Fantasy Fiction High School

My Hero Academia - Season 1 - Episode 1

Quote - Izuku Midoriya:

“The first incident was in Keikei City

An extraordinary child was born who radiated light.

After that, reports of people with superpowers popped up across the globe.

No one knew what was causing these Quirks...

Before long, the supernatural became the totally normal.

Dreams are reality.

The world became a superhuman society with about 80% of the populationn possessing some uncanny ability.

Our streets looked like scenes from comic books.

A city swirled with chaos and confusion,

a new profession dominated our collective consciousness.

It was an age of heroes.”

 The Little Lizzard Girl:

By the time she stepped outside, the leaves were on fire. Bright blazing flames were eating up the once beautiful fall leaves that lay on the ground. The fire burned through the piles like they were some kind of fuel.

“Hey Jiki, come look at this!” Kari gasped. “Do you think Endeavor is on hero duty around here somewhere?”

She looked to the sky, and around her but saw no sign of the number two hero. She wondered what the cause of this sudden fire was. 

“You should probably put it out before it reaches the school.” Amajiki muttered as he slowly walked up to the flames. “We don't want anybody to get hurt.”

“You're right.” Kari laughed and conjured up enough water to fill a small pond. “You also may want to back up a bit, unless you don't mind getting soaked that is.”

With a nod, Amajiki slumped behind a wall near the school's front doors while Kari released the water she had been holding above the burning leaves. The water fell a couple of feet and splashed against the ground. The heat from the flames sizzled out and left only blackened leaves in its wake. 

A Two-person chorus of applause erupted as Kari flamboyantly flipped around, proud of her accomplishment. She took a bow.

“Thank you, thank you!” she giggled, starting to run up to her other two best friends. She noticed Amajiki still hunched over in the corner and changed course.

She walked up to her antisocial friend and poked him “Come on Jiki Jiki! Don't you think I deserve some applause from you too?”

Amajiki groaned. 

“I told you not to call me that. It's embarrassing.” he hissed.

Kari laughed. 

“The only other people around to hear me are Mirio and Nejire!”

“It's still embarrassing.” 

“Hey did you see Kari put out those flames!? Super cool right?” Nejire said, suddenly from behind. 

Kari stood and laughed again.

“I was super heroic!” she stated. “But I do wonder what caused all those pretty leaves to catch fire don't you?”

“Yeah… It is strange, maybe Endeavor is on patrol or something.” Mirio joked, having come over with Nejire.

“That's what I thought, but I cant detect any villain activity anywhere near here!” Kari sighed. “It's truly a mystery.”

Amajiki then stood up, pointing at something and mumbling.

“Huh? Speak up! We can't hear anything you're saying!” Nejire teased.

Amajiki got flustered and began to stutter out what he had been saying before. 

At least, Kari thought, we can hear him this time???

“I-I saw s-s-something from over-er the-ere.” 

Kari glanced in the direction of Amajiki’s pointing finger. At first, she thought that maybe Amajiki had been seeing things, but upon closer inspection she noticed a small red creature scurrying around on the sidewalk. She knew better than to doubt anything Amajiki was brave enough to point out himself. 

“Oh!” Kari jumped into the air with excitement. “Let's catch it then!”

She ran up to the little beast, her friends trailing close behind. 

“Hey there little guy!” She giggled maliciously before trapping it in a wall of water.

She identified that the creature was in fact, a mere lizzard. But the odd thing about this particular lizzard was it’s unnatural bright red hue.

If she had to guess, Kari would most likely identify this lizzard as a quirk user.

“Hey! What’s your name? Mine’s Kawaakari Nagisa!” she said, picking up the lizzard.

Her friends looked at her like she was crazy, that is until they saw the lizzard for themselves.

“Wow! Is that your quirk?” Mirio asked. “That would be great for stealth missions!”

“You should know.” Amajiki snorted. “Your quirk is amazing when it comes to stealth. Much unlike mine.”

Mirio smiled. 

“Hey, my quirk may be great for a stealth mission, but just look at you Suneater!” Mirio said, calling Amajiki by his chosen hero name ‘Suneater’. “You can freaking turn into anything you consume! Imagine all the possibilities! Whereas, I'm pretty much limited to phasing through things.”

Amajiki looked to the floor, a red blush spreading across his cheeks.

“Whatever, shouldn't we be paying attention to the thing with the lizzard quirk.” he mumbled. 

Kari laughed internally at how Amajiki was never able to put himself down when Mirio was around.

“Sure.” she said, turning back to her water cage. “Hey! So, can you just turn into a lizzard? Or are you an intellectual animal or something… like Principal Nezu!”

The lizzard seemed to slump in defeat as the small shape of its scaly body began to morph. Before long the little lizzard was gone. In its place was a little human. She looked similar to the creature, as her hair (as well as her eyes) shone a bright red color and her tongue flipped around like the lizzards had moments before.

“Wow! What a sweet quirk!” Nejire gasped as the lizzard-girl scowled at them. “But why are you sneaking around the UA high grounds?”

In response to Nejire’s question the girl hissed with her tongue.

“Were you the one who lit those leaves on fire?” Kari asked, assuming that she wouldn't get an answer either.

“So what if I was…” The girl spoke, surprising all four of the third years.

Her voice was a smooth kind of creepy. Each word sent cool shivers down Kari’s spine.

“Jeez! Another Fire quirk?” Kari said, trying to laugh off the haunting feeling from before. “I feel like those are getting more and more common since Endeavour… isn't there a new first year with a fire quirk? He’s Endeavor's son right?” 

“Wait, I thought he had an ice quirk.” Mirio frowned. 

