(Listen to Play Nice- Annie LeBlanc)

She had been watching him for a while. Suspicion rose and curiosity, some may call it.

"Why are we going this way?" Her friend, Portia, asked.

"Don't worry about it."

He spun out of view.

"Why?" She muttered angrily.

Portia pulled her away. "If it makes you feel any better I'll invite him to the party. You can talk to him."

"What are you thinking and why."

"Hey, you don't concentrate anymore. So I have a good reason to doubt."

"Mhmmm yeah right. That is exactly what you were thinking about."

Portia rose her hands in protest and gave Sam the "Hm I'll show you." look, and walked straight to the group of people he was walking with. Before Sam could stop her. Oh no. Her worry somehow turned into disgust. Ugh. So much for being best friends. But the unspoken girl code for friendships like these. Follow her lead.

Begrudgingly, Sam followed her. Pulling her hair down so that if he knew anything he'd not see her face and had nothing against her. Right now her focus was to be invisible.

Sam watches from a difference trying to decipher the look on his face his eyes covered by his dark hair. Something is wrong and has been. I know it.

Portia gives them a smile and turns on her heel to hook her arm through Sam's.

"They said yes." She says lifting one eyebrow.

"That's cool." Sam answers, nonchalantly. Too nonchalantly. But she knows that it's better if one keeps a secret and hides it, or two people do when they are both involved. That doesn't stop her curiosity. It only arouses it.

Portia rolls her eyes and leaves Sam. Some things were meant for Sam to figure out, and Sam to keep.


She's still watching him. Until she looses sight of him. She runs after him as quiet as a feather.

Can't be 90 pounds for nothing, she thinks.

But as fast as a cheetah.

Coming to an abrupt halt, she smells smoke.

She lets out a silent gasp.

In her subconscious, something tells her to run. But she stays put. Weed, she realizes. Oh no. What are they doing? A faint memory of the student's handbook comes to mind.

"No drugs. No alcohol, on school grounds." It says.

Oh cm'on guys, she begs silently. What else? Cocaine? Cannabis?

The bell rings into her ears. Directly. They seem to have dug a hole in the ground. They throw their garbage there and run past her. She holds her breath. His gaze was just right next to her. Almost touching her. But he didn't linger.... Soon they were gone, and, she let out a long breath. Still feverish she ran to class. Portia started talking but her words seemed to fade out of Sam's ears. But then again, who cared what Portia had to say? She'd found a new target and senior year just got a whole lot more interesting.

Am I being followed? He laughs at the irony. His Dad would say, "See, another reason, boy, just see a counselor." He laughs louder, harder. A counselor. In that guy's wildest of wildest dreams. He's just sure if he's followed he'd know. And deal accordingly.


She was in a debate with herself. There were two ways to stalk. Yes, she said it. Stalk. Sounded foreign. Two ways to solve a mystery.

Fraternize or stay hidden. Well, upside of fraternize. Means another friend. Maybe she could help him. Or anything. If she chose to stay hidden she would be better off. He would not have to go through the pressure of opening up to someone else. Nah. She should just stay hidden. Let's keep the mystery for now.

The week before the party.

She imagined what her Mom would say. "Honey, please stop sleuthing it's prrrivate." 'No offence, Mom,' Sam thinks. 'You don't know how annoying that was.' But it hits different when she's gone. 'What a way to start the day, Sam.' She scolds herself.

Despite her findings yesterday, she went back. They weren't there. Hm. 'That means," she thought to herself, 'They have more than one hiding spot." She scoffs. Typical.

They came back to the first hiding spot.

The irony isn't much now. "I am definitely being followed." he thinks to himself. He allows his mind to drift to the girl who had come to invite them to a party. In his memory through peripheral vision, he could see another girl she had hooked arms with, looking at him. He was jumping to a big conclusion, right..... Or was he?

With Two days to go,

Today she followed him right until they were behind the school gardens. She wondered what she would find today.

Alcohol, she guessed, judging from the foul smell. Just imagine what is inside their bodies right now. But still she felt, empty. Everybody seemed to break the rules. No. No. It was something more than this, something personal. She'd have to find out.


There she was. At the corner. Who was she to think she could hide from me? On no. She can't. She will know that he found out. She will have a shock. He drowned in his bottle of gin. She caught his eye. Oh no. She must be thinking. Run. Oh run. Girl. This story has only just begun. Then she disappeared. He was drunk.

Oh no. She thought. He saw me. She found the words coming out of her mouth as she bumped into Portia.

"Mija, sister, what's wrong? You've been acting all caught up and weird all week."

Sam burst out.

