Silverwing: Unlocked

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Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction

A week later

I dodged Subject 3’s attack with an attack of my own.

I had been training for three days, 3 had been training for about six months.

3 leaped to the side, swiftly, and shoved me to the side with one quick movement.

I landed on the ground with a groan, 3 walking over to stand above me.

“Be more aware of your surroundings.” Was all he said, reaching out his hand to help me up.

I took it, but he flipped me over again with a thud, and I didn’t try to get back up.

“Too gullible. Remember, in this fight, I’m not on your side.”

I sat up slowly, rubbing my head and brushing a stray strand of brown hair back.

Subject 3 was shorter, with light blonde hair that reached his shoulders. He had strangely silver eyes and a frown almost always creased his pale face.

He had no friends, preferring to sit alone at his own table.

But some people liked to watch him train, making some of them even feverish at how hard he worked.

And it paid off, not just by his looks, but by his fighting skills as well.

3 had walked over to the side and was clicking buttons on the small keypad by the door.

“Tomorrow, we train early. Seven o’ clock sharp.”

3 turned to face me.

Don’t keep me waiting.”

I nodded, rubbing the back of my head and heaving myself up with a grunt. 

Outside the door stood another subject I recognized as 52, standing right outside the door when I came out.

I eyed him, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes? Do you need something?”

The boy looked worried, and he bit his lip.

“So you really don’t remember, anything?

I paused and turned to face him slowly.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, even though I knew something about this.

The first day, everything had felt off, but now, I had gotten over the frustrating feeling.

The boy shook his head, looking down at the ground, and ran his hand through the front of his almost fully black hair.

This concerned me even more.

“Um, are you okay? Should I call one of the instructors, I’m sure they ca-”

“No! Don’t call them. Please.” The boy said, grabbing my arm tightly.

“I don’t understand what you're saying. If you would just tell me, I could maybe help you.”

The boy gripped my shoulders.

“Listen. My name is Diego, your name is Skyler. We were both taken by S.H.I.E.L.D because we were different, somehow. Now promise me, you won’t tell anyone that without my permission.”

I scoffed at him.

“That’s nonsense, why would I tell anybody?”

The boy sighed and turned away.

“There’s got to be another way. There’s just got to.”

I shrugged and turned away also.

He clearly was confused with something, but I didn’t want to get involved.

“Subject 12, 46, and 43, it is time for your simulation for your mission. You must work together to get past this final test before we release you for real missions.” The voice over the intercom said.

I grinned at 12 and 46, whose faces remained stony and grave, as most of our’s did.

“Begin, starting now.”

We were in the middle of a street.

Cars flew past us at speeds I didn’t think were possible.

I looked around and saw that 12 and 46 were gone now.

I was alone.

So this was the mission.

We had to find each other amongst crowds and crowds of people.

And then, the worst of it came. 

Every single person either looked like me, 46, or 12.

They all looked the same.

This was impossible.

I jogged quickly over to the sidewalk, somehow avoiding all the cars.

The people moved out of the way quickly for me.

“46!? 12!?”

No sound.

It had taken my hearing.

I couldn’t hear anything but a few muffled shouts.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

People had passed this test before. And even if I didn’t pass it, I wouldn’t be lost forever.

They would take me out of the simulation, train me harder, and make me take it again.

That’s all.

No harm done if I failed, right?

Then I heard it.

The shouts and screams of people up ahead.

I ran as fast as I could to the muffled noise that I had heard.

A building had just gone up in flames, every single window smoking.

I coughed, but ran over to a door at the very front.

I shoved against it, pushing with all my might.

It was jammed.

Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I whirled around to find myself facing 12, I didn’t know if it was the 12, with her eyes wide with a slightly panicked look.

She motioned to the door, then the building.

I shrugged and turned away.

Then she grabbed me by my shoulders and turned me around sharply, scowling at me.

First she jabbed her finger at me, then up at the building.

I squinted at her.

What was she trying to tell me?

Then she reached around and touched something behind me.

I thought she had touched the wall, but I could feel where her hand had touched.

Fearing the worst, I turned around slowly to see something light grey and feathery sticking out from my back.

I had wings.

I turned my head back to her, this time I was scared.

Her eyes were calm and unwavering.

She pointed to my wings again, then pointed up to the building.

She wanted me to fly up there.

Of course.

I closed my eyes and nodded slowly.

She stepped back and I tried moving my wings.

They moved, starting to go up and down.

I could feel the wind coming from them, and I felt myself lift off.

I was flying. Without anything but myself to hold me up.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, seeing that I was level with one of the top windows.

When I looked inside, my breath caught in my throat.

A burning figure was crouched down on the ground, completely covered in fire.

I yelled, but I knew it was no use.

I would have to go in.

I dived into the glass, making it shatter, and landed on the burning floor.

I almost screamed in fright, but the flames licking at my skin only tickled.

I got up, pushing myself up with my elbows and knees.

I walked over to the burning figure, which was flickering with flames.

It was 46.

He was covered in fire, but he was still alive.

I could see his back rise and fall, and I could see his eyes tightly shut.

I crouched down next to him, shouting and hoping he could hear.

He blinked his eyes open, showing the terror there.

When he saw me, he sat up, scowling at me.

He didn’t think I was real.

How could I show him that I was?

How could I make him understand?

46 held out his hands, and a blast of flames hit me, throwing me against the wall.

I gasped for air, feeling burns all over my body.

I couldn’t move.

Then, something else even stranger happened.

The fire was just gone.

Like that, it disappeared, and I could feel myself drenched in water.


She had burst through the exact same window I had come through, her hands held out and breathing hard.

She was blasting water.

What was happening?

I looked over to where 46 was, and seeing him sprawled on the ground, not on fire, made me relax.

The burns hurt, but 46 and 12 were okay.

Finally, I let go, and was out.

April 19, 2021 14:37

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