Tusks and Daggers Part Two: So We Meet.

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Adventure Fantasy Romance

The ground cracked open, a black snake slithering through the town.  The flames of the torches reflected on the scales, Boran pulling out his new sword made of the strongest black steel in our dimension.  My fingers gripping my mother’s dagger, blue marks lighting up my arm.  Launching myself out of the window, Boran followed suit.  The snake slithered away, Boran sprinting after it. 

“So you fell for it.” Lafia’s black boots landed in front of us, her brow cocking. “I am going to kill you here and now.  My lord orders it!”  Gone was her green skin, it was all black.  Red eyes glowed back at me, long fangs curling over her lips.  A long black curved blade hung over her shoulders, my brows furrowing. 

“Why would you want to kill us?” I questioned cautiously, a ball of magic spinning in my hand. “What is the end goal of it all?”  Chuckling to herself, she raised her sword in the offense position.  

“We want to take over your world.” She gloated gleefully, charging at me. “We can’t do that with you in the way, now can we.”  The ball of energy blasted from my palm turning into a blue scythe. Tucking my blade away, my fingers wrapped around the blue rose handle.  Sparks rained down, the blades clashing violently.  Her boot slammed into my chest, a sly grin dancing across her black lips.  Cracks rang out, her being a miracle now gone as my ribs fractured slightly.  Dirt blew up around me, my body smashing into the ground.  Boran was dragging the large snake behind him, its carcass clearly straining his muscles.  Struggling to stand, the pleasant forest full of kind animals and creatures changed to an empty swampland.  Spinning into the air, my boot slammed into her face.  Her hands wrapped around my ankle, Boran ramming his thick skull into her side.  The crack of her ribs breaking the still humid air, my scythe slamming into her shoulder.  Unnatural screeches pierced my ears, blue magic glowing from her wound.  Black blood squirted all over my face, Boran chopping off her head.  Her long silky hair flowed around the dripping head as it sank into the swamp.  Ripping out my scythe, Boran scooped up my wheezing form.  

“Hey, can I help you?” A moose headed demon thing stood up out of the swamp, a kind smile spreading on his lips. “I am Antlers, the demon guardian of this world.  Thank you for freeing me.”   Mud dripped off of his black cloaked form, her hair sticking out of his mouth.  Slurping her in, we backed up in caution. A black glow surrounded my body, my ribs healing. Pointing to the A-frame, our heads bowed in shame as we entered the still cozy home.  Red eyes creatures bustled about, his large form sinking into a ten foot tall and wide black leather chair.  

“Are you good or not!” Boran snapped icily, his limit having been reached. “We showed up and she wasn’t on the right side.”  A couple of creatures fell to the ground, his antlers knocking against the ceiling as he tilted his head.   

“I am good, and I will prove it.” He promised jovially, waving his hands around.  A mirror popped up in front of him, the words soul reader scrawled across the golden frame.  White energy zipped around the black surface, the floor creaking as I stepped in front of it.  Relief washed over me, my blue energy synced with his.  

“So this mirror sees into souls?” I questioned oddly, touching the black surface.  Surprise widened my eyes, my hand going through the mirror.  Turning back to Boran, Antlers cocking his head in confusion.  

“The mirror has never done that before.” He mused oddly, rubbing the back of his neck. “Maybe there is a place it wants you to go.”  Boran grasped the strap of the bag with a death grip, my foot crossing the threshold. The glass solidified after I crossed it, Boran banging on the other side.  My breath hitched at the sight of a beautiful garden, tropical flowers blooming along a tall waterfall.  Water spirits flew around me, a woman with golden eyes in a flowing white dress approached me.  A kind smile curled on her lips, her hands pointing to a golden set of a table with chairs.  Her long white hair flowed behind her, her pale legs crossing. 

“I am the spirit of this mirror, Lily.” She introduced herself, motioning towards the chair. “Please sit.  Don’t you know it is rude to stand?” Smiling warmly, she rested her head on her hands.  The chair creaked slightly, our eyes gazing into each other.  

“I am Lottie, and my friend out there is Boran.” I introduced myself, playing with my blond hair. “We were brought here by a false person, and I still don’t know what the threat is here.”  Clearing her throat, fear gripped her face. 

“He trapped me in here.” She explained numbly, tracing the golden leaves on the table. “His name is Lord Kanama.  I can’t remember what he looked like, but I remember his black skull mask.  I don't know where his palace is, but even here I can sense that he is growing stronger.  Everyone that fought against him has lost, your power is something else.  Tell me, do you know the Lady of Light?  I am such a fan of hers.  Both robot and human, simply amazing.”  A blush rose to my cheek, Mina’s face flashing in my mind.  

