The Unbidden Guest

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Crime Mystery Thriller

The Unbidden Guest


   All non-living things including those that did not look like junk, litter, trash, garbage in the guest room were dumped by Mona to give birth to an empty guest room. The guest room was revamped by Mona once her father informed about a new visitor approaching their guest room after fifteen years. The tall Mona sought help from her housemaid, her cat, plumber, and then electrician to renovate the guest room completely. Mona filled the guest room with rich mellow yellow walls, comfy chairs, cozy bedding, tea station and also installed Wi-Fi connections. After the guest room faced surgical strike pattern renovations, the Plumber was lastly employed in an attached bathroom all alone to fix a new faucet and shower stall. Mona and her Grandmother even composed sweet piano melodies to welcome the guest to their house located in the middle of highway woods. Mona’s father Joshua Richard before twilight time knocked on the door of his house. The lanky Mona opened the door with glowing eyes and queried “Dad! Have lodgers reached our near town? “Richard taking deep breaths came inside his home and sat upon the couch placed in the hall. Richard whispered “Mona! There was no necessity for renovating this guest room for an unbidden guest“. Mona in a disconsolate face replied “Dad! No guests have come home in the last fifteen years and so the guest room had to be certainly mended“. Richard mumbled, “Mona! I am sorry; the guest is none other than my convicted brother John Liam who was awarded liberation today for completing his 14 years life sentence in jail”. Disappointed Mona immediately picked up the staircase and entered into her room located next to the guest room. Mona closed the door and started packing her things to exit the room with a thought to vacate before her uncle Liam faints seeing the beauty of the guest room. 

   Mona rushed back downstairs with all her belongings and moved to grandmother’s room. The long-haired mona informed grandma about the guest and in the next tick of the clock she started playing a very sad tone on the piano in a way that the cat stopped drinking milk and ran out of room to the hall. The intransigent Mona came out of the room with a fuming face and in a rusty voice “How dare you invite a criminal as a guest who killed my mom mercilessly in the same locked guest room fifteen years ago”. Mona further exclaimed, “Liam’s incessant stabbings gave mom a painful death and he is the one who parceled her soul to hell; Dad! I am ashamed upon myself for renovating the guest room for a murderer“. Richard holding Mona’s both hands resolutely yelped “Mona! I should have informed you before who the guest is, Liam, pleaded with me for a three days stay in that guest room to prove he is certainly not a god but a good human”. Mona in an enraged voice “Every evidence taken out from that guest room as well as the entire crime scene concludes only Liam as executioner and prosecution proved the guilt against Liam beyond reasonable doubt“. Richard cried out “Don’t Worry Mona, I will watch out for my fat-brained brother, no harm will cause to anyone; the man of sin will remain as our guest only for three days”. Richard further assured, “I cautioned the devil he has to shell bullets onto his head on day-3 if he lied about his clinical killings“. Mona with no further retort reverted to grandma’s room and slept without intake of dinner.

    Early in the morning, John Liam standing behind house door steps shouted in a high tone “This is Liam, ex-prisoner reporting to my patriotic mother and heroic brother“. Hearing Liam’s voice, Grandmother started a horror tune concert with her piano. Rawboned Richard, at last, opened the door and muttered, “Finally a Snake in the grass has shown up“. John Liam had winter-white hair on his conic face and his eyes were blood-flecked as he looked very old. Liam had a spade-shaped devil fork white beard but he strangely wore a black and white wardrobe that made him look like a perfect royal casino waiter.


Day -1

   John Liam marched towards the staircase ignoring the depraved talks he heard about him but Richard stopped him and demanded “Wait! I need to check your wardrobes and bags, I doubt you might have sharp knives or pistol“. Liam without getting irate cooperated with Richard and he found nothing except a few clothes, a lighter, and dozens of books about the northern pole and the ancient weapons. Liam was allowed to access the guest room halfheartedly by Richard. The room was opened up by a beautiful blonde-haired servant named Amelia Sophie. Amelia in a soft tone (Irish language)“a dhuine uasail!”. Sophie then in quixotic voice “Mona instructed me guest not to be troubled for sharing a dining table with them, I am responsible to ensure you get everything, I mean everything in this guest room itself “. The unmarried Liam spent Day 1 eating, sleeping, glimpsing Amelia at times, then observing things in the bathroom and guest room, then reading books about ancient weapons, and later killed all evening time by playing with the house cat in a way that the goblin cat became too much attached with Liam.

