Mystery Thriller Drama

I was walking on the street. There was nothing out of place. Everything was normal and ordinary. Everyone in town was happily going about their way. Whistling and bright smiles on their faces. Some laughing and little kids hugging each other. Our town was named the world’s happiest, but ordinary town in the world. I loved where I lived. I was born here and went to school here. The morning walks by the rivers and little streams here were very nice. Sometimes I would think that the trees were also swaying side by side happily and merrily. I was going in one of the markets to buy some groceries for the week, suddenly I felt something.  

It felt very far away it first, far too out of sight to spot it. I didn’t feel too good at all. My senses were alarming me, that something terrible is going to happen. I turned on the news on my phone, but nothing out of the ordinary was going on. “Ah, maybe I was just seeing imaginary things." I reassured myself and nodded my head. While I was walking, there was something which covered up above. When I looked up though, it was nothing. “I don’t know what’s happening to me! I am hearing strange noises, seeing peculiar sights! Maybe I should get some glasses or go get my eyes checked at the ophthalmologist. I am getting older.  

Then I heard cries of little kids and adults. Everyone screaming at the far north of the town. I was more in the south west. But I heard all those screams because they were so loud. I panicked and quickly thought, whatever is happening there, is soon going to come here! I had a stomach cramp for all of a second. Thinking about it made my spines shiver. I had sweaty palms and a headache. “What is happening today! Don’t make my guess come true. Please let there be nothing terrible going on today. Please, please, please.” I started shivering. I tried to yell and warn everyone, but I had drafty voice. I ran, as fast as I could to the nearest shelter. There was no connection, so calling home was not the best plan. 

I finally saw it. Large droplets of tears fell down, very harshly. It was getting louder and louder, like a little baby or a toddler crying continuously, throwing a tantrum. When it’s tried to calm the baby down, the baby’s crying grew and grew. Now its hands legs were kicking everyone below. The mother tried everything she could to stop the baby from crying. Tried to make it laugh by tickling it, but all she got was a kick from the baby. When singing lullabies to it, she got a punch from it. The baby’s temper was getting even worse. The mother tried to calm down and read a little story to it. But no, this time it’s even louder, louder and wilder than before.  

The mother got very, very angry. Suddenly, with the drops came with large booming sounds. Those sounds caused the baby to cry even harder because it got scared. Now the mother and the baby were competing to see who was more dangerous to humans. The tears fell, and fell. There was no stopping to it. The mother’s anger grew louder. Boom, bang, boom. She was very frustrated and mad at the baby’s tantrums. The first step was the big yell, loud enough for people miles away to hear. Still, the baby didn’t give up. The tears fell and fell, nonstop. Then the mother couldn’t handle that wet tears from the baby. She grew electrical, and very yellow. Large scaring sounds had entered the battle arena. This day was getting worse, and worse. 

The mother’s anger grew and there was no stopping her. Neither did the baby stop crying. Tears were pouring much faster and now hurting the humans below and drowning them, on the surface of Earth. The battle arena was not enough for the baby and the mother. They spread and grew in all directions of the town. Now, another one entered this war. The mother’s electrical screams and thuds fried the trees. The father had entered. He spread all across, destroying man made structures. No one could put it out. His bright yellow, red and orange flames was everyone, preventing the humans below to run for  safety.  

But, it did not end there, oh no. This was just the beginning. The loud cries of the baby, the raging electrical screams from the mother, and the fury flames of the father made the elder daughter scared. She shook, shook with all her might, reaching almost 9.2 on the scale. She had gotten very frightened with all those roars that she grew fierce, but still scared. Shaking and trembling the land on down below, destroying structures and injuring people with such ease. The poor girl didn’t know she was also causing a major chaos with her family. She too, accidentally had entered the battle arena. Now, there was nothing left to do. As the time grew, so did her fear. She destroyed the lands. 

You would think that already this is so much of destruction to our small poor town. But no. Enter ballerina. The eldest daughter was claiming to get the most attention. She spotter her baby brother crying, her mother very frustrated, her father angry, and her younger sister scared. No one was paying any attention to her! How rude she thought. Suddenly, she got an idea. She decided to use one of her ballerina moves and twirl and spin very fast. She was reaching high speed and swallowed everything around her in mere seconds! No one could get out of her trap. But she couldn’t see what was around her because she was so dizzy, spinning around and around with ease and poise. 

After that terrible day, this town was named the unluckiest town of all. It took people almost 10 years to rebuild everything that was destructed because of the baby, the mother, the father, and the two sisters. They had done a very bad thing but was never going to get caught for all this destruction and chaos. Also, the population had dropped in seconds! Many people were injured. Half of the folks' time was done and went up. People around the world couldn’t stand watching the news because they felt grief and sorry for the folks here. At least 10,000 people had come after that chaos to help the townsfolk recover their land.  

September 13, 2020 18:43

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Molly Leasure
23:00 Sep 23, 2020

This is a very interesting take on the prompt. (I might be biased, because I had a mother/daughter war going on in my story too, as weather) I love the idea of it! I love a family accidentally destroying the town while having, what could be, a normal argument or just a chaotic family dynamic. I have a couple of suggestions, or just observations (take em or leave em as you please!). I think it would help to read through your paragraphs and make breaks when new scenes begin. An example would be when the father enters. It's a big deal that ...


Thank you so much Molly! I am really glad that you liked my story! I will surely take your feedback and include it to my next stories. ( Like putting breaks in. I realized after you said that it was true. Breaks are powerful. ) Again, thanks a lot for helping me!! 😊🙏


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