Fantasy Science Fiction

Trying to breath as light as a feather knowing my air supply is just about out. I look at my watch and slowly ascend to the top of the water. I raise my hand out of the water with a pure gold cross tightly held as I emerge from the water. The first sounds I hear is the cheering of everyone on our dive boat. I rip off my mask to breath real air again. I pass the cross to one crewmate and then remove my tanks and passed them onto the boat. I climb aboard

the boat and said there is more a lot more. Is it a ship ask The captain. I can't tell looks more like a plane from what I see. This is what we all do for kicks on the Weekends. A dive team looking for treasure off the basin at 120 feet. We all have limited resources being working class family men. We have know each other since childhood and we use to free dive off the jetties along Port Aransas. Red Burgess our boat captain and ring leader had bought this old crawler out of high School and used it for shrimping until the ever changing rules made it almost impossible to make a living. He was now a A/C repairman . Ram Fuentes and his brother Sam have been our buddies since grade school. They run a remodeling business mostly employed by local landlords wanting jacks of all trades to fix rental properties. I am George Faraday. The guy who can find parts for your Rat Rod or Classic car part any make and model for a price of course. We are all hometown boys still live within 20 miles of our childhood homes. Our friendship started the old fashion way. Lived in the same street growing up. Working in the same jobs as kids. liking the same music. Had each others backs in case of a fight. Did boy scouts together. Took karate classes together. Went to summer school together. We were groomsmen for each other during our twenties when we all got married. Drinking buddies when we started loosing our parents over the years. Red got us all interested in diving when he snagged a sunken Spanish ship when he was a fisherman. We took diving classes together and became certified. The first year we paid for all training and the repair of the boat from the artifacts we found on that first Spanish ship. Reds boat looks like it always did on the our side other than fresh paint and the trawler doors are missing. On the inside though is ultimate man cave. We all pitched in to keep up the boat. Like all good things come to a end. Then news spread about the sunken Spanish ship and a professional crew came in and mopped everything up after our first year. We now have Vegas rules about anything we find. You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The same goes when we find anything new. We spend our vacation and holidays scanning the ocean floors. taking time off after tropical storms and or hurricanes have pass though. This is a new spot we found just off the coast of a closed down army air training base from ww2 . This is the first piece of gold I found that look like it fell off the show room floor. It was shinning on the bottom like it had just been dropped. I could see the outline of several larger objects on the bottom. Everything else is covered in sand and silk. Red suggest we lower the winch down and see if we can lift any of them. Ram says he will go next and rolls off the side of the boat. Red starts lowering the hook and Sam guides it into the water slowly.

It takes some time but we see the signal ball come to the surface and Red starts the hoist back up. The back of the boat tilts down almost to the water line. Sam says What the hell did he tie onto the whole friggin plane? The winch slowly move up straining more and more the higher it gets. Red has to stop and let it cool several times. Finely we see it. It big and gray and looks like a old diving bell. Red and Sam put it on the boat as ram emerges from the water. I help Ram onto the boat. We all ask the same question. What is this thing we just pulled onboard. I have no idea but it is completely sealed said Sam. I try to chip the gray coating off to see if it is metal. A black surface like a composite plastic yet harder is on the out side after about a hour of chipping we cleared about 10 feet of surface area. red unhooks the crane and says it time for a beer we will figure this out when we get to shore. He starts the engine and heads for shore when the boats starts to rumble like we have run a ground. We are in 100 foot of water and the bell takes off into flight. Red stops the boat. As stand staring into the sky we all wonder what we just pull off the bottom. I tell tells the other about something I saw on you tube that was a German Anti gravity device during ww2 they were building in Poland just before the end of the war. ram says he thinks this was more recent than that maybe a Drone that got lost and fell in the ocean. Sam says he thinks it must be from Another planet or at least another Dimension. The only thing we know for sure is we had it on the boat and it flew away on its own. We look at the sky once more and repeat to each other "Vegas rule" because no one would believe this if we told them.

March 03, 2021 17:23

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