Fantasy Fiction

That’s the thing about this city,

It’s where sorrowful harmonic ditties,

Are sung year round.

This city of music is full of unexpected twists and turns,

Where two maidens rule with equal power over the place they do call home,

Their palace is a colossal dome,

And their citizens roam underneath it.

Waltzing their palace with plenty of joy,

Both by dawn and dusk,

The maidens’ fairy sprites,

Their most loyal attendants,

Keep them company both day and night.

Yet the two twin maidens are sisters in disguise,

One the mistress of illusions and the other heir to the cornflower skies.

They often bicker but soon apologize and revise their ways,

To bay their tête-à-tête out of the door astray,

And resume their work once again.

These two were bound by the same royal oath they swore,

When they first became magistrates over their palace eons ago.

They protect their humble abode.

With their trusty silver pointed arrows and sturdy steel bows,

Which causes showers of metallic paint to grace the inky black or blue skies.

Despite the huge gap of passing time,

Their royal duties in the kingdom do remain the same.

Their tasks do not fluctuate in the least no matter the decade.

These sisters have no days of leave,

They work without end until the end of all time.

These fair maidens are imprisoned in an old rickety tower covered in impenetrable ivy,

Whom no prince has dared to conquer the lengthy climb,

Since that climb would take one’s lifetime.

This tower is enchanted by spells of all sorts,

Which allows strangers and creatures to enter and exit the tower with ease,

But the poor maidens are stuck inside their prison with no way out.

No matter how they use their skill with the bow,

Will be the key to unlock this tower of theirs,

So each day ends and starts with the long forgotten story of the two poor maidens.

They work in harmony to watch their kingdom prosper and change each day,

As they remain the same, stuck in an unfinished play,

To while the days away,

To wait patiently for their happily ever after,

Locked up in their chamber without hope,

For their Prince Charming to someday arrive,

And free them of their troubles.

But time has made quite clear,

That their destinies are to continue their work as they had done,

Since the beginning of all time.

This story of theirs has been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth,

And long ago deemed quite unimportant by their citizens,

Whom the maidens watch over each day with care.

Their fame is known throughout the city of music,

But their presence is hardly ever noticed and mainly taken for granted.

Their subjects bestowed their two sovereign leaders with the sweet names Daystar and Celena.

These same two sisters tenderly till their kingdom,

And with their bare peachy hands they dig in the ground to give birth to their people.

The two rulers of the city keep watch over their kingdom twenty-four seven,

But even royalty needs to take breaks sometimes.

During their tedious posts,

The maiden in control of the palace retreats to her favorite room in their large spherical tower,

To while the time away,

All alone in tranquil peace,

Until the other sister takes their place.

When one of their work shift is over,

The other gets some much needed rest.

While Celena’s works her midnight shifts,

She often takes joy in misleading travelers of all shapes and sizes,

Through the darkest part of her witching hour.

Her attendant sprites trap them all with a huge butterfly net,

And bring them to her for her own pure delight.

She teases the wanderers’ gullibleness and sends them back into her dark secluded forest,

That ominously borders the two sisters’ shared palace,

Which is hidden from the naked eye.

Celena forms a dense fog to envelop the forest shrubbery,

And calling each lost traveler by name,

Like a Siren's sweet and melodious call,

Makes it impossible for her victims to evade the singer.

She creates a play in which the wanderers are her puppets,

The setting her forest,

Herself the director and playwright,

Where the plot of her comic play is to make the actors wander aimlessly about the stage.

With strings as taut as her silver bow, she guides her puppets every move to make her play a success.

Her sprites serve as her attentive audience,

Laughing at all the correct pun lines.

Most times, the actors begin to prepare for a fearsome duel,

As the twinkling stars above are snuffed out like dozens of candles after they have served their purpose.

Celena sends her puppets on their way again,

Out of her forest to leave them amazed at their all too realistic dream.

With a swish of her wand she arrives back in her tower to watch the descent of the other part of her soul,

Shedding countless tears



Down the tower,

To fall onto the grass beneath.

With a last farewell of her mirrored reflection in the sky,

She summons her sister with a chiming gold bell to take watch.

Her older sister Daystar arrives in a flash,

To reprimand her sister’s foolish and cruel behavior towards their people,

Before taking her position on top of the steeple.

Celena waves away her sister’s remark and with another flick of her wand,

She leaves her sister's pestering presence midway through her lecture,

At once teleported to her own sweet room.

Once donned with night clothes and cap.

She drifts off into a long awaited nap.

With the maiden of mischief out of the way,

Daystar may finally display her other radiant half without a moment's delay.



          Up rises her other half in a blaze of blinding light,

To present to her kingdom a new and improved playwright.

Shining brighter than a blazing meteorite,

Daystar's other part scares away Celena’s dark city of mischief and illusions,

To bring forth the truth behind her sister's petty shadows.

Once her other half has fully arisen out of bed,

She waves her wand to send herself to her pride and joy inside her tower,

To take utter delight in her new made daylight to bask in it for hours,

In her large garden full of blooming flowers.

Her earthy residents include bellflowers as sweet as honey,

Sunflowers as yellow as a golden canary’s chest,

Monstrously long pea vines who contest for space across the crumbling garden wall.

Daystar and her sprites seek refuge in her humble garden during her watch,

To water and till her precious plants.

The sisters citizens rejoice in Daystar’s bright light,

And cower during Celena’s overpowering twilight,

They come in thick crowds to keep the sweet maiden company,

To sing songs of joy and welcome Daystar’s new play that always ends happily.

Keeping her head up high,

She glides through the day with a smile plastered on her face,

But when her other half stumbles in the sky,

She knows it’s time to resign,

To pass the responsibility onto her mischievous sister.

