The Land of Fairytales: The Lonely Unicorn

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Adventure Fiction Fantasy

Not so long ago, far away from the Land of Fairytales, Loki, the Unicorn, lived in the Land of Nowhere in a field of tall grass and wildflowers with brown, black, and tan horses. Like the horses, Loki had four legs, a mane, and a tail, but Loki just didn't fit in. He had two things the other horses didn’t have, a single horn on his head and wings on his back.

One day, Loki felt so lonely. He ran away and left the field of tall grasses and wildflowers behind. He galloped through the forests and plains of the Land of Nowhere, looking for a new place to call home, somewhere he just might fit in.

When Loki had galloped a distance, he noticed three tiny sparkling creatures bouncing through the air above a flower garden near a small cottage. As he crept closer, he observed the tiny creatures had wings just like him.

Loki watched the tiny creatures play until one of the little sparkles noticed him.

“Do you see that beautiful white horse across the fence line?” Sadie Belle, the fairy, asked her sisters.

“That’s not a horse,” Katie Belle replied, “He has wings like us.”

“We’re fairies,” Isabelle reminded, “and he’s certainly not a fairy at all.”

“I’m going over to find out what he is,” Sadie Belle said and flew away across the fence line.

The tiny fairy sisters were not supposed to cross the fence line between the Land of Fairytales and the Land of Nowhere. So, Isabelle and Katie Belle decided they should tell their older sister, Tinkerbell, what Sadie Belle had done. They flew inside the cottage to find her.

“Hi. My name is Sadie Belle.” Sadie Belle flew around Loki’s ear.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Loki, a horse from the Land of Nowhere,” Loki answered.

“What are you doing here?” Sadie Belle asked.

“I’m looking for a new home where I can fit in,” Loki replied.

Sadie Belle landed on his nose and looked him in the eye. “You’re so beautiful. You should fit in quite well anywhere.”

“Where I’m from, horses don’t have a horn and wings,” Loki said.

“I’ll bet you were lonely.” Sadie Belle said just as Peter Pan swooped in and carried her away.

“Put me down, Peter Pan. Right now!” Sadie Belle wailed. She tried to wiggle herself loose, but Peter Pan was too strong.

“Tinkerbell sent me to get you out of the Land of Nowhere. You know you aren’t supposed to cross the fence line,” Peter Pan said.

“Where are we going?” Sadie Belle asked.

“To the town hall. You’ve broken the law of the land. You must stand before the board of commissioners,” Peter Pan replied.

Loki, lonely once again, watched as Peter Pan flew away with his new friend. Sadie Belle made him feel special, and for the first time in his life, he felt like he belonged. So, he followed them to the town hall.

Peter Pan placed Sadie Belle in the center of the board of commissioners’ table, the elders of the Land of Fairytales, who made all the important decisions for the town. Loki stood outside the door and listened. He was careful not to be seen by anyone.

Mother Goose peered over her glasses. “Sadie Belle, is this true that you crossed the fence line?”

“I only crossed over to make a friend,” Sadie Belle confessed.

Gingerbread Man shook his finger. “You know the rules. Children aren’t allowed in the Land of Nowhere.”

“But I met a white horse with a horn and wings on his back. He is quite beautiful.” Sadie Belle explained.

“Dear, that’s a unicorn,” Fairy Godmother said. “And unicorns are only a myth. They simply aren’t real.”

“He isn’t a myth. He is real,” Sadie Belle cried.

“You crossed the fence line.” Father Time scolded, “And now, you’re making up stories about why you did.”

“Everything I’ve said is true. His name is Loki. He’s my friend,” Sadie Belle said with her hands on her hips.

“Sadie Belle, what in the world has gotten into you?” Tinkerbell lowered her head. “I know I taught you to behave better.”

“We’ve heard enough nonsense and silly fables.” Cupid stood and raised his arm. “Let’s vote and end this meeting.”

Tears welled in Sadie Belle’s eyes as she closed them while the elders voted. But when she heard a familiar voice, she opened her eyes, and her new friend, Loki, stood in the doorway.

“Sadie Belle isn’t making up stories.” Loki walked inside the room. “I’m Loki, the white horse with a horn and wings. I ran away from home because I didn’t fit in with the other horses. I only wanted to find a place where I could belong.” Loki said.

The board of commissioners all stared in awe at the sight of the beautiful creature.

“My dear,” Mother Goose smiled warmly, “You’re not a horse at all. You are a beautiful white unicorn, just like the ones from the books in my library.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this!” Fairy Godmother exclaimed.

The board of commissioners didn’t punish Sadie Belle for crossing the fence line since she’d kept the tenth law of the land, which was to be a good friend always.

“Loki, would you like to live in the Land of Fairytales?” Santa asked.

“We have a field you could call home, with pink and purple wildflowers, tall green grass, and a that creek runs close by.”

“I’ve never had a home where I fit in,” Loki said with tears in his eyes.

The board of commissioners named Loki the Official Unicorn of the Land of Fairytales, where he’d have a home for as long as he wanted. Everyone in the room applauded.

Loki ran outside and smiled as he gazed around at his beautiful new home in the Land of Fairytales. Sadie Bell followed him out and stood by his side. Loki finally had a home where he felt like he would fit in. 

February 19, 2022 03:09

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16:47 Mar 04, 2022

Super cute! Loved the characters from other fairytales all coming together.


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McCampbell Molly
14:21 Mar 04, 2022

Cute story. I am reading another book, The Keeper of Lost Cities. If you like unicorns, the second book is about a unicorn.


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Craig Westmore
10:37 Mar 04, 2022

I like all the celebrity characters that appear in the story. Each new appearance was a pleasant surprise. And the tone was perfect. I could see a young child listening attentively at bedtime. For children it might be different but I was wondering if you could show (not tell) why Loki was lonely. Delightful story, Melony!


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15:55 Feb 27, 2022

I thought this story was charming. The fairy council was kind and fair. It made me smile. Thanks for reading my stories.


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Charlie Murphy
18:02 Feb 26, 2022

Cool story! Loved the fairy tale council.


Melony Beard
18:12 Feb 26, 2022

Thank you so much!


Charlie Murphy
19:09 Feb 26, 2022

Youre welcome. Can you read The Diaps?


Melony Beard
19:30 Feb 26, 2022

I will be happy to, yes.


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Tora '
07:30 Feb 19, 2022

amazing story! my little sister loved it so much!


Melony Beard
12:14 Feb 19, 2022

Thank you so much. I had written it and had to add some to it so it met the contest requirements. I admit, it's one of my favorites. I'm so glad she liked it too.


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