Impossible Hide and Seek

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Funny Kids Mystery

They were in Zack's neighbourhood, taking a stroll. Not many people were about. A beefy man with muscular arms had passed them thrice, a thin, lanky woman had been around with a poodle once and two teenage boys had goofed around before heading home. Scott, August and Zack were walking slowly, chatting and goofing about. Subject changed from being how horrible canteen food was to hide and seek.

"Who's better at hiding?" Scott suddenly asked.

"Probably, you. You've got good hiding places." August pointed at Scott.

"I bet I could hide better than any of you guys," Zack remarked.

Scott sniggered. "Cross your fingers, Zack, we'll find you in a second." he cried, chuckling.

August giggled, his brown hair swishing backwards and forwards.

Zack was getting annoyed. "Well, try to find me then?"

Scott stopped. He grinned. "Wanna bet ten dollars on it?"

"Sure, why not?" Zack smiled, he was sweating a little. Did he really think he could beat the famous seeker, Scott?

Scott and August went over to an empty, abandoned house to count. Scott winked at Zack.

Zack sprinted like the wind and halted hastily, to inhale and take a deep breath. He placed his sweaty palms on his flabby thighs as he panted continuously. He had picked a stone brick wall area to hide. It was surrounded by greenish, mossy trees that waved and danced excitedly.

Vines slithered up the brick walls and a metal bench stood before him. Zack smirked. If he faced the wall and didn't come out, there was no way Scott and August would find him.

He brushed a layer of thick dust on the bench. As he hunkered down, he spotted a small sign carved onto the bench.

He was puzzled, and he scratched his head, confused. It was like it was etched into the bench. The sign made no sense. A tiny stick man shadowing himself with a cloak.

Zack felt a gust of wind thrust violently at his face and he was jerked back vigorously.


"Where is he? It's been ten minutes!" Scott cried as he stopped for a minute to swag a drink from his bottle. August shrugged. "How about going to the back of the neighbourhood? There's usually deserted houses over there...he's bound to pick one of them," he suggested, as sweat dripped precariously off his brow.

"But that's far away! It's like a mile from here!" Scott wailed.

August looked at him funny. "It's just a one minute walk."


"Ooh, look! How 'bout the brick wall there?" Scott exclaimed he rubbed his hands greedily.

There was a high chance Zack was hiding there. If he was, then he'll lose the bet and he'd have to give ten dollars over to Zack.

They sprinted eagerly to the brick wall. As they walked slowly into the brick wall, Zack held his breath. He sighed, as Scott and August's gaze shifted to the metal bench.

"Hey, I guess you found me." Zack sighed.

"Where could he be? I don't understand! We've looked everywhere, and we know all the hiding places! There's no other way!" Scott cried, looking devastated and defeated.

August looked puzzled. "Maybe he just went back home?"

Scott shook his head. "I know Zack. He never gives up."

Zack crinkled his forehead. There was something funny going on here. Why couldn't they see him?

He watched his two friends slump back to the neighbourhood in interest.

There was something definitely weird going on.

Suddenly, he felt something soft brush against his shoulder. To his surprise, he saw a cloak, a velvet shiny cloak draped beautifully around himself.

Zack was utterly confused. What was going on?

Then, he noticed the sign, and the answer flooded into him at once. He had the power to be invisible! The cloak helped him! But what happened if he took out the cloak?

Zack quickly removed the cloak and folded it neatly. He tucked it carefully under his striped shirt and he quickly darted back to his house.

Mrs Walters gasped when she saw Zack. "Zack! Where were you? Your friends, Scott and Augustine told me they couldn't find you! I was so worried!" she cried, squeezing her son tightly.

"Mum, y-you're choking me." he wheezed.

"Where are Scott and August?"

"They've headed back home. Scott told me that if I ever find you, I was supposed to tell you that you won."

"May I know what it means?" Mrs Walters asked suspiciously.

"Nothing, it's just that I've won a bet." he mumbled, "Mum, if you don't mind, I have a lot of school work to do and my history essay is due tomorrow. May I be excused from dinner?"

Mrs Walters beamed, "Of course. Now, just make sure you get good marks on that essay since you gave up dinner for it." she winked.

Zack simpered and nodded. "You bet Mum."

He swiftly fastened his room door and hoisted the cloak out of his crumpled T-shirt. It was time for a little experiment.

Silently, he draped on the cloak over his body and he slinked out of the room, tip-toeing. He stood in front of his mother who was reading the newspaper. He waved vigorously but Mrs Walters did not blink.

Zack smiled to himself. Now, it was time to have fun.

That day, Zack had stolen a Jelly-O tube and a chip packet. He had eaten four cookies, a muffin, a slice of extra pizza and a box of doughnuts.

As he headed down for lunch, Mrs Walters scratched her head, confused. "I was quite sure we had an extra box of doughnuts."

Zack managed a small fake smile. "Haha," he mumbled bleakly.

"Never mind, Zack would you like some?" she offered him a box of attractive strawberry doughnuts.

Zack groaned and rubbed his sore tummy. "No thanks," he moaned.

Tomorrow, he was going to do one thing. He was going to return the velvet cloak back and get a snack diet. No doughnuts, muffins, cookies and all.

June 27, 2020 13:08

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Nirosha P
12:57 Jun 28, 2020

Amazing story Niveeidha! I like your use of good creative words. However, i find it a bit surprising how Zack finds out really quickly that he became invisible. Just giving a tip! :)


Niveeidha Palani
12:59 Jun 28, 2020

Thank you for your encouraging feedback 😉. Will keep that in mind the next time I write a story!


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Sarah A
17:53 Jul 07, 2020

I liked it a lot! I thought one of the kids was going to have superspeed since he said the brick wall was a one minute walk, and the other kid said it was a mile away. But, I liked the twist a lot :)


Niveeidha Palani
08:34 Jul 08, 2020

Thank you so much, Sarah! Your idea seems better than mine though!


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Roshna Rusiniya
06:02 Jun 28, 2020

This is a very cute story Niveeidha. I really enjoyed reading it. Going invisible is such a great superpower. If I ever get to choose a superpower, I would definitely go for that. Ha ha


Niveeidha Palani
12:16 Jun 28, 2020

Thank you so much Roshna! Your comment made my day! It's much appreciated!


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Juliet Tullett
20:56 Jul 12, 2021

This is very enjoyable and I liked the lesson in overindulgence. Gpod work.


Niveeidha Palani
22:12 Jul 12, 2021

Thanks, Juliet. :)


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Ari Berri
19:49 Dec 02, 2020

This is awesome! Great job!


Niveeidha Palani
00:54 Dec 03, 2020

Thank you Whitford! Any feedback?


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