A thrush’s sounding call announces the coming of the twister,

Her own dear kin Celena.

Her beautiful peaceful light whom she toiled hard to transfigure,

From her sister’s twilight wrath,

Is now transformed again into its former warped and a wicked path,

Its creation made beautiful in the eye of Celena,

But disgraceful in Daystar’s.

The bird warns the critters of the kingdom to prepare for their impending slumbering submission with its cry,

Of the resignation of Daystar and the coming of Celena,

The maiden of mischief,

Empress of all things vicious,

Queen of the malicious,

And ruler of the twilight.

Like every other night,

Celena whistles for Loki,

Her faithful guardian and equally mischievous watchdog,

While casting her black starry night canvas with a misty thick fog,

To prepare for her night of merriment.

Two sisters reign as one,

Since the beginning of time it has been this way,

One that rules the time of light,

The other to keep watch over the wild beasts that surface in the night.

The question that remain to be answered is,

Who are we?

March 20, 2021 03:39

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Valerie June
03:42 Mar 20, 2021

This is the first time I've ever written something like this so I'd love feedback on it if you have time. I like to know what I can improve upon so be as harsh as you'd like; I can take it.


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*writing this comment as I go* oihghjiuygfjkfghjkjhgfdfhjkiuytrdhjkuytrdfghjkuytrdfghjkuytresdfghjkuytfdcvhjhgfd the intro was niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I had to look up 'cornflower' to understand what shade of blue you mean and my dude..............................................THAT'S AMAZING IMAGERY THEREEEEEEEEEEEEE if you can't tell I'm pretty excited about this. tête-à-tête interesting word(s) here! thanks for teaching me something new! lkjkjygtfdfghjkl;oiuytrrfghjkluytfrdfghjkjhgfdfghjiuytrertytr43wertjkjytrertuiooiuytrertyuioiu...


Valerie June
00:20 May 30, 2021

Wow. I feel like I wrote this one so long ago. I even needed to re-read it which I secretly loved doing. XD When I was reading some lines I was like, "What was I even trying to write in that line?" I also noticed that my grammar has improved in the slightest. I could spot out a few errors so kinda happy that I'm improving in that department lol. Haha, yes. I pulled the tête-à-tête word from a book I was reading; one by Jane Austen to be specific. Is it just me or do you get a lot of inspiration/similar story plots to what you're reading? Th...


yeah I like re-reading my work too, shows what we can improve on and stuffs :) it is not just you. I find that when I'm reading a book, I sometimes add that into my writing. so yeah XD I' M G L A D I C O U L D M A K E Y O U R D A Y ! ! ! XDDD no pressure, no pressure XD yeah exactly lol XD coolio I think you should, it's definitely one of my favorites lol


Valerie June
18:05 May 30, 2021

Yeah, exactly. Makes me feel better about myself that I've improved my writing skills a tad. That happens to me all the time. When I go through or read my past stories on here, I think "Oh,. I wrote that story while I was reading ___." No I have to find a way to beat this awesomeness! That's gonna be hard to do lol. I think I will include it in my list. I still don't know why I put it in my bio because it's not like someone will take my advice. XD I don't really do that for other people when they tell you to read their favorites first. I ...


yeah XDDD yep sure is gonna be hard lol yes same tho lol I mean, I might get to it eventually but... XD


Valerie June
04:46 May 31, 2021

Like you said, practice makes better! You bet. Haha, yes. That's how I feel. Ok, just added it to a list that no one will ever take seriously and listen to! XD


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Beth Connor
22:03 Mar 25, 2021

Jose, this is beautiful! I love that you branched out and tried a different format. Typically I read stories twice- first to just enjoy it, and second to see if I can help with critiques, But today, I have gotten no work done (I decided to write a part 2 to my Fairy Tale-) but I will do a second read tomorrow and see If I have any critiques in me!


Valerie June
22:56 Mar 25, 2021

Take your time! I'm just so glad that you got a chance to stop by. I'll make sure to check out your part 2, I've been so excited for it to come out!


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Phoenix Langston
01:44 May 07, 2021

I like the format of this! It tells the story in a lyrical way: sometimes rhyming, sometimes not, but always beautifully written. The idea of two sisters -- whose names I love, by the way -- controlling the kingdom day in and day out is a good one, too. ¡Buen trabajo!


Valerie June
04:13 May 09, 2021

Like I said in my little note, this was the first time I did something like this. At first my story was actually UNDER the word count. (Surprising, isn’t it?! 😂) As for the names, I was thinking ‘Luna’ for the moon sister but that would be too obvious. You know me; I gotta avoid the typical stuff. 😉


Phoenix Langston
20:39 May 09, 2021

Under the word count, huh? ¡Estoy muy sorprendida! I always admire how you avoid cliches. Celena was a good name to pick!


Valerie June
21:12 May 09, 2021

Writing a story poem is much easier said than done. My poems are usually between 8 to 12 lines so I had to stretch this one out! Have any ideas for these party prompts?


Phoenix Langston
23:53 May 09, 2021

Ooh, yeah. I bet balancing rhyming and plot is one of the hardest things in the world! Um, two, actually. One's not really gonna have a plot -- just a dedication of sorts to my younger brothers. The second is going to be about a woman whose wedding goes all to pieces.


Valerie June
02:30 May 10, 2021

Your brothers will be lucky to have such a talented writer as yourself to write a story dedicated to them. That wedding one sounds like something I'd read in a heartbeat! So far I've got nothing to write about. I prefer writing over the weekends and then leave the weekdays to focus on grammar and revising stuff. Plus, school takes up most of my time.


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