Walter The Trickster God🎭

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Walter was a vindictive trickster. He would go around tricking people just to get what he wanted. Walter came from a town where the queen and king disliked tricksters, they felt as though tricksters were the devils advocate. So, they burned them to death one by one until they turned to ashes. Walter was the only trickster God left that got away with a plan in mind. Walter used a disguise trick from his book of tricks to change his appearance. "This town will not be associated with tricksters!" The king would say in a demanding voice as he sits next to the queen on their throne. This tiny town was named "Naplon". A town where people obeyed the king & queen.

Delta and Adius were the names of the king and queen. The King and queen also had a daughter named Reilta, she was the only child. Everything went to dark when Princess Reilta fell in love with Walter, it made her father livid! when he found out that there was a trickster left in this town. It angered him so much that he locked the princess in her room for a month and sent Walter to be burned to death like the others.

One day the Queen sent the princess to the vegetable stand to get potatoes and carrots for tonight's stew. As Reilta did what her mother told her to do she came across Walter. He was standing in the middle of the walkway juggling pinballs as his brown hat lays on the floor collecting silver coins from those who were watching him.

" thank you, everyone but I must go it is almost time for supper," Walter says while taking a bow and picking up the brown hat off of the ground.

Princess Reilta stares at the trickster with disbelief while holding the bag of potatoes and carrots in her hands. She decides to walk up to the trickster to give him a piece of her mind. As she approaches the trickster from behind she taps him on his right shoulder.

"Are you a trickster god?" The princess says while backing up.

"I'm sorry, no I am not, I am a child of God," Walter replies as he turns around with the brown hat on his head.

The princess stares at Walter with a startled face. "Where's the silver coins that were in that hat."

The trickster laughs while saying "They're in my pocket where coins are supposed to be."

The princess stomps her foot like a 2-year-old having a tantrum. "That's impossible, I've been watching you this entire time & I've never seen you put those silver coins into your pocket."

The princess scatters away from the trickster as she hurries home to tell her parents that there's a trickster in this town. When she entered the door of the castle her mother was sitting in a ruby-colored chair with diamonds in the creases. "Where have you been? Rima has been waiting for several minutes for you to bring the potatoes and carrots for the stew."

The princess stands in silence while Rima the cook comes out of the kitchen angrily.

The cook walks up to the princess and snatches the bag of vegetables out of her hand and shouts "shame on you princess!"

She then walks out of the room and into the kitchen.

The princess sits in the wooden chair across from her mother and is frustrated with how her mother allowing the cook to disobey her.

"Mother, when will the workers of this castle obey me? I am a princess and I would like to be treated like such."

"You have to earn the title princess, my dear."

The princess sits with a face of falling tears.

"What do you mean? I earned the title at birth."

The queen gets up from the chair and stands in the middle of the room with her head held high. "Yes that is true daughter but you must earn the title. Make others around you respect you! It is out of my doings!"

The queen leaves the room with the princess and walks down the hall to her bedroom.

The princess gets up from the chair and with the sleeve of her shirt, she wiped the tears from her eyes. She walks to the nearest window in the room and stares at the rain falling on the windowpane.

The princess takes a deep breath and whispers to herself "I wish people respected me like the princess that I am."

Meanwhile, Walter sat in his wooden shed looking through the books of tricks. He flips the pages extremely fast until his fingertips tired themselves. "Bingo!" He shouts while placing his index fingers on a page that reads "love tricks." Love tricks was a spell that the tricksters would use on a person to make them fall in love.

"I want to be in love." The trickster says to himself.

In the castle, the king, queen & princess sit at the table eating beef stew.

"This is delicious! Rima did such a good job!" The king adds while putting a spoonful of stew into his mouth.

"Did you hear about the late arrival of the princess?" The queen says to the king.

"Why were you late Reilta?"

Reilta eyes her mother in a devious way before answering her father.

"There were tons of people getting vegetable father."

"Oh? That seems truthful."

The queen adds " that is a lie princess someone around town told me that you were speaking to a strange man."

The King chokes off of the stew while hearing what the Queen had said about their daughter.

"What do you mean strange?" The king replied

"I think he was a trickster, father." The princess responds while folding her arms.

"A trickster! There's no way!" The queen shouts while slamming her hand on the table causing the beef stew in the bowl to splatter all over the dinner table.

The princess gets up from the table and runs upstairs into her room. She sits in her queen size bed with an eyeball of tears. "I wish I never was a princess!"

Suddenly, a soft knock sat upon her door.

"Come in," The princess says softly with her head in the pillow.

The queen opens the door and quietly walks into the room.

"I want to have a word with you."

The princess gently removes her head from the pillow and sits up straight.

"My behavior was unnecessary, I truly apologize for the bitterness of my actions. Your father would like it if you came downstairs to finish your supper."

"I'm not hungry anymore," Reilta replied as she sniffled.

"It is not good to fall asleep with an empty stomach, princess."

"I don't want to eat."

The queen about-face and leaves the room with no final words.

The princess sat in her room all night waiting for her parents to fall sound asleep in bed so she could sneak out of the castle.

The creaking sound of her bedroom door filled the whole hallway with loud noise as she opened it.

Once she stepped out of her bedroom she began to scurry down the stairs and out the front door.

The princess was headed to Walter's shed to warn him about the trouble he's in. The princess knew where Walter lived from spying on him tremendous times. The vegetable stand was not the first time that she came across Walter.

March 31, 2021 21:40

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