Journey To The Surface (Part One)

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Adventure Fiction

The character Matilda was created by Luna Colon. Please check them out!

Life was going great last week. (Well, as great as it can get in a bunker.) Until something horrid happened to my brothers.

We were living underground as we have for millions of years because of a war against the pixies and the dwarves. The humans didn't want to get involved so our leader President Henrietta King moved us all to connecting underground bunkers.

I was happy there. I had my parents and my brothers, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. My brothers are triplets which means three times more annoying but I love them. They all have the same golden waves of hair as me. Mine is a bit longer as it goes down to my waist while they all cut theirs short.

We are all super pale. Their eyes are a bright blue while mine are green with specks of gold. We are all covered in light brown freckles.

They all have very different styles. Alvin wears a ton of suspenders and denim. Simon has a very smart boy look with his glasses and what looks to be a school uniform. Theodore looks like he should be in a meeting. He only wears polo shirts and jeans. None of them look like me in my springy dresses and skirts.

I'm 13 and they are all ten. The worst thing has happened! Our leader, President Laura has decided that we must fight with the pixies. The dwarves have been trying to get us on their side by force and we need them to stop.

Everyone over the age of 10 is permitted to go to war. My brothers and my mother are rushed to the war base. My father was holding me back while I tried to run after them.

I asked my father why I couldn't go. (more of screamed at him) He told me he's already lost his wife and sons and he wouldn't want to lose me too. He couldn't go to war because his leg was badly injured in an accident digging new tunnels. He must use a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

I must find my brothers and get them out of that horrible war. While my father is sleeping that night I sprint out of the house. I need to get to my brother's!

The nearest place to join the human army is just down the streets. The lights are on at all times of the day because when we are underground we get no natural light.

I practically sprint to the army base. It is a large opening in the earth with a giant steel door. I shove it open.

There is a man at the front counter, he is playing with a rubber ball. He seems to be surprised that a 13-year-old girl who looks like she just ran 10 miles (even though I only ran down the street) is rushing through the door.

I slam my hand on his desk. "I need to see where Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and Shannon Weber are stationed."

He jumps a bit, "Yes, Miss." He types the names into his computer. "They are all located in the Lower Threlf District. The boys are stationed as soldiers while Shannon is stationed as a cook and clothing mender."

I stare at him, "I wish to be located there as well."

He looks down at me, "You just missed the deadline to get assigned to that district. I'm sorry." I scream in frustration.

He stares at me like I might be crazy. I smooth down my hair and dress. I look up at him sweetly, "Let's start over. They are my family and I need to be stationed with them. You will get me there or so help me I will- actually, let's not talk about that."

He backs away, "Right away, Miss." He rushes to his computer and quickly stations me. "There you are. Please report to the back of the building immediately." After he says that he runs into the staff room. I guess I scared him.

I walk calmly to the back of the building. A woman in a military suit is standing against the wall. She looks over to me, her stare cold and icy. "Where are you stationed?" I respond, "Lower Threlf district."

She looks over to the direction I came from, "I thought we were full in that district." I look over my shoulder, "Guess a spot opened up." She shrugs and leads me over to a room labeled, ARMOR.

We walk inside a giant room full of high-grade military gear. She leads me over to a set of armor. It consists of a chest plate, arm cover, leg covers, and a small headband. All titanium, of course.

I suit up and the woman shows me how the gear works, "The chest plate and covers are pretty self-explanatory. You wear them over your everyday clothes. The headband has a forcefield that expands when you say, expandos. Try it out."

I nod, "Expandos." I feel as a force comes around my body shielding me. I laugh. The woman nods. 

She leads me to a mirror. I look fierce with my bright green dress under my titanium armor. My hair falls over my shoulders while my headband sparkles in the faint light. 

The woman shows me to what seems to be a giant elevator. I step inside and it launches upwards. I can barely feel it moving. Suddenly, a blinding light comes from above.

I look up to see what it is but it´s too bright. I look to the woman, ¨What is that?¨ She looks over to me, ¨The sun.¨

That thing looks nothing like the tiny yellow circles we drew in school. The thing around it must be the sky. I have never seen that either. It's so big and blue.

I take a deep breath. Am I really about to possibly leave everything?

I step out of the elevator, I think I will.

April 13, 2021 22:30

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