"What do you mean weird? If by weird you mean not listening to all the garbage that comes from your mouth. Then yes. Excuse me if I want to be friends with someone else. Excuse me if I have other things to do. Other things to think about, Portia. If you ever listened to me MAYBE. JUST MAYBE. YOU WOULD NOT BE THE ONLY ONE SPEAKING. Ugh."

She hated the look in Portia's eyes. Portia looked bewildered, angry at the same time. She felt bad, but right now Portia was gonna have to accept the truth.

God, was she tired.


She is not a master mind. Perhaps now she won't meddle in people's business. She was right to run. Strangely enough, he felt like talking to her casually and telling her to stop. Maybe he would. She probably should count her luck. But he was still drunk.


The day of the party: She had to go.

She arrived at Portia's place about 10. Tonight was gonna be the night it was going to go down.


Counting MY luck. Casual. Tonight was going to be THE night. It was all going down.

That Night

She followed them to the garage. They did their garbage. He wasn't there. Ugh. So much for sacrifice. She turned on her heel and somebody grabbed her elbow. She was face to face with him. Jake. From Mrs. Downington's class. From year's of stalking. HIM. She was dead.


"I'll make this short. What do you want from me?"

"What makes you that I want anything from you?" She said, feigning curiosity.

"You're following me around and you always seem to be looking at me."

"Okay..." She looks like this is the end of this thing.

"Why do you hide."

"I don't hide." He answers with full dignity.

"Apparently I have been following you, so I'm bound to know."

"You and Curiosity. If I tell you I'd have to kill you. Maybe.

She takes a step closer to him.

"Tell me. Does curiosity really kill the cat?"

She looks murderous.

He returns the look.

"That depends........"

"Yeah?" She says.

"Can you keep a secret?"

August 20, 2020 20:34

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Raquel Rodriguez
19:28 Dec 01, 2020

Hey Lilu! I love this story, and the ending is so nice I like you, you seem nice! LOLLL I JUST REALIZED HOW CREEPY THAT SOUNDSSS ahhhhh Sorry, lmao What I MEAN is, I read your bio, and I love it! My dream is to be a writer too! :) The title of the story is great, and I liked how you twisted a common phrase and used it in your own way! :)


06:36 Dec 25, 2020

Hi, lolll (not creepy at all) haha Thank you so much!!! :) I'm REALLY glad you liked it. I'm just gonna say it... You seem amazing! Thanks again.


Raquel Rodriguez
04:23 Dec 26, 2020

Oh, you answered back, and just in time for Christmas! I guess that's my present, and it's a good one :) No problem! Awww, thanks! I think you seem amazing too!


12:34 Dec 31, 2020

oh hi. yes, when i had the chance. I am so sorry I missed to say Happy Birthday. It was on the 27th right? Well, anyway Happy Belated Birthday. Thanks for the follow.


Raquel Rodriguez
16:22 Dec 31, 2020

Oh, it's fine! Yep, 27th of December :) Thank you, and no problem!


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06:31 Sep 07, 2020

Drop a like.


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Janet Joos
16:50 Sep 06, 2020

I liked how the story progressed and especially ended. I must admit that the few subtitles helped but I was a bit confused with the asterisks. Enjoy writing.


06:19 Sep 07, 2020

I'm so sorry and glad you enjoyed the story. Apparently I can't edit the story to remove some asterisks because it's already approved . But I tried my best.


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B Easton
23:36 Aug 27, 2020

Hi Lily, I really liked the story and the dialogue was great. I also liked the sections you broke it into, although if I were to make a suggestion, try to have a bit more of a pattern to the time period because sometimes you'd relate it to the day of the week and sometimes you'd relate the day to the party.


11:43 Aug 29, 2020

Oh. Okay let me see what I can do. Thank you. :)


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Angela Palmer
01:19 Aug 25, 2020

Hey Lily. Great premise. There were some confusing parts of this: a few times I couldn't tell if you were using first or third person; the jumping between locations and times made for some confusion. I think making the sections more cohesive instead of jumps would make the story line more clear.


15:02 Aug 26, 2020

Thank you for reading. I will work on that.


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20:45 Aug 20, 2020

Wow, this was great! Your dialogue is so natural and these characters seem so 3D. One suggestion: I think you should UN-break up these chunks of story a bit more, or at least don’t use asterisks! I’m a sucker for lines of asterisk but this (awesome) story has at least 10. Other than that, I loved this! Keep writing! ~Aerin P. S. Would you mind checking out one or two of my stories? Thanks!


12:58 Aug 21, 2020

Thank you so much. :) Glad you enjoyed the story! And thanks for the suggestion will work on that right now. I'll definitely check more than two of your stories. Thanks again for the feedback.


13:02 Aug 21, 2020

No problem! Thanks!


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