Day - 2

   Liam came downstairs and switched on the TV. Mona immediately rushed out of grandmother's room and switched off the TV. The Mona wearing a pair of skinny jeans irritatingly glared at Liam for a few seconds, after that she swiftly dashed back to her grandma's room. Liam for one more time switched on the TV but this time Mona came out again and shrieked” Have you come all this far from jail to watch TV in our home?” Liam humbly replied, “ I didn’t kill your mom my child, your mom casually came to the guest room to request me to join the party downstairs; your mom after coming inside the guest room she suddenly lost her smile; stared at me for few seconds; her eyes looked like a burning ruby; Before I could ask her something, she raised a long-handled knife which she was holding in her right hand and started stabbing herself on her abdominal parts particularly upon spleen region sturdily six times in 33 seconds; I rushed towards her but before I reached her in five running footsteps she inflicted two more self-stabbings; At last I finally grasped knife from her hand and by that time you all reached and saw me as a murderer of your mom“. Mona squealed “Your suicide version failed miserably before Trial Court“. Liam in a muffled voice “No my child, it is not suicide, I was wrong at that time”. Twenty-Five years old angry young woman gallingly shouted “What a boisterous confession from an incorrigible crook, so my mom was neither murdered by you nor she committed suicide by herself, Yet she faced a painful death, am I right?”

   Liam’s conscious mind had no answers for the riddle challenged by Mona. Liam silently raised his body from the couch and started moving towards the first step of the staircase. Liam stopped right there for a while showing his back to Mona. But all of a sudden Liam turned back and ran towards Mona and meanwhile witnessing Liam’s unexpected stunt, Mona out of fear shouted “Daddy! Help! Help! “. Liam by that time came very close to Mona’s frightened face to deadbolt her fiery mouth with his right inner palm. Mona was breathing heavily and tears were bursting out from her eyes endlessly. Liam with his horrifying face and piercing eyes bellowed “Mona! you know in the last fifteen years over 7777 deaths were reported all over the world by eight numbers of stabbings and all these stabbings were staged only at guest rooms “. Liam stating this indignantly climbed upstairs and Mona returned to her grandma's room hurriedly with her eyes filled with tears and fears. Day 2 time went on with an altercation between Joshua and Liam in the guest room for frolicsome assault attempted against Mona by Liam.

 Day - 3 the Concluding Day


  Richard warned Liam he will be thrown out of the house if he again fiddle-faddles on Day 3 as done by him on day 2. Everybody in the home felt bumpy and was in a tense mood except Goblin Cat because it doesn’t know Liam must prove today whether he is a good human or a devil’s son. So many questions were churning around the minds of Mona and Richard. It was 6 pm on Day-3 and only three hours left for Liam to prove he is not a man of sin. When Richard, Mona, her grandma, and the servant were downstairs, they suddenly started hearing the uninterrupted 110 dB loud screaming voice of Liam for 39 seconds from the guest room. At the same time, the goblin cat emancipating powerful yowling sounds was seen rolling down in the staircase by dashing upon each alternative step. When everybody reached the guest room, they were shocked to see Liam lying on the floor with a pool of blood oozing out from his ruptured spleen region. The tall and thin Mona noticed a sharp-edged knife in a tilted position upon Liam’s blood-stained right thumb and forefinger. Mona in an awful state of mind cried like hell but managed to open her mouth “What’s happening, dad?” Richard immediately called 911 Emergency but Liam died on spot and his body was taken to Post-Mortem in Ambulance. Joshua Richard was taken to custody for inquiry by the Metropolitan police of Dublin.

   The next day Mona visited the Crime Squad Metropolitan Police Station of Dublin. But Mona wasn’t allowed to meet her father who was detained for inquiry. Mona then came across the investigation officer to whom she handed over the last declaration letter written by Liam. Mona in a shabby tone uttered, “This letter was received today, but don’t know when Liam posted it, few chances Amelia could have helped him, I hope you will free my father from illegal detention after reading this letter“. Mona quickly stating this moved out of place. The Police officer wearing gloves unfolded the letter and read:-                                                                         


 “Dear Brother Joshua Richard,

    The truth about the 2003 North Pole expedition was purposefully hidden from the world. A group of Archaeologists at 92° 38' latitude of the North Pole found thousands of long-handled knives. In each knife, a unique Wordings ‘DOMINUM MALI‘ inscribed in that sinning 25 cm long blade. These knives resembled fillet knives having needle-like sharp edges. The Archaeological department named these Knives as 'Arctic Knives' but had no clue about these weapons since these Arctic knives didn’t match with any of the timelines or accorded with any civilization. These special knives neither get rusted nor freezes at low temperatures. The Secret Space Arms and Weapons Federation Agency located at an anonymous island near Northern Greenland took custody of these Arctic knives. In about just three weeks these weapons disappeared without any trace. As I worked there as one of the guards in the federation I was suspended along with other guards and all were put under scanner by a group of Interpol officials.

