The Birthday

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It was midnight. The clock was approaching to "12:00". She was sitting on her bed and waiting for the call from her mother to wish her "Happy Birthday". This is the first time she was so excited to celebrate her birthday even though her mother was not with her. Since childhood she didn't have a great experience on her birthday. She doesn't have that much friends because of her unique behaviour. Children usually abandon her and don't wanted to be her friends. She always felt alone in this world but her mother was always standing by her side. After her father's death her mother have to work much harder to fulfill her necessities. The only special person was her mother. She also used to get nightmares which was completely irrelevant to her. She saw some places in her dream which she has never been or heard before. She asked her mother about her dreams, but her mother was avoided by saying I will tell you in detail when you will be grown. Now she is going to be 20. It's time to know about herself and her hidden secrets of her supernatural powers. She was planning for her birthday party. Suddenly, she got a call from an unknown number that was ofcourse not her mother. On the phone, someone said, " A lady is unconscious seems to your mother. I got your number on her phone."

She asked impatiently," who are you?" I am @2542fg@ from Granam Land. We can not save your mother so , please find us and come as soon as possible, 'The voice replied.' She don't know the place and even don't have anyone to help her. She was completely unaware to her supernatural powers. During her childhood, once her mother told her that she can collect the voices from the universe and do many more unnatural things. During the process of activating her powers, the floor of her room suddenly disappeared and resulting her to go into the darkest place, which is completely unknown.

A voice was heard, ' Welcome Dear! I am waiting for your arrival since your birth.' Your mother has successfully hidden you till now. Look, both of you are in my control.

"I can win the world once I get all your power and your mother's blood." It is going to happen soon. Hahahaha! A wicked laughter spread all over the room.

She was completely unaware of the facts. She saw something crawling on the ground and caused the generation of redlight around her and a self generated virtual board with something written on it.

"Don't move out of the circle otherwise both of you are dead."

After a while she saw her mother tied around a 'Ray Chair', in which you single move can cause you death. Both mother and daughter was optically coupled. She has no idea how to get rid of this problem. Suddenly, she saw her mother getting some consciousness. She was just trying to figure out how can she activate her superpowers. When she closed her eyes, she got some visions.

"She saw that she can use her power by her imagination. She started to find a way to erase the circle around her. In her imagination she was in a jungle and find noone around her. She was collecting the voices from the universe, by which she will make an eraser. She was almost done with gathering the voice then she heard screaming of her mother and her concentration was gone. As she opened her eyes, a robot was sucking her mother blood. "

She pulled a hair and round it around her wrist and a beam of rays came out from her hands. The effects of rays successfully destroyed the robot and save her mother. Her mother told her that she had to kill the devil in order to get out. Then again she went to her imagination.

"She concentrates on the voices, collected all of them in her fist and added her mother's voice too. All the voices thrown up in air and an eraser appeared in her hand. She came out of her concentration."

She erased the circle and make herself free. She came closer to her mother and asked her how can she kill the devil? Her mother replied," It takes one to know one." She got it and challenged the devil to come out.

" Hey! Come out if you have power to face me. I am giving you an opportunity to be the King. But I know you are too coward to come out."

This idea worked and a giant demon came out with all his virtual soilders.

" Look poor girl, you got the wrong person to fight with. I am still offering you to surrender your power and both of you will be free," He replied with having a feeling of superiority.

"Are you afraid?" She asked. Let's have some fair fight. She just wants to collect more and more voices of the demon. That's her plan. Now, the demon got really angry and roar with his all strength. If you want to die I will make your dreams come true, poor girl.

She signalled her mother. Before she will kill you why don't you want to try with me, her mother offered. The devil aggressively untie his mother from the Ray Chair. Till then her daughter collected all the devil voices and make a powerful weapon which was enough to destroy his dynasty.

As soon as, he moved towards her mother a 'V' shaped weapon kill him and all other things which was controlled by him.

Now both of them was free to go back.

She kicked the floor and as she opened her eyes, find herself in the room and her mother was standing in front of her with her birthday cake. She celebrated her birthday with her victory. After that day she knows her hidden powers and promised her mom ,"Dear, I will use my power to serve the world."

July 02, 2020 15:06

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P. Jean
00:41 Jul 09, 2020

Interesting. And thought provoking!


Deepti Kumari
02:34 Jul 09, 2020

Thank you so much. Your complement really means a lot.


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18:54 Jul 30, 2020

I agree!


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02:49 Jul 31, 2020

Thank you 😊


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Himanshu Shekhar
15:11 Aug 12, 2020

Good 1st attempt dude.


Deepti Kumari
15:12 Aug 12, 2020

Thanks for supporting me. I thank you for your appreciation.


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