Fantasy Friendship High School

As they each took a step they could hear the leaves crunching as the wind blew hard against their backs. Almost as if it was pushing them towards their destiny. They were three high school girls, young naive and eager for adventure; Riley Lakes, Makayla Waters, and Cherry Rivers were to go on a camping trip that would change their lives forever…..

   It all started when Makayla foresaw their friendship falling apart. She suggested that a camping trip would bring them together, since it's how they met.

      "Who knew Makayla would care… I mean didnt see to bother her all that much considering how fast we had been replaced. I mean honestly Makayla, you couldn't dignify the situation a bit by finding someone other than Krystal.Riley said sarcastically.

       “Someone rolled off the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Makayla says, as she rolled her eyes.

             “You guys need to chill out and learn to get along, because it's a LONG way to Hickory Woods,” Cherry says. 

( 2 days later) 

 I hate this! I hate mud, I hate dirt, and I HATE nature! Cherry screamed disgustedly. 

“Shut up, Cherry! Stop whining for once in your life,” Makayla blurted.

As they continued to walk through the woods, they noticed a glimmer of light. “Hey guys, look!” Cherry said excitedly and proceeded to blindly chase the light.

 “Don't be stupid, Cherry! Get back here!” "Im sick of babysitting I don't get paid enough for this!" she snickered.

Riley and Mak chased after Cherry but she was nowhere to be found. They were running so fast that they hadn't even realized there was shallow pile of leaves in the ground that they had fallen through.

"What the-"


The three girls had found themselves in a whirling wave pool.

“Guys...what’s happening?” Cherry said as the water began to bubble.

 “I don't know, but don't move!” Riley says. 

The water appeared to have a mind of its own, or even a body of its own as the crystal clear waters rise above each of the girls swallowing them whole. The water rose over them as if it had an intention of its own.

30 seconds later...

 “Never in a million years would I have imagined that- ” Riley said. 

“Okay so we all must've be short on our SANITY pill today, lets get out of here.” Riley said. They had managed to find an entrance out from the wave pool they found themselves in. 

  Crunch, crunch.

Cherry began stomping through the rustled leaves eager to find her way back home

            “Cherry, wait!”

            “Leave me alone, Mak! I hate outdoors, and I hate this friendship.”


The engine of Riley’s old pickup truck roared, and the truck pulled off leaving tire tracks in the dirt. 

            “Are you kidding me SHE TOOK CHARLIE, doesn’t matter if he’s a beat up truck, he’s my beat up truck!” 

           “Relax Riles, you know Cherry takes time to process things especially after...”

           “Yeah, I know...”

           “Let’s just walk the extra 5 miles, Cherry’s house isn’t that far.” 

   DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG. The wretched door bell chimed.

           “Chill out Riles. How many times do you need to ring the doorbell?” Makayla pleated.

            “Screw this. I’m sneaking in through the back door.” 

   I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine. I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

Oh, oh whoa ... Cherry’s music got louder as Riley got closer. The two argued for about a minute and a half until Mak made her way in. Things were becoming progressively aggressive, until Mak got there and then ....


Cherry had accidentally knocked Riley into the dishwasher. Riley fell to the floor as her big scaly mermaid tail appeared making her hair wet and her clothes disappearing into a shiny orange scaled to . 

             “Well this is new,” Riley said. 

             “How is this even possible?” 

             “Riley what were you doing right before your tail appeared?” 

             “Umm I think Cherry pushed me into the sink, and my hand fell into that disgusting dish water!” Cherry and Riley began to argue again. 

             “Water, Water, THAT’S IT!” 

             “What are you mumbling about over there?” Riley said in a snarky voice. 

            “If we touch water we'll grow tails, it was that wave pool it did something to us, see. The WATER, it gave us something. A gift? I DONT KNOW.” 

 As Mak put her fingers into the two day old dishwater, Mak fell SPLAT to the floor, her tail overpowered her entire body weight. 

    “OMG RILES YOUR TAIL IS GONE!” Cherry screamed as her voice cracked.

    “Ya, after all the water dried off me, my clothes and hair changed back to the way it was five minutes ago.” 

   “Hey guys I know this definitely isn't the time but I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you and hanging out with two faced Krystal, we’re going to need each other more than ever now. To be completely honest I’ve missed you guys." As Maks bright blonde hair dried and her tail disappears. 

  “You guys know I hate this sappy feelings thing. Shut up and come here,” Cherry says as she squeezed Mak and Riley into her arms. 

    “Our friendship means everything to me."

"Me too."

"Me too.” They each said. 

(3 Days Later)

RING! the school bell of Hawtrey Creek High… 

    “Hey Mak wait up!” Cherry screamed from the school parking lot as she runs towards Mak throwing her arm around her. 

    “I want in on some of this” Riley says standing by her rusty banged up truck Charlie.” Just as Riley starts to say something Cherry started. 

“This might sound super lame but I think if we work hard enough to keep our little scaly secret this will actually work.” Riley chuckles. 

    “What’s so funny Riles?”

     “I just find it funny that you think it’s going to work out.” Mak looks at Cherry suspiciously and Cherry looks at Riles. 

     “What do you mean?” 

    “I mean we’ve been given this awesome opportunity, I say we use it to our advantage. Who knows what else this tail might bring us?” Cherry and Mak laugh “Your crazy Riles, but we’re crazy together.” says Mak as they walk to class...

May 18, 2021 20:43

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Dhwani Jain
13:52 May 24, 2021

Brilliant story! I loved their friendship!!!!! I really like High-School stories....go girls! I saw you liked my story. What'd you think about it? Please comment it there!


Ashley Hassan
15:08 May 24, 2021

Thank you! Me too, I feel like theres so much that goes on in high school especially in the generation that were in today. Theres so much to write about, but of course! I just commented :)


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