laboring masses, these working people! No more, no more shall I accept your orders ever again! You may have been the secular providence, but now I serve actual Providence which guides my heart to the ones who most need it!

Liken to Saul, I have understood you well to enforce your rule and yet I have sinned against all humankind despite understanding your laws to the letter; who knew that legalism as a morality was no replacement for understanding the deeds done, that a legalistic-intention combatting revolutionary-intentions is truly the worser intention. Liken to Saul further, I have become now Paul with my willingness to see and to repent with my undying-service to them for all the evils I have done; no one can stop me from being their banner-carrier, nor stop me from carrying out their will with a most educated head on my shoulders. Liken to Prometheus, I had installed you into power with all my might and I can take you away with the same ferocity; trusting me all of your secrets, perhaps the worst mistake you could have made. Liken to Prometheus, I shall throw myself into the gauntlet and waste all of who I am so that they may have their hands smoother and cleaner than mines; they saw through my efforts what it is they must do whenever I am unavailable, and I can hear through the walls that my acts of justice was well-understood to even noisily-pierce through thick-concrete!

Yesterday, you hailed me and promised me a most glorious spot as advisor to the most secular guardianship that has casted off this pseudo-religion of the old Republic for itself; in reality, all other oppressed groups religious that didn't bend the knee suffered the same tyranny as the previous-tyranny but with now a new color and new phrases. Today, you have chained me to my rock and allowed solitary-confinement to be my charred-eagle that eats away at the liver that churns all my nearly unrepentable crimes into revolutionary fervor; the many I have quashed thinking that they couldn't see we were freeing them, oh how I have lied to myself and made my existing sins dozen-fold worse for such! Tomorrow, the hammers shall rise up to the sky with their pitchforks and rip-apart your false-sky to reveal the true-sky that lurks above; the workers may rely on religion to numb all the terrors and horrors of your tyranny guised as a "liberated" "republic", but it shall stoke a greater fire that you forgot to quench before our deal was finalized with the old Republican-Dictatorship overthrown. Oh I promise you, tyrants, this much, and even more to come when I am free from these walls that you have thrown me into!

All the weapons you have stored in your armories, now I can hear the many bastilles being raided in defence of the revolution!

All the propaganda and censorship offices, overtaken and now spreading the radical-flames in the flaming-tongue of revolution!

All the distribution centers, now collectively-seized by the workers who truly ran the show since the beginning and now they distribute only to the partisans and anti-you forces without any delay!

All the other class-traitors like me in cells like mine, we await our sentence either from your axes or their guillotines if they think we are unrepentable for the crimes we've committed; here and now, I accept whatever necessity shall come and viciously grip my corpus!

Perhaps it was overdue, my revolt, since the very creation of this league of seculars – the air must have been poisonously-sweet to not notice the daggers you had in waiting for me. Perhaps it was overdue, this revolution happening currently, since you first overthrew the old Republican-Dictatorship – long overdue if you asked me now. Perhaps it was overdue, the unsilenceable's righteous anger, when you unrepealed the old edicts and statutes you originally repealed – that was your first mistake that even shook me cold in my uniform. Perhaps, perhaps, but now it is happening, the working peoples had had it with your tyranny!

I can no longer run away from the Truth, instead I run towards it and help others turn towards the Truth whenever possible! You may have gagged me from the outside, but that sparked a greater flame inside me and the revolution itself! They may seem disorganized, yet they are fast-learners and can deceive even your best strategists with their stratagem they refine by the minute of every battle they wage against you! The World may look with weary eyes and bitter anticipation expecting an unceasing blood-bath, but I know you don't even have half the strength nor terror as the old Republican-Dictatorship had when you first came to me when I was their advisor and wished to end their reign of terror.

Maybe you will realize your grave mistake, wishing to free me when hope seems lost when they keep winning better and better through all the failures they keep learning from more and more. Maybe you will even fall to your knees, begging me to do it again and to unscrew all the things I have put into motion to overthrow you all through the working masses. Maybe you will even delude yourself into thinking I can be bribed and be able to forge documents to deny my involvement in anti-government activities against you, yet I can see through your veneer that this is another dagger waiting for me once I unveil it be means of my hypothetical-quashing this revolution. Maybe you will then finally dispose of me and never worry again with your newfound power, and this is what shall really poise for the overthrow you desperately need if you are to even retain the rights to have a grave in the Revolutionary Terror's own eyes!

Whatever shall occur in the days that proceed from now, I will rather be decapitated than add salt to the spiritual wound I have inflicted onto the Entire World.

July 17, 2021 01:49

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