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Bedtime Fantasy Inspirational

   John lived with his wife Ema and pet dog Bruno. They were both very helpful and good at heart. All the neighbours loved and respected them. Bruno was the only companion they had , their children having moved to seek their own destinies. Bruno was a cute little dog with silken brown coat . 

    One day the couple was playing in their garden with Bruno. Suddenly , Bruno sniffed hard and began to bark loudly. He ran to a spot under the oak tree and began circling it , jumping and wagging his tail vigorously. 

     " What's the matter Bruno? Why are you behaving like this?" asked John , pulling him by his leash . Bruno dug the spot with his paws and sniffed hard. He pulled out something . Picking it up in his mouth , Bruno ran towards Ema . She bend down to see what Bruno was holding in his mouth. She gave out a loud shriek holding up a diamond necklace . " Look John, what Bruno has found . " 

" Isn't it the same necklace your father mentioned in the diary " , asked Ema .

" Yes it's the same one ", replied John. " He has also mentioned about a chest of coins . We need to find that too " . The couple dug up the spot and found the treasury. They brought it inside and kept the chest of coins safely in the cupboard. 

Ema took out her father in law's

red diary . In neat handwriting he had written a note for them ,' I have kept box of gold coins and a necklace under the oak tree . They are our family heirloom. Now that I am going ,I want to pass it on to .you. "

" I just can't believe my luck " said Peter.

" Why don't you sell these off and pay the debts" suggested Ema .

       A few days later John went to his neighbour, Peter , who was a jeweller . " Peter , I wish to sell this off . Please help me . " 

Peter looked at the necklace . " He must have stolen this and now wants to sell it off to avoid suspicion" Peter thought. 

" This is a beautiful piece . From where did you get it ?" asked Peter.

" It's my family heirloom. But I have to sell it to pay off my debts " sighed John sadly. 

   " I will let you know about it" said Peter examining the jewelry and the coins . 

" Shall I come back tomorrow?"asked John.

" Yes ." 

Bruno yelped as Peter patted his head "Why do you always snap at me dear ?"

Bruno glared at Peter as he followed John out of the shop . 

    Peter had a bad reputation of telling lies and cheating . His business was falling because of this. But he somehow managed to convince his customers that he was innocent and all that they had heard were alleged rumours. 

      Next day , while John and Ema were having tea , there was a knock on the door. Bruno jumped out of his bed and ran towards the door. John opened the door and found Peter standing . John and Ema welcomed him warmly . Ema offered him coffee and cakes . Bruno began to bark loudly.

" Don't be naughty , Bruno . Go and lie down" ordered peter . 

Bruno snarled at Peter and lay down on the carpet . 

" John , I am sorry to say that this necklace is fake. It's just ordinary stones , not precious gems as you claim . Even the coins are nothing but painted pieces of metal. " 

" What rubbish are you saying. You are joking. " 

Ema looked at the necklace and coins with disbelieving eyes.

" I don't believe you, Peter . I know very well that the jewelry and coins weren't fake . The necklace was studded with real diamonds , rubies and emeralds . Even the coins were pure gold ," shrieked Ema.

 " Believe me ma'am , I am not lying " ,said Peter holding her hands. 

Ema was sobbing uncontrollably now . Peter took leave of the shocked and shaken couple and left. 

    On reaching home , Peter hugged his wife, Annie excitedly, " I have done as you had told me to do. I have managed to convince the couple that the jewelry and the coins were just ordinary stuff." 

Annie took out the necklace and the coins from the drawer and clung it close to her chest . 

" This is mine now ." 

" You look beautiful Annie." 

    That night, John and Ema could not sleep . 

 " I still don't understand how dad could do this to me" said Peter .

" Nor do I " replied Ema .

Next day early morning, Peter and Ema went to Peter's house. Peter and Annie were having tea in the living room. Their pet parrot, Myra was perched on the window sill. Bruno snarled and jumped at Myra . She dodged and flew and sat on John's shoulder and whispered something. " What..... what are you saying " shouted John . Everyone looked at him . 

" What's the matter , John? " asked Peter. 

" Myra is saying something . Myra can you please repeat what you told me "said John.

"I could not hear you properly."

" Let us cheat John and Ema" repeated Myra.

"What nonsense are you saying"snorted Peter. 

" Shut up,Myra. " squealed Annie , her face white . 

" We will remove the real gems and replace them with stones " chirped Myra . 

Peter ran after Myra with the kitchen knife . Myra flew out of the door with a ferociously barking Bruno behind her . 

    Hearing the mayhem , the neighbours came out of their houses . Peter and John were now shouting on top of their voices. 

" You have cheated me . You told me a lie " screamed John .

" Won't I look beautiful . No one will come to know we have cheated " sang Myra , hovering over Annie .

" How dare you say that " Annie howled.

" So you both tried to con this innocent couple" said Erik . "Your own parrot has spilt the beans . She has repeated Your conversation. As You sow , so shall you reap . You need to apologise and return all the stolen things. " 

" Please forgive us" begged Peter and Annie , returning all the stolen stuff . "Greed had blinded us ."

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