“He has both… one side is fire, the other is ice.” Amajiki said. “I saw him in the halls once.”

“Wow, really? No wonder he got in on recommendation!” Kari laughed.

“The other first years seem pretty powerful too.” Nejire added. “I peeped into class 1-A for a split second to check them out. Had to see why Aizawa didn't kick anyone on the first day like last year…”

“Yeah! I heard that he let them all stay! Isn't that crazy! Last time he expelled the whole class!” Mirio said. 

As they talked about UA high’s new recruits, Kari noticed the lizzard girl getting more and more angry. She was still trapped in Kari’s water-prison. Not daring to try an escape.

Technically anyone could just walk right through the water, but any human with half a brain would never take such a chance. With the variety of quirks the world had, Kari’s ‘water’ could actually be any number of deadly substances. Sadly, it really was just plain water, but most of the time her opponents didn't know that. 

“The first years aren't even that great.” The hauntingly smooth voice of the lizzard girl sang. “I could beat them in a fight any day… but that will have to wait. I'll be seeing them soon enough. For now I need to focus on getting out of here, or i'll never get to fight...”

Kari shuddered, something about what the girl had just said filled her with fear and regret. 

“Good luck with tha-”

Before Kari could finish her sentence the girl slid out of the water cage, morphing herself back into a lizzard and leaping towards a nearby bridge. This girl, Kari decided, was either extremely reckless, or somehow knew that the water around her was not dangerous in any way. Either way, they couldn't let her get away after what she’d said. It sounded like the girl had been planning to do something bad to the first years, and as their upperclassman (and the big 4 of UA high school) It was imperative that they keep the first years safe.

“Catch it!” Nejire shouted as she tried to stun the lizzard with her energy beams.

The beams proved too slow and before the rest of them could do anything the creature jumped off the edge of the bridge and was gone.

Kari ran over and looked down. Below was a large sidewalk complete with a rowdy crowd of people walking to who knows where. A fall from this height would have most certainly meant death.

That is, unless someone in the hoard below had been ready to catch the dropping lizzard...

It was impossible to tell because of how many people were bunched together down there, but for a split second Kari thought she saw a tuft of bright red hair next to a severely scarred face.

“We have to report this immediately.” Kari said to her friends, who looked ready to track down the lizzard-girl right there in that moment. (well except maybe Amajiki who looked as nervous as ever.)

“Yeah.” the others solemnly agreed, turning to run back to the school and give the teachers a report of what had just happened.

Their teachers were all Pro Heros after all.

They would know what to do.



-Kari and "The Lizzard Girl" are characters I made up to fit in this universe. (OC's)

Thank you for reading! ||||||

October 15, 2020 04:59

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Hello Cam!! I just stumbled upon your stories, and I must say that I am pretty lucky I did because you did a great job writing! Loved it, and please continue to write because you have a great talent for it! :)


Cam Croz
00:27 Oct 19, 2020

Aww! Thank you so much!


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Deleted Account
14:53 Oct 15, 2020

I already love ur OCs! very interesting. I have a work in progress OC, who is a first-year. Good read!


Cam Croz
14:59 Oct 15, 2020

Thank you! Good luck with your OC!


Deleted Account
15:03 Oct 15, 2020

Also, quick question. Is the other female green ninja (Mystery) Lloyd butts heads with (Aka maybe likes :}) from the series your OC for Ninjago?


Cam Croz
15:06 Oct 15, 2020

yeah she is!


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Callie C.
02:56 Oct 16, 2020

good story 👍


Cam Croz
01:44 Oct 20, 2020



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Show 2 replies
21:20 Oct 26, 2020

Hey, wrote a story about our little bean queen, Eri. LOL XD


Cam Croz
23:28 Oct 26, 2020

Really!!! 😁🥰 Ill go give it a read!


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Show 1 reply
17:01 Oct 21, 2020

I love this!❤️❤️❤️ (Also is this Deku?) (if not, I love your profile picture😂🤣)


Cam Croz
19:13 Oct 21, 2020

Thank you! (Is what deku?) (😂 me too but I might change it to Saki K. lol)


19:46 Oct 21, 2020

I said that as a joke saying “oh is this Deku’s reedsy account


Cam Croz
19:50 Oct 21, 2020

lmao XD that would be amazing


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Deleted Account
17:35 Nov 13, 2020

Hi! I just found your MHA story and I love it! My account is my OC's stories and adventure with the 1a students, and she has water manipulation. LOVE IT! I will be looking for a part two. 😍✌️


Cam Croz
19:06 Nov 13, 2020

haha thanks! I love your profile picture! another teen that likes NINJAGO!


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Rayhan Hidayat
08:19 Oct 19, 2020

Not sure if this was intentional, but “Lizzard” is spelt with one “z” 😉 Anyway, awesome fanfic! You’ve got a way with dialogue that makes character interaction fun. Keep it up! 😙


Cam Croz
01:42 Oct 20, 2020

haha thanks for pointing that out XD Ill go fix those Thank you for the feedback!


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Sunny 🌼
14:52 Nov 26, 2020

Just what I needed, more Amajiki in my life (even if it's not canon). As someone who JUST finished season 4 of MHA 2 days ago, I really liked this story, and I think it fits the universe pretty well. PLus all the characters personalities were spot on, so it actually felt like canon. This story was way better than most fanfiction I've read.


Cam Croz
02:40 Nov 30, 2020

Aww! Thank you so much! ❤️


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19:13 Oct 31, 2020

I wrote a story regarding my OC’s backstory,......so if you’re interested you can read it...if you want...👉👈😅


Cam Croz
18:28 Nov 01, 2020

Of course! i'll go check it out!


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