Haunting Memories: (Sequel) The Revenge

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Haunting Memories: The revenge (Sequel to haunting memories)

Author’s Note: Readers, this is a sequel to haunting memories and this is 'kind of' related to the prompt...but I still hope you enjoy it! A part of it is* related!

Okay, so I finally decided to write a sequel to ‘Haunting memories’. Like seriously I just thought of it, so before reading this you may want to read 'Haunting Memories Part 1' I had the story with me already but I didn’t actually know when to write it, so here it is!

She had waited patiently for five years, five long years just for her revenge…

Grace’s phone rang.

“Yes Irene?” she asked her friend.

“I just want to tell you, I found him.”

“Perfect, it is his son?”



“Yes, damn sure, but are you sure you want to do this?”

“Irene, I have waited for five long years…but I just hope it works.”

Irene sighed. “I’ll mail the location to you.” and the phone call ended.


“Okay goodbye guys, I’m going now.” Grace called.

“Grace Michael, please-“ Julia was interrupted.

“Julia please, let me do it, it’s my choice, I know what I am doing.” Grace stated gravely.

Grace set off for Winter Lake cabin, it was a long drive.

It was open for reservations.

“So far so good.” She muttered to herself as she came out of the vintage-looking cabin.

Now came the harder part, meeting Andrew J. Drake…

She had come across one of her old friends, who knew something about Jonathon’s son. They both had studied together.

She drove the car as fast as she could, and just to kill her time, she took the long way.

She now parked her car near the mansion.

It was a very modern-looking mansion; with silver doors it had a great large garden.

She rang the bell and after three minutes a young maid opened the door.

“I am Grace Michael, I am sure Andrew must have told you about me?” She lied.

“Oh yes Mr. Andrew had been expecting you.”

“Inside.” She added.

Grace was led into a royal mansion, with golden walls, all was so fancy, with red velvet posh couches, it seemed ever-so-posh.

A young man who looked two years older than her was sitting inside the large living room.

He brushed his nut-brown hair back to reveal his greyish-brown eyes.

“I am Grace Michael, I am sure Irene told you about me?”

“Certainly.” He smiled.

Grace forced a smile.

“Your name sounds familiar.”

Grace felt shivers run down her spine.

“No, no, I am certainly not that one.” She lied.

“Ah.” He smiled.

“I just wanted to-you know-come here for the-the business, I was very interested in your website, you know.”

“Oh yes, Okay.”

“Well, I had been expecting your parents too.”

“Father died from fever a year before I was born, four months after that, my mother died of extreme illness.” She lied again.

“I am so sorry.”

She sighed. “Oh and you see my surname, it was my late grandfather’s name, so my family honoured him by adding it to my surname.”

“I see. What’s your age?”

“Twenty two.”

They worked for six months, Grace was amazing at work, he was always fascinated by her work.

It was the weekend, when till midnight Grace was helping Andrew for work.

After she was done…she asked him something.



“Do you like working with me?”


“You see, I have no family, I just have one friend who lives far from here…I…just don’t have anyone, you see, but then we started working…”

“I was kind of thinking about it too.”


“I want to live with you, Grace.”

His words surprised her, what she hadn’t even said yet, he said that now.


“I really like you, you are a motivated young woman.”

She sighed.

“Will you decline the request if I ask you to marry me?”

“I would have to think.”

He sighed.

She went out without saying another thing.


It happened quicker than she had thought; they got married at home the next month.

“Just the ring.” Andrew asked Grace.

“Yes, just the ring.”

Andrew sighed.

“We can call your pa-“

“Dad’s literally abandoned me, Grace and mother died.”

Grace sighed.

“Just the two of us then.”

“OK.” He agreed.


“Andrew, I booked a place, Winter Lake cabin almost nine months ago, I made a reservation but never went there, but today I called and they are empty, it’s a lovely place, I thought that we could go there?”

“Sure, Grace, when?”

“After a week.”

“Gotta’ start packing then.”

She nodded and they set off for Winter Lake Cabin.

The first week there didn’t seem so pleasant.

“Where’s the reception from where did you book it?”

“Reception’s at a short distance from here, you see it’s just like a cottage.”

“Grace, it isn’t so good as I expected, first day’s a disaster, no phone service, no network, no electricity.”

“I know, but we’ll go scenery-watching tomorrow, okay?”


He went to go in the bedroom, candle in hand.

For a moment, just a moment, she thought she should change her mind, but no…

They spent nine days there without any service at all, it was snowing.

“Grace! We have to go now!”

“Andrew, I’m afraid we can’t because today there’s a chance of heavy snowfall.”

“Grace, this isn’t right, we do not know what’s going on around here, there is no damned network or service, no electricity for almost ten days now!”

“Calm down.”

“This isn’t right.”

She sighed and gave him a glass of water.

“It’s going to be alright.”

“I don’t know what you have in your mind, Grace Michael!” He yelled.

“Okay, here’s the truth.”

He looked up.

“Your dad killed my parents, he thought we never repaid him the debt. It was all for revenge!” she explained. She went into detail, trying hard not to cry.

“Why me?”

“I couldn’t go to your father and now I couldn’t gather my courage to kill now.”

“Grace…I loved you…”

“But I waited for five years, I waited patiently, it was all your father’s fault. I can’t let it go.”

“I know you ca-“

“NO! YOU DON’T!” she cried.

“But we both-“

“We can’t!”


She shook her head. “I am afraid to be called a killer.” She held up a pistol with her gloved hands. “I regret-“

“Grace! Please.”

“I am desperate!”

He tried to back away but she pulled the trigger, the bullet hit him right on the neck, he fell to the ground.

She started crying, but then stopped.

She looked regretfully at Andrew’s motionless body.

It was over, done.

She had gotten over it forever.

She buried the body but kept the ring with her-forever…

She lived in a town far away from her relatives then, thinking she never deserved it, but later she had discovered, that she was now going insane…

She could deal with it, she thought, maybe… but Andrew’s last words and her temptation for revenge may never leave her…

The end.

By: Emma Kate

January 20, 2021 17:52

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