Fiction Adventure

Like every other day, Sibylle went to the library. The library always had been her favourite place in this world. She was wandering between the bookshelves, trying to find something to read. She came across a book which looks very old. She felt something like electricity going through her body and the lights in the library flickered. She took her hand back from the book and everything turned to normal. She reached out for the book again but this time nothing happened. She took the book and head to a table. She opened the book. The book was written with a strange alphabet. She was confused but then the letters started moving and she was able to read them. She closed the book and put it back in its place. She runs out of the library and headed home.

  Unknown to her a man was watching her in the library when this strange thing happened.

  Coming across with a witch was the last thing Samuel excepted to happen to him today. He has come to the library for searching for a spell book. He searched every book in the library, but he couldn’t find it. How could this witch find what he was searching for days? After she left, he went to the shelf she put the book, but the book wasn’t there anymore. The witch should have taken it with herself. He went out of the library. He looked around and tried to spot the witch. He saw her in the crowd and followed her.

  Why all of his missions have to turn out like this? Sometimes he wished he would have a normal life with normal problems.

  Sibylle was really scared. Some strange things happened in the past, but never something like this. She thought she was losing her mind. She was feeling different since she touched that book. It was like something inside of her come to life. She felt like someone was following her. She looked around but saw nothing suspicious. She brushed off that feeling. It was probably nothing. She was just nervous because of what happened, and now she got paranoid. She shook her head. All she wanted to do is go home, take a shower, and forget about today. She arrived at her apartment. She opened her bag to take her keys out, but she encountered something she never expected. That strange book was inside of her bag. How did it end in her bag? She was sure, she put it where she took it. She thought it is better to figure this out inside of her apartment. She got in her apartment and locked the door. Why was this happening? All she wanted to do was reading some books.

  Who could know her day will turn out like this? But her problems were just getting starting.

  Samuel followed the witch to her building and learned which apartment she was living in. He decided the best thing to do is come up with a plan for how to get the book back. The book could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. He had no idea who is this witch, why she wants the book, or she is a good person. He couldn’t take risks. He should be ready for every circumstance. He decided to wait until night to make a move. When the night falls, he will get in the house, take the book and leave. If the witch tries to stop him, he will fight with her and kill her if he has to. For now, the most important thing is taking the book to somewhere safe, before something bad happens.

  Why does he always have to break into someone’s house? For once he wants one of his mission to play out like planned.

  Sibylle was pacing in her living room. Sometimes she stops and take look at the book, which was supposed to be in the library, but instead, it was on her table. What should she do? She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. Sun was setting down. She decided to take a warm shower and head to bed. It had been a very long day. If she keeps thinking about the book, she will lose her mind. She will deal with the book in the morning. Tomorrow she will return the book to the library and everything would turn back to normal.

  She couldn’t be more wrong. This book was going to change her life forever and it will never be the same.

  Samuel was watching the witch’s apartment, waiting for her to turn off the lights and go to bed. Finally, the moment he was waiting arrived. He took his crossbow with him just in case. He used a spell to open the door of the apartment. He slipped in silently. He passed the hall and moved to the living room. He looked around and spotted the book on the table. Maybe this time his mission will go as planned. Then the lights of the room turned on. He cursed under his breath and turned around. He faced a woman who is looking at him with questioning eyes.

  Just when she thought her day couldn’t be worse. It got worse. Now there was a man with a crossbow standing in her living room. She should be scared but she wasn’t.

  She asked, “Who are you? And what are you doing in my apartment?”

  He pointed his crossbow at her and said, “Look, I don’t want to hurt you, I just came for the book. Get out of my way and no one got hurt.”

  She stepped back. Raised her hands and said, “You can put the crossbow down. If you want the book, take it. I don’t want it.”

  He was surprised by her answer. What kind of witch didn’t want to really powerful spell book? He put down the crossbow and took the book. It looked like this mission was going to end well.

  He spoke too early.

  Suddenly the windows of the apartment blew up, and a woman gets into the apartment from the broken window. Samuel reached for his crossbow, but before he can aim, the woman unarmed him with a hand gesture.

  “Give me the book Samuel.” She demanded.

  “You know I will never do that Ophélie. What makes you think this time it would be different?”

  “You wouldn’t want me to hurt your little witch friend, would you?”

  “She isn’t my friend.”

  “We will see about that.”

  Samuel was torn. He couldn’t let Ophélie take the book, but also, he couldn’t let her kill this woman. Ophélie stepped towards Sibylle, and her eyes started to glow. Sibylle wanted to step back but she couldn’t move a finger. Then she felt the same energy she felt at the library, and an invisible source of power knocked Ophélie down.

