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I honestlyΒ hateΒ doing community service.

It's really hard for me to imagine that meeting old dudes are something "fun". I mean, for me, it's just that I am wasting my time to volunteer and serve some cranky old people who live there. It ain't my problem their children and grandchildren just left them there! Neither is it my problem that they don't have anything fun to do.Β 

Plus, they can get super whiny like old babies.Β 

It's just so frustrating for me to put up things with them.Β 

I guess that they just like to throw tantrums for some reason.Β 

Tantrums I just can't stand.

I already have to take care of my three younger siblings. But no! I have to go and volunteer (basically waste my time) by taking care of more people. Like taking care of most of the family isn't already enough.

Today wasn't going to be any different.Β 

I have to put up with more people. Just the perfect way I had planned my weekend, am I right?Β 

But I did drag my friend Ila along. She was usually good at everything, so I thought that I could spend my time finishing my project while she could be the one taking care of these cranky dudes.Β 

"Hey, Ila! Wait up!" I called, as she ran towards the huge building.Β 

"I am so excited! Can you imagine all the things we can tell them? How to open a phone, how to text, and open Instagram! The options are just...endless! I know I'm just gonna love it here! While we are meeting them, we should take selfies and post it!" she squealed so loud that it made me flinch a little.

"Don't keep your hopes up. We're probably gonna meet some random old, sad person who'll just yell at you when you're not massaging their feet properly." I crossed my hands and hesitantly walked behind her.

"Aww, come on man! Don't be such a buzz kill! I'm sure nothing of that sort will ever happen!" she continued to skip around with her chirpy voice.

"Sure, whatever you say," I mumbled to myself sarcastically.Β 

We both could feel the angry rays of the hot sun as we finally reached the front of the building. As we entered, we had to wait for a couple of minutes before a lady escorted us to the man we had to talk to today.

I whispered to Ila, "Oh man, this guy looks as angry as a wild boar!"Β 

"Oh my god, just...stop it, would you? He must have gone through so many things...ok?" she nudged my hand, which kind of hurt, and we walked inside.

His room was pretty dull. But, it was very crowded. The walls had a lot of weapons displayed. Many guns, military clothes, and things like that.Β 

The man was completely bald. He had only two strings of hair. His body was very weak, and thin, and his skin looked shriveled. Though he had a lot of cuts and bruises all over his body. He looked mad as we entered.Β 

"Hello! I am so glad to meet you Mr.β€”" Ila started talking joyfully, like something good had just happened.

I, on the other hand, was just getting scared by the entire room.Β 

After Ila was done welcoming him, I put my hand on her shoulder, and whispered, "This guy looks pretty dangerous. We should go. Come on."

"Are you kidding Margo? No. If you wanna go, then you can! Can't you just give him a chance?" she yelled at me back.Β 

"Geez, I was just warning you. Chill, man!"

"Are ya kids done whispering or what?" he asked with a heavy accent.

"Umm...yes! Margo, over here, was just...umm, he was saying how cool all your weapons look!"

I gave her a look, but she just ignored me.

"Oh, this? Well, back in the day, I was fighting in the Cold War. Was a big and bad one my dears. The sound of all those bullets and screaming, yelling, and all of that still ring through my ears. It was a very scary time, my dears." he started explaining, and to be honest, I sat next to him, and got immidialtey hooked into his words.

"Whoah? So you fought in the Cold War? Oh my gosh, why that's just awesome!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Yeah, we're learning this in school! Funny, we had to do a presentation about this war and it's due this Friday. If you don't mind, can you talk more about your experience in that war? It can be like an interview!" Ila suggested, and the man chucked and nodded his head in approval.Β 

We both laughed.

"Umm, we never did get your name, what is it?" I asked him curiously.Β 

"Ha! Oh my, children. Has been such a long time since someone has ever came up to me and even cared to ask my name!" he laughed and told his name.


"Well, we had so much fun talking to you! We will defintely come back again to spend more time." Ila waved to old man.

"Your story made me get goosebumps!" I shreiked, and he laughed.

He was a pretty jolly man once you got to know him! I really liked his personality already.Β 

"So, now do you hate going the community center to volunteer?" she asked me, raising her eyebrows.

I shrugged.

"Ok, fine, I do. I'm sorry. I was just being a brat back then. But, hey, I like him. He's so cool. Doesn't his story insprite you to be like him too?" I asked her, waiting for her honest reply.

"Yup, it did. He is such a great man. Hey, if you want, we can actually call everyone in the school to visit him sometimes! I'm pretty sure that he would love to share his story with others!" she told excitedly.

"You're right! That is such a great idea! Either way, I at least got a great idea for my presentation.

February 05, 2021 21:55

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Hey y'all! To be honest, I actually didn't know if I was gonna have time to write a story for today because of my hectic schedule. But, hey, I did!! Hope you all enjoyed! :)


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Eddie Thawne
17:21 Feb 07, 2021

I love this. Amazing! You submit stories for most if not all the prompts. I admire your passion. Well done Laila!


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Coco Longstaff
22:53 Feb 06, 2021

Niceee I love it Really nice experience for them to have a nice time with elders Good work!


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Nancy Drayce
22:40 Feb 05, 2021

I loveee thisss Laila!! It is so sweet, and I truly enjoyed. I like the the idea for the prompt, it fits very well! And the characters are amazing, especially the old man! Even though his part in the story wasn't very long, it was still memorable! πŸ’œπŸŒŸ


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Maya -
17:30 Feb 06, 2021

If you want to be in my reedsy-cast series could you fill out this form? https://forms.gle/1eqV6vdmhWomPXoBA


Maya -
18:21 Feb 06, 2021

Thank you!!! <3


Maya -
18:22 Feb 06, 2021



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This was really good Laila!! Very heart warming:D


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