No One, Nowhere, Nothing.

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Inspirational Fantasy

“I dare you to climb up to the top of that house, or I’ll tell everyone you're a chicken,” I said to my friend, Toby. “No,” Toby replied simply, “I’m not an idiot, my health matters more to me.” I stopped in my tracks, “Toby,” I said coldly, “no one says no to me.” Toby froze, “fine,” he said, “I’ll do it,” I smiled, “there’s a good friend,” I said.

Toby grabbed onto a pipe attached to the house and started climbing, soon he was half way up. “Keep going,” I called up, Toby continued up the house. Snap! The pipe broke, Toby tumbled to the ground. He screamed in pain, I ran over. He had broken his arm, and the pipe. We were in massive trouble now.

6 hours later…

It’s been a long day, the police arrived, then an ambulance, then my mum. None of them were happy with me at all, the owner of the house would have killed me if he wasn’t on holiday. Now I kind of wish he had, Mum got to me first. I can’t even describe the punishment I have to face. 

Today was the worst day ever. At school I had to go to the principal's office to talk about what happened yesterday. I wasn’t in a good mood when Igot there, I just stared at the floor listening to what he had to say. “Mark Turnover! You should be ashamed of yourself, I should have you expelled from school! Listen to me Mike-” “I listen to no one!” I but in, expelled. Mum wasn’t happy, now I’m banned from my computer for a month. I have to see Toby in the hospital and I’m sure he won’t be happy.

Yip, Toby was pretty bad. He told me I knead to think before I act. No one understands, I don’t care. No one is becoming one of my favourite things to say, anyway, I’m starting to regret the dare now. I’ve lost my mum's trust, my school and a friend. I’m going to bed.

“Wake up,” I hear a soft whisper in my ear, I open my eyes. There is no one in the room, “I’m here,” I hear the voice. No one is in the room, who is talking to me… “Who are you?” I ask, “I go by the name, No one.” The vocie repiles simply, “And I have heard that I say no to you. You listen to me and I understand that you don’t care what they think,” and since you listen to me, I will change you. “No one will change me!” I say without thinking, ‘great, I forgot, they are No one.’ “Then it is time to change you,” says No one, I feel my feet being snached from the ground. The next thing I know, the air that I breathe is taking me away… But where am I going?

Of course, I’m Nowhere. My story has taken a turn in events, No one is truly evil. They make me sit in a chair all day reflecting on my actions! That's what I’m doing right now, the door opens, No one is in front of me. “Come,” said No one, I stand and follow. Not by choice though, No one has taken control of my body. 

We go up to a door, it is covered in warning signs. ‘DANGER KEEP OUT’ ‘CAUTION’ they go on and on. The door opens and I slowly walk in, No one makes me go faster. There is a portal in the middle of the room, “what’s that?” I ask, “nothing.” Says No one, no! No more nos! I can’t stand it, No one pushes me in. I fell through it, into Somewhere…

I landed in Somewhere, there was a T.V. In the middle of the room. I walked up and began to watch, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The T.V. Was showing what had been going on in my mind lately, amazing! Then it came up with what I had been thinking when I dared Toby to climb up the house, I had done it for nothing but my entertainment. I immediately regretted my actions. What had I done?

I walked past the T.V. and thought, what is my point in life? Have I stuffed up my chances of filling my purpose? Am I a lost piece in the puzzle?

That was when I saw a note on the floor, it read: No one is alone (Not the character in this book.) We are a team, if one falls we are there to pick them up. If one needs support they can come to us, the world is a beautiful place, if we work together we can make a difference.

I felt somewhat overwhelmed when I read the note, the next thing I knew I was closing my eyes… Reflecting.

Somehow, I feel different. Probably because No One came back for me and took me back home, back to the world where I had made a bad start. But I was back in the race, No One has changed me. Nowhere has pulled me to Nothing and Nothing has pulled me to Somewhere. I feel like my purpose in life is just round the corner, waiting for me to find it.

Mum comes in and gets such a shock when she sees that I am trying to get back to my original school, that's just the start. I’m going to apologize to all the teachers, and Toby. I hope they will forgive me, I have learnt a lesson from all of this though. 

Don’t run into the dark and gloomy shadows of the dark but run out into the light where it is always sunny. Think before you act, you don’t want to fall into the dark. Never think you can hide forever, there are consequences to face. Even if you get off to a bad start, you are still in the race. Never give up, there is a place for you…

May 18, 2021 07:15

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02:58 Jan 11, 2022

Well done! Beautiful story, Chase. I loved the moral of the story. :)


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16:55 Jun 08, 2021

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