  Sibylle couldn’t wrap her around how this happened. Did she, do it? Samuel was shocked as much as her. Ophélie was one of the most powerful and dangerous dark witches. How this woman could take her down. He got up from the floor, took his crossbow and his bag with him. Now he couldn’t leave this woman here. She was in danger and it was his fault. Also, she saved his life.

  He turned to her and said, “We need to get out of here. She won’t stay unconscious for long.”

  “We? Why should I come with you? I don’t even know who you are?”

  “Look, I know we didn’t meet under ideal circumstances, but right now you have two choices: you will stay here and wait for her to wake up or you come with me. It is up to you.”

  Sibylle looked at the woman laying down in her living room and then the man who broke into her apartment. She didn’t have too much choice, and she didn’t want to be here when this woman woke up.

  “Okay, I’ll come with you.” She said.

  They get out of the house. They headed to the library where Samuel left his car. After 15 minutes of a walk, they were in front of the library. Samuel checked around to make sure no one was watching them. Then he whispered some things in a language Sibylle never heard, and a car appeared in front of their eyes. On any other day, Sibylle would be shocked, but it wasn’t that strange after everything happened today. They get in the car, and Samuel drove out of the city.

  “Where are we going?” she asked.

  “My hideaway. We will be safe there until we figure out what we will do.”

  The rest of the car ride was filled with silence. They were in the forest. Samuel parked the car, and they get off the car. Then he whispered something, and the car disappeared. Samuel headed into the forest, and Sibylle followed him. They walked until they reached a small cottage. Sybille looked around when they got into the cottage. There were different kinds of weapons and very old-looking books. Books caught her eye and she takes one of them in her hand. At the same time windows of the cottage, and the bulbs blew up. She dropped the book.

  “Maybe you should stay away from the spell books,” Samuel said.

  “Spell books?” Sibylle asked.

  “You are a witch. You should know what a spell book is.”

  “What do you mean I am a witch. I am not.”

  “Yes, you are. How do you think you blew all the things made of glass in here or knocked Ophélie in your house, or sensed me when I was following you in the street. You are a witch, a very powerful one.”

  She was shocked by what she learnt. She sat down on the couch. She couldn’t believe the magic was real and she was a witch. How that can be possible? From the state, she was in Samuel deduced she didn’t know about any of these things.

  He broke the silence with a question “You didn’t know you were a witch?”

  “No, I didn’t. How is it even possible?”

  “One of your parents or both of them should be witches. Did they never tell you?”

  “Since I grew up in an orphanage, I don’t think they have the chance.”

  “I am sorry for your loss.”

  “It’s okay. I never knew them. So, are you a witch too?”

  “Not exactly. My mother was a witch, and I have some powers like her, but I can only cast certain spells.”

  “If you can’t cast all of the spells, why do you collect spell books?”

  “I don’t collect them for using them. I make sure they don’t get in wrong hands.”

  “How can you fight with witches like Ophélie without magical powers?”

  “I didn’t do it always alone. I had a brother who had similar powers to yours or Ophélie’s. He had helped me with collecting magical artifacts before he died.”

  “I am sorry. I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories.”

He stayed silent. Sibylle takes this as a sign that he didn't want to talk about his brothers that. So, she changed the topic.

“What are we going to do now?”

  “It is too dangerous for you to go continue your life like nothing happened. Ophélie will come after you, and you should learn how to control your powers.”

  “So, am I going to stay here with you until I learn to control my powers?”

  “I can teach you how to control your powers. Also, I will need your help with the spell book.”

  “How am I going to help you? I don’t know anything about magic while you’ve been doing this who knows for how long.”

  “Somehow this book has a connection with you. I have been searching for this book for years, and somehow you found it when you weren’t looking for it. I don’t believe in coincidences.”

  “So, you say it was destiny that I found the book. Well, I don’t believe in fate.”

  “I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe. Are we in this together?”

  “I don’t think I have any other choice. So, yes we are in this together.”

  Sibylle never thought she will become friends with a man who broke into her house and threatened her with a crossbow. That wasn’t the strangest thing that happened to her today.

  Samuel didn’t trust a witch after that incident killed his brother until now. He hoped he wasn’t doing the same mistake he did in the past. For some unknown reason, he trusted that witch.

  Who knows what the future holds for them?

April 26, 2021 09:09

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Z. A.
00:27 Mar 19, 2022

Part 2 of this story is out now.


Scarlett Barker
12:33 Mar 26, 2022

It is an incredible story. I am so glad you wrote another part.


Z. A.
12:34 Mar 26, 2022

Thanks. It is good to know you enjoyed it.


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Tetsuya Date
07:58 Sep 25, 2021

This needs another part!


Z. A.
12:53 Sep 25, 2021

Maybe one day.


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