“Yeah, she raised me.” I mumbled shyly, playing with Etoile’s tooth. “She is now the living goddess of our land, and I am next one in line.  I just don’t know if I want it.”  Sighing deeply to herself, she laughed lightly. 

“I see.” She pondered out loud, looking around. “I didn’t want to be the spirit of the mirror but I really do love it now.  You just need to find your peace.  Anyway, you probably should go back.  Oh, and I would just go east or something like that.  He loves to live in the darkest places.”  Nodding, she guided me over to the mirror.  

“See you again, hopefully soon.” I uttered awkwardly, her slender hands shoving me back out.  Boran pulled me close to his chest, Antler cocking his head in confusion.  An odd chuckle tumbled from his lips, his gloved hands covering his mouth.  

“I never had the spirit of the mirror dare even meet someone before.” He babbled excitedly, a sad look dimming his eyes.  My lips parted to speak, a black squirrel scurried up to us.  His black vest made him look adorable, its red eyes shooting me a death glare.  

“Don’t you dare pet me!” The squirrel squeaked at me, his fist swinging in the air. “I am Sir Acorn, and here to serve you along your journey.  Also your dragon is literally destroying everything in sight.  Could you please contain it?  It is like a dog.”  Cocking my brow, it was taking every inch of my control to not kick the stuffed shirt across the room.   

“Sir Acorn!” Antler barked hotly, the squirrel hiding behind my legs. “You will watch your tongue.”  Lifting up the squirrel, I placed him on my shoulder.  His black tail flickered anxiously, Boran tossing me an acorn.  A soft blush rose to his cheeks, his tiny hands holding the acorn numbly. 

“I want you to know that I appreciate your help, and I hope you wish to continue working with me.” I comforted the little guy, a wry smile curling on his lips. “I knew you knew how to smile.”  Chuckling to myself, a shadow servant rushed in holding a crystal ball. 

“Sir, Lord Kanama has sent a hoard of giant wasps to a village one hundred miles from here.” The panicked female voice blurted out, the ball falling out of her hands. “We need to help them now.”  Boran caught the ball, whistling.  Mina hovered outside the window.  Leaping onto her, the  stinking air rushed around our faces.  All we had to do was beat the hoard of buzzing insects to the village.  Sir Acorn was hanging onto my wrist for dear life, the hoard right below us.  Leaping off of Mina, my dagger in my hand. I began to slide my blade through each head one by one. Black goo covered my face, Boran leaping and killing as many as he could.  The hoard seemed endless, a deep voice booming behind us.  

“So you are the resistance.” A tall slender man in a black skull mask mused playfully, a black skull cane resting underneath his hand. “You sure are pretty, and I would love it if you chose to be my queen of darkness.  Surely you don’t actually want him.”  Boran flicked his wrist, a knife flying in Lord Kanama’s direction.  

“She is mine, and mine alone!” Boran growled possessively, killing the last wasp. “I will die to protect her.”  Lord Kanama smoothed out his black velvet suit, Mina catching us.  Cocking his head, he stuck out his tongue. 

“Young love.” He teased playfully, his black cape fluttering around him. “I need to hear the answer from the lady herself.”  Blue energy spun around my hand, the blue lines appearing on my skin.  The ball shot from my palm, his suit smoking as I just barely missed him.  

“The answer is no.” I barked icily, his form disappearing in a puff of smoke.  Looking around, no one was there but us.  

“Until next time, my pet.” His voice echoed around us, Boran pulling me close to his chest.  His heart was beating faster, his lips kissing mine sweetly.  My heart fluttered, our faces growing red.  This all felt so new to us, my mind flashing back to the strange man with the black skull mask.   Until next time, Lord Kanama. 

June 28, 2022 18:35

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Corey Melin
18:11 Aug 27, 2022

Fantasy has always been my number one theme. I have read many top authors where their books became movies. You are well on your way to becoming one of them.


15:25 Aug 31, 2022

I really appreciate your feedback, and I am really happy you are enjoying my tale. I just want people to be swept away into another world.


Corey Melin
16:27 Aug 31, 2022

I totally agree. People need to be swept away from the stresses of everyday life. Keep it up and hopefully have time today to continue to read your stories


16:28 Aug 31, 2022

Thank you for reading it. It is nice to know that someone is enjoying.


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