    Following the mysterious disappearance of Arctic knives from an undercover federation, many stabbings all over the world occurred due to Arctic knives. Many Interpol officers, federation guards, and space secret agents mysteriously killed themselves by eight numbers of self-inflicting stabbings. Among 23 guards of the federation, only I and the other two surviving guards of the federation were alone left alive where in that one ex-guard is now a plumber at Dublin. In 2015 plumber met me at Jail and revealed shocking information that the Arctic knives are cursed ones and whoever holds it, the knives shall take over their mind and make them stab sturdily on the spleen region. Surprisingly all 7777 reported stabbings were at Guest Room only, these Arctic knives seem to be powerless in all other places.

  In 2004 you found two numbers of Arctic knives buried by someone in the backyard garden of your house. Your wife Emily Richard casually brought that long-handled knife to the guest room with no intention to stab herself, those pair of knives actually were waiting for me and the plumber but don’t know why its power cursed upon your wife and killed her. So after my release from jail, I wanted to check out whether the other pair of Arctic knives still at your home or not. So I sent the ex-guard plumber to your home. He found the other pair of knives at your Car Garage. The plumber prudently managed to put that Arctic Knife in his squeaky kit and following the car wash he carried out his kit to the upstairs guest room to hide the arctic knife inside the Toilet flush box. He also noiselessly fixed a tiny spy camera in the curtain rod of the guest room. Finally, Plumber placed kerosene tin along with a 150 ml acid bottle in a wooden box at the extreme left corner of the bathroom.

 The second Arctic Knife luckily not handled at guest room by any one of your house people for the past fifteen years. So before any bad thing happens I planned to send off this wicked arctic knife to hell by burning it using kerosene or acids within three days. Suppose on 3rd day at your home, if I feel scorching Arctic knife would serve no purpose then I am determined to pick up this sinful arctic knife with my bare hands and check out whether I could insanely cut my belly by myself. As a man of sin to this world, my sacrifice would be recorded in a spy camera and this letter would reveal the truth Arctic Knife is not a myth. I may be required to do this stupid act since the plumber and I are certainly going to die in the hands of an arctic knife one day. I state that Joshua Richard, his daughter Mona, the cat, and especially Amelia are not responsible for my death. My Mother and plumber are innocents from birth so not to doubt them at any cost. Miss you all very much. Good Bye with love

                       - John Liam 

      The police officer after reading the letter just pinned it as evidence along with other papers in Liam’s Death case file. Though the Police officer was incredulous about the contents stated in the letter, he left the Metropolitan Police station after instructing the forensic department to check whether any tiny camera was set up at Richard’s guest house and also directed them to check any acid boxes found in the bathroom. The Police officer after two days recovered the tiny camera and released Richard. The Metropolitan Police Department of Dublin based on video footage closed Liam’s Death Case as suicide. 


    Meanwhile, in another time dimension and somewhere in the deep space, the Demigod belonging to ‘Segue-2’ Dwarf Galaxy ordered the universe legionnaires to search all galaxies and kill Su-rloo’nhi’loo, the 2000 years old phantom son of Lord Visitant. The Supreme Lord of Guest was once Peer of ‘Segue-1’ Dwarf Galaxy but his eleventh son Su-rloo’nhi’loo captured his father and detained the Lord Visitant at ‘Elnath Giant Star’. Evil Su-rloo’nhi’loo not only destroyed many planets and stars of Dwarf Galaxies with his tremendous ethereal powers but also started to infect planets in the Milky Way galaxy too with mystical knives and toxic methyl beverages. The Demigod and other dukes of galaxies, therefore, felt Su-rloo’nhi’loo and his armies are to be wiped out completely since jillion armies under the command of Su-rloo’nhi’loo were too busy in burying billions and billions of witchery knives and toxic methyl beverages in many planets for making its inhabitants kill themselves and to offer them as a sacrificed souls to evil Spirit of Su-rloo’nhi’loo. The evil Spirit on consuming millions and millions of sacrificed souls over centuries, the dark prince was turning as too powerful monster in wide spread cosmos. The quest to hunt down evil Su-rloo’nhi’loo continued by universe legionnaires to stop the mystical stabbings and also to break all indestructible spells spread by Su-rloo’nhi’loo all over the space.